A Week In Color 1/8/2020

Happy Eid to all the Muslims! We love a holiday. What’s happening in #Zimbabwe ? Human rights violations & suppression of protest. Also, reparations? Happy Emancipation day to #Jamaica!!! #Nigeria is rewarding thieves; so regular scheduled programming? All that clap mostly cap? NHS workers protest for higher pay in the #UK also…. free Wiley? 🥴 #TheUS President Trump’s latest shenanigans & is the senate cutting another check?! Including some Go Fund Mes to throw some
money at! Just remember #whotoldyou! Because #wedid
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A Week In Color 26/7/2020

Our comical take on Black World News for the average reader who enjoys their news with a dash of entertainment. Happy Independence day Liberia Is the #Ethiopian Prime Minister a scammer? Who runs on the platform of nationwide unity then does the entire opposite in office? Sounds like a politician. #Ugandan King Museveni couldn’t play fair even if he tried. The president is set to run for re-election after 4 decades of ruling. #Nigeria Acting managing director of NDDC decides to do just that; act. Overcome with a fainting spell when probed about the mismanagement of public funds #TheUS Trump says he won’t concede if he doesn’t win on a one-on-one interview with Fox reporter Chris Wallace. R.I.P to Congressman John Lewis. Are you creative? We have something that might peak your interest.

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