A Week In Color 16/8/2020

You checking out our newsletter?! 🔍🔍🤨🧐🤥 Cause it’s a funny way to catch up on neglected news. Anyways, a 1000 ways of frustration in #Nigeria Lagos state to attract 5% levy on all content created…eeehen? Nice one, but there’s more … POS service operators to pay an annual fee of N10,000 starting next year. Amotekun shows off their cool lewks

#ZimbabweanLives matter & the Zimbabweans aren’t letting up! They are still speaking up for their rights

The biggest news in the #US President Trump continues to spread rumors about mail-in votes, oppose much needed funding for USPS while simultaneously printing his face on absentee ballot request forms. 🆘 what the Trump? It’s important to note these aren’t actual ballots but request forms for one…but still. Link for all you should know about how vote-by-mail works. 🥴Presidential Candidate Joe Biden finally announced his running mate. Are you a ‘let’s do whatever we can to get this man out of the office’ person or the ‘I’m tired of picking the lesser evil’ type? 👇🏾 Let’s talk abourrit Also a compilation of some #GoFundMes we found to throw some spare money at. Including so light fun & positivity Continue reading A Week In Color 16/8/2020

A Week In Color 1/8/2020

Happy Eid to all the Muslims! We love a holiday. What’s happening in #Zimbabwe ? Human rights violations & suppression of protest. Also, reparations? Happy Emancipation day to #Jamaica!!! #Nigeria is rewarding thieves; so regular scheduled programming? All that clap mostly cap? NHS workers protest for higher pay in the #UK also…. free Wiley? 🥴 #TheUS President Trump’s latest shenanigans & is the senate cutting another check?! Including some Go Fund Mes to throw some
money at! Just remember #whotoldyou! Because #wedid
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A Week In Color 18

Your Afro-Negro Weekly Newsletter Ghana Gifty Twum Ampofo the Deputy Minister for Education in charge of Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) has announced that the government would continue to relentlessly strive on its efforts to provide free skill, techincal and vocational training to the cooperative youth. In a speech addressing master craftsmen, apprentices, workers & skilled experts, Mrs Twum Ampofo who is also the Member of Parliament for Abuakwa North says; “Let us strive to build ourselves and add value to our skills using the Ghana TVET Voucher Project as the springboard”. According to Mrs Twum Amopofo global labour … Continue reading A Week In Color 18