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Meet Dapo Adeola 


Dapo Adeola know by many as; Dapsdraws is a self-taught Nigerian illustrator based in London.

In 2005, Dapo Adeola was finishing up his college pursuit of a degree in Graphic Design & Advertising. To his dismay, he discovered he wouldn’t be acing his dissertation; he needed to pass this in order to obtain his degree. The reason offered? His project was considered too much of an illustration & not graphic design. Discouraged, Dapo Adeola dropped out of college, he later found his way back to his passion for drawing by way of a couple online classes.

This was how he began his journey; uploading his illustrations onto the world-wide web.

Through this he met writer & actor; Nathan Bryon in 2010, working with him on a commissioned piece. Sorry, Dapsdraws no longer does commissions! However, Nathan & Dapo did keep in contact.

In 2015 Nathan –who already had an agent & management team-approached Dapo with an offer he couldn’t refuse; illustrating a book. The main character was initially written for a white boy but Dapo Adeola inspired by his boisterous nieces made some adjustments.

The main character was modeled after Sarah, his niece. Who Dapo describes as a bold, brave, curious & confident girl. Dapo focused on portraying these wonderful traits in the character instead of trying to figure out how the character would fit in the space predominately meant for white boys. & Rocket says “Look Up” was born.

A well-designed & fleshed out character can be put into near enough any situation”

Together, Dapo & Nathan got offers from nearly 14 major publishing companies.

They finally choose to settle in with the legendary Penguin Random House, with whom they signed a 3-book deal!

So what makes Dapo Adeola even more unbelievably cool?

He literally documented his step-by-step process in the endevour; he says most of his draft work was done using pencil & paper on his lightbox. He also includes his trails & tribulations like falling 5 months behind on deadlines!

Dapo never hid the fact that he was learning on the job but was thankful he seldom had to make huge changes when he received feedback from the designer & editor.

You cann directly read from him how he did it! Dapo Adeola made the knowledge readily available for anyone who cares to learn.

Dapo Adeola has now illustrated 2 books. His first, being The Last Last-Day-Of-Summer written by Lamar Giles.

He also has another on the way with author Tracey Baptiste in 2021. Dapsdraws has been featured on Buzzfeed & continues to be a gem necessary for the culture because representation matters. Most times what you see determines whether you truly have agency  to dream unfiltered & unabashedly freely.

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