A Week In Color 16/8/2020

You checking out our newsletter?! 🔍🔍🤨🧐🤥 Cause it’s a funny way to catch up on neglected news. Anyways, a 1000 ways of frustration in #Nigeria Lagos state to attract 5% levy on all content created…eeehen? Nice one, but there’s more … POS service operators to pay an annual fee of N10,000 starting next year. Amotekun shows off their cool lewks

#ZimbabweanLives matter & the Zimbabweans aren’t letting up! They are still speaking up for their rights

The biggest news in the #US President Trump continues to spread rumors about mail-in votes, oppose much needed funding for USPS while simultaneously printing his face on absentee ballot request forms. 🆘 what the Trump? It’s important to note these aren’t actual ballots but request forms for one…but still. Link for all you should know about how vote-by-mail works. 🥴Presidential Candidate Joe Biden finally announced his running mate. Are you a ‘let’s do whatever we can to get this man out of the office’ person or the ‘I’m tired of picking the lesser evil’ type? 👇🏾 Let’s talk abourrit Also a compilation of some #GoFundMes we found to throw some spare money at. Including so light fun & positivity Continue reading A Week In Color 16/8/2020

A Week In Color 1/8/2020

Happy Eid to all the Muslims! We love a holiday. What’s happening in #Zimbabwe ? Human rights violations & suppression of protest. Also, reparations? Happy Emancipation day to #Jamaica!!! #Nigeria is rewarding thieves; so regular scheduled programming? All that clap mostly cap? NHS workers protest for higher pay in the #UK also…. free Wiley? 🥴 #TheUS President Trump’s latest shenanigans & is the senate cutting another check?! Including some Go Fund Mes to throw some
money at! Just remember #whotoldyou! Because #wedid
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A Week In Color 12

Haiti Violent protest ensued through out Haiti this past week. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Haiti Visuelle (@haitivisuelle) on Feb 13, 2019 at 1:36pm PST The protests began on February 7th, with civilians & government officials alike demanding the resignation of President Jovenel Moïse. Some Haitians believe he is responsible for what they consider worsening & deplorable socioeconomic conditions. “Everything is more expensive now, the country is on lockdown, you can’t go uptown or downtown to buy anything,” Frederique Gamaniel, a market vendor, told Al Jazeera. “There’s nothing more for Jovenel to do in the country … Continue reading A Week In Color 12

A Week In Color 10

Mozambique Mozambique’s 4th largest city is engulfed in floods. Tropical Cyclone Desmond formed in the Mozambique Channel this past Sunday. Drifting slowing northeast & towards the coast, the storm hit the coast about 40km to the south of Chinde & 200km to the north of Beira; Mozambique’s largest city. Beira was hit the worst with rain. About 277 millimetres worth! recorded on Tuesday. Prayers out to the people of Mozambique. Specifically residents of Biera & anyone caught up in the unfortunate natural disaster.  Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa returned to Harare on Monday; January 21st. As reported by last week’s In Color; … Continue reading A Week In Color 10

A Week In Color 9

Sudan On Friday 2000 mourners gathered in Burri, in support of Moawia Bashir Khalil, Who was killed by Sudanese security forces. According reports, on Thursday, 60 year-old; Khalil was shot inside his home by local authorities for hiding & protecting unarmed protestors from the local police. Moawia Bashir Khalil died from sustained gun wounds the following morning. 2,000 mourners gathered in Burri; Moawia Khalil’s neighbourhood. A suburb in Khartoum; the country’s capital. & the Sudanese police fired live rounds at them, ensuring another unplanned anti-government demonstration. Before opening fire on the mourners, some of them had already destroyed a police truck … Continue reading A Week In Color 9

A Week In Color

Haiti  Happy belated independence  –birthday– day to the first free black colony; Haiti !!! On January 1, 1804 some brave Haitians fought for their freedom & overthrew the French, gaining their own independence. Apparently, it’s customary for all Haitians have a bowl of Soup Joumou on January 1st. Celebrating the resilient people of Haiti & the visionary leaders who lead the way to freedom.  In Haitian diaspora news;on Monday, January 7th, at the Eastern District  New York Federal Courthouse located in downtown Brooklyn, a demonstration is to be held at 9:00 am, followed by a lawsuit at 9:30 am to protecting … Continue reading A Week In Color