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Special Edition: #SudanUprising


On June 27th, the Sudanese movement protesting for the military to handover to civilian rule received a new proposal for a transition drafted by Ethiopia & the African Union (AU).

Yay! Here’s to the AU actually doing work.

Although, this move did happen after Sudan’s ruling generals appealed to mediators from the AU & Ethiopia to assist Sudan with unifying their efforts.

  • The Alliance for change announced their acceptance of Ethiopia’s initial formulated proposal while the Transition Military Council (TMC) rejected it. It called for a designated transitional parliament of 300 lawmakers with 67% of them from the Alliance for Freedom & change. The 33% remaining were to be from other political groups excluding the National Congress Party of deposed President-Dictator Omar al-Bashir.

The new joint proposal includes a sovereign council made up of 7 civilians & 7 members of the military. One additional seat is reserved for an independent member. However, it lacks specific required details to carry it out. For instance, the exact makeup of a legislative council.

As covered in previous In Colors’, the discussions between the TMC & protestors; the opposing coalition, collapsed when security forces stormed a peaceful protest sit-in outside the defense ministry on June 3rd, turning it bloody by killing demonstrators.

  • Atleast, 128 people have been killed since the crisis ensued. The Health Ministry, in bed with TMC, put the overall death toll on June 3rd at 61 people nationwide.

Other players on the chess board;

Montreal-based firm, Dickens & Madson Inc. signed a lobbying contract on May 2019 with Sudan’s military council.

  • The Canadian firm signed a $6m deal to campaign on behalf of the TMC to foreign governments.
  • The contract states that the company will assist with lobbying the governments of the US, Russia, Saudi Arabia & others “the beneficial development of your political aims“.

We shall use our best efforts to ensure favourable international as well as Sudanese media coverage for you and we shall further undertake to obtain financing for you from the United States, the Russian Federation and other countries,” the document said.

We shall also strive to obtain funding and equipment for the Sudanese military.” 

The document was signed by Rapid Support Forces commander Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo.

Egypt has voiced their support for the military council, pressing the African Union not to suspend Sudan’s activities in the regional block.

Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates have pledged $3bn in aid to bolster Sudan’s economy.

We all can’t collectively think of a reason he would be biased & inclined to say that, right?

Sudanese activists fear these 3 countries may be in cahoots; playing a dubious game to push the military to cling on to power rather than help the country move with democratic change. Valid concerns, considering the history of the 3 states & their leaders who have suppressed political freedoms in their countries.

TMC spokesperson, Lieutenant Kabashi said the new AU-Ethiopia proposal was “a suitable proposal for negotiations to reach a final agreement leading to the establishment of the institutions of transitional rule” adding that the TMC was ready to continue “immediate serious & honest negotiations“.

With emphasis on the “honest“?

On Sunday, June 30th, tens of thousands of protestors flooded Khartoum & Omdurman; along with cities across country.

This is the 1st protest since the June 3rd massacre; sit-in protest in Khartoum.

  • It was dubbed the “millions march”.

3 bodies with bullet holes were found in Omdurman city on Monday.

  • This brought the death toll of Sunday’s anti-military to 11.
  • The Transitional Military Council blames the protest leaders for the deaths.


Tech Talk: #SudanUprising , A Tech Solution

Unless you live under a metaphorical rock and haven’t read our weekly updates; week in color: 7, 8, 9, 11, 14, 15, 18, 20 , you are aware of the revolution that is occuring right now. As of Sunday, June 16, 2019, in Sudan. And as we write.


Sudan has been experiencing constant instability in government since the independence of South Sudan in 2011 & a huge lack of foreign currency.

On Monday; June 3, paramilitaries in Khartoum threw dozens of bodies into the Nile in an attempt to hide the number of casualties they inflicted during a pro-democracy protest at the capital.

According to doctors & activists, more than 100 people have been killed in the crackdown against demonstrators by Rapid Support Forces (RSF) across Sudan.

Sudan has been under military rule since President-dictator Omar al-Bashir was knocked off his 30-year reign.

It was suggested that a military-led transitional government would lead the country to democracy.

The Sudan Doctors’ Committee; the medical arm of the SPA, said security forces retrieved more than 40 bodies from the Nile.

This contradicts previous estimates on Monday’s attack in the central Khartoum, which puts the death toll at 20 people.

Details of rapes by the RSF are also coming to light.

The break down of possible negotiations between the military & protest leaders began due to disagreements over military or civilian leadership of a transitional body.

The internet has been shutdown in Sudan.

A recurring problem.

As things have shown so far, internet shutdowns and oppressive regimes go hand in hand. What easier way to disconnect a people than to shut down the roads by which they access the internet, specifically, twitter, to voice thoughts or instagram to share imagery.

A Technology Solution

But first, let’s get you up to speed.

With a thing called a Wireless ad hoc network.

Wireless ad hoc network:

is a decentralised type of wireless network. The network is ad hoc because it does not rely on a pre-existing infrastructure, such as routers in wired networks or access points in managed (infrastructure) wireless networks.


and don’t forget;

The Internet is

the global system of interconnected computer networks that use the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to link devices worldwide. It is a network of networks that consists of private, public, academic, business, and government networks of local to global scope, linked by a broad array of electronic, wireless, and optical networking technologies. The Internet carries a vast range of information resources and services, such as the inter-linked hypertext documents and applications of the World Wide Web (WWW), electronic mail, telephony, and file sharing.


Now, we know a wireless ad hoc network is a wireless network that does not require infrastructure to function. We also understand that the internet can be simplified to the connection between computers, one computer accessing files and protocol on another computer.

On to the next!

Recently, the proprietary mobile app FireChat has developed a social messaging option that does not necessarily require an Internet connection.


By utilizing bluetooth and WiFi signals FireChat can connect phones together and get messages across using wireless mesh networking. (A form of ad hoc wireless network)

Repurposed for a cause: #SudanUprising the App

Now let us see if we can use these basic network principles and technology examples to create an app that would be of service to those protesting for the revolution in Sudan.

Powered by the people of Sudan

After receiving a copy of the app via, internet, Wifi, bluetooth, or simply a thumb drive, revolutionaries; like members of the Alliance for Freedom & change in Sudan, can sign up with an anonymous username, set a password, authenticate permissions and begin sharing information.

The app will function best in densely populated areas where data can be shared from phone to phone reliably.


#IamtheSudanRevolution Timeline

This modified timelines allows revolutionaries to share and exchange images, thoughts, and information in a central location, creating a virtual meeting place, where physical restrictions are in place.

#StandwithSudan Community Watch

As death tolls rise, and images of violence make there way to social media timelines. Revolutionaries in Sudan will be able to strategically organize and plan demonstration routes avoiding violent military opposition. In moments of anarchy check this map to remind yourself you are never alone. The signal feature also allows revolutionaries to alert others of danger, and human rights violations.

This concludes this week’s Tech Talk.

Remember #WeToldYou


A Week In Color 20

Your Afro-Negro Weekly Newsletter

Here’s a brief rundown on some interesting developments that have been happening leading up to this week.

American Flag

The United States will now require all visa applicants to provide their social media usernames.

Yes, it is as bad as is sounds like & no you won’t be able skate your way through it If you’re planning to travel to the US. Time after time again, America goes against its own marketing of being a country that values freedom.

A civil rights group; the American Civil Liberties Union made a statement saying there is; “no evidence that such social media monitoring is effective or fair“. They believe it will cause self-censorship online.


We are guessing the American President is more sensitive than he lets on.

  • The new State Department regulations say people will have to submit social media names.
  • Visa applicants would have to provide 5 years’ worth of email addresses & phone numbers.
  • This includes people coming into the country to work or study. Only certain diplomatic & official visa applicants will be exempt from these new strict measures.

The State Department reportedly made a statement saying; “We are constantly working to find mechanisms to improve our screening processes to protect US citizens, while supporting legitimate travel to the United States,

Previously, only applicants who had been to parts of the world controlled by terrorists groups were required to provide this extra information.

An official spoke to The Hill threatening that; “Anyone who lies about their social media use could face “serious immigration consequences

& so it begins…

Make a difference cause you can.

Organizers in Washington D.C pushed to introduce a new bill decriminalizing sexwork in their state.

This event took place on June 3rd.

Most people think sex work is morally wrong. However, considering the fact that morals are widely subjective, does this mean these individuals do not deserve the right to protection?

The criminalization of sex work does more harm than good.

  • According to researchers, 80% of street-based sex workers experience violence in their course of work.
  • Criminal penalties on sex workers only make them more vulnerable to violence & police abuse.
  • 1 in 5 sex workers have been solicited police for sex.

This legislation seeks to remove the criminal penalties of sex workers which would in turn curb the exploitation & violence they experience in their line of work.

It also seeks to promote public health by improving access to service & help address human trafficking.

Does President Donald Trump care about the people who voted him in?

  • Trump’s 2017 tax law already wiped out all but $100 off the average American household benefit. & this last $100 in tax-cut gains is in danger to some additional tariffs the President has announced or is considering.
  • The President has made threats to impose levies on all imports from Mexico & China.
  • These tariffs would most affect middle-earning households who could allegedly pay up to $4000 more for a number of goods; from produce to smart phones.

President Trump also proposed additional tariffs in May on $300 billion worth of Chinese goods. According to “Tariffs Hurt the Heartland; a coalition of business groups, this would increase the cost for an average family of 4 in the US to about $2,294 annually. The president has made good on his threats to Mexico starting with a 5% tax which began Monday; June 10. He has promised this would continue to increase to 25% in October unless Mexico curbs illegal migration to President Trump’s satisfaction.

  • Research done by the Tax Foundation says that only the top 5% of earners would continue to see a net tax cut of more that 1%.
  • The tariff would also depress wages by about 0.5%. Subsequently leading to a loss of nearly 610,000 full-time jobs. Hello unemployment line!

The American president’s decision seems to be bringing about turmoil in his political party, but what’s new?

The tax cuts “vaulted America back into the most competitive economy,” said Representative Kevin Brady, the Texas Republican who led the passage of the tax cut legislation in the House. “Higher tariffs and the uncertainty that comes with trade disputes hurt the economy,” he said.

  • Mitch McConnell; the Senate Majority Leader, encouraged the administration to delay imposing the tariffs on Mexico until Republicans in Congress could plead their case to the American president.
  • Representative Hakeem Jeffries, a Democrat said “This is a man-made disaster, because Donald Trump is not focused in any way on advancing a well-thought-out doctrine“. “He seems to be carrying out at times personal vendettas, at other times political objectives and sometimes an effort to distract from the news of the day” Jeffries said.

It’s June. So you know what that means??!!

It’s Pride month!

WhoToldYou is all about all negroes living their best possible lives while being safe. We love all the negroes regardless. If you have a problem with the LGBTQ based on the grounds of “religion”? We suggest you shove your hate up somewhere, educate yourself & explore why you weaponize your beliefs as a tool to spread hate.

Happy Pride! & thank you for being brave enough to live in your truth. You make the world a better place.

Now some Black girl magic in case you ever forgot Black women are the most valid beings on this earth.

Nigerian Flag

Let’s start with some humor…before we dive into the precarious situations.

Nigerians react to the new requirements implemented by the United States to now obtain a visa.

The Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari is yet to address the Nigerian people since his suspicious-to say the least-re-election. However, he is making sure his impact is being felt…dictator-style.

Everyone knows the first order of a budding dictator is to stifle the media. How else would they commit various atrocities with little to no world attention on their actions? Just ask the internet shutdowns across the continent, most recently Sudan.

On Tuesday; June 6th the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), under the orders of the President, made the decision to indefinitely suspend the broadcasting & media licence of Daar Communications PLC.

Daar Communications is home to legendary Nigerian broadcasting station; Africa Independent Television (A.I.T) & Raypower.

  • Kakaaki a political show which airs on A.I.T seems to be the main point of contention.
  • The NBC claims Daar Communications is in violation of the NBC Act Cap N11. Laws of the Federation of Nigeria & the Nigeria Broadcasting Code.
  • The NBC claims AIT has been pushing out hate speeches & divisive rhetoric. Examples they listed were comments made in a segement of the political show; Kakaaki Social. “Nigeria is cursed, we declare independent state of Niger Delta” “Nigeria irritates me” .

One deep look into the state of the Nigerian economy can give incite to why there might be some truth to at least the latter statement. But, that’s our opinion. Ignore it.

  • NBC says it has held multiple meetings with Daar Communications & letters of caution expressing the commission’s concern for the company’s violation.
  • NBC claims Daar Communications responded with a smear campaign because they posted said letters on the company’s social media.

We would have just assumed they were doing their job…telling the news. But, again, please,

Ignore us.

Below is the alleged video that broke the dictatorial camel’s back.

  • The NBC claims Daar Communications is partisan & biased.
  • Daar Communications has been suspended until further notice.

Nigerians react.

Speaking of dictators; present & past, General Sani Abacha seems to be the evil gift to Nigeria that keeps on giving.

On Tuesday, June 4th, money to the value of £211,000,000 ~ 86,243,183,689.46 NGN belonging to the late dictator, was seized from a Jersey bank account held by Doraville Properties Corporation, a British Virgin Islands .

  • General Sani Abacha was a Nigerian army officer & de facto president between 1993 until his death in 1998.
  • He laundered money through the US into the Channel Islands & now that money is being recovered.
  • The money is currently being held by the government until authorities in Jersey, Nigeria & the US can come to an agreement on how it should be distributed.

Any money Jersey does keep would be alloted into the Criminal Confiscation Fund to be used to pay for a variety of projects. The fund has been used in the past at La Moye Prison to build a new police station & more developments.

  • More money held by Doraville is expected to be confiscated & paid into the Civil Asset Recovery Fund in the future.

Some Nigerians sound off on it.

Below is a young man’s detailed experience in the Northeast region of Nigeria.

  • It is no secret that the insurgent terrorist group; Boko Haram has been active in Northeastern Nigeria, Chad, Niger & Northern Cameroon.
  • Nigerians in other states are particularly apathetic to the situation. Shrouded by the illusion of a false sense of security perhaps.
  • A quick skim through this young man’s thread (above) will give another perspective.

A man in Abuja, FCT laments about the incompetence of the Nigerian police after his car was burglarized in less that 12 minutes while he made an ATM stop.

Nigeria irritates me” word to A.I.T

As frustrating as the country is, despite the odds stacked up against them, the Nigerian people remain the center for excellency.

On Monday; June 3, paramilitaries in Khartoum threw dozens of bodies into the Nile in an attempt to hide the number of casualties they inflicted during a pro-democracy protest at the capital.

According to doctors & activists, more than 100 people have been killed in the crackdown against demonstrators by Rapid Support Forces (RSF) across Sudan.

As covered in previous Week’s In Color; Sudan has been under military rule since President-dictator Omar al-Bashir was knocked off his 30-year reign.

It was suggested that a military-led transitional government would lead the country to democracy.

The Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) has been the leading opposition to military rule & one of the forefronts in the demonstrations.

The Sudan Doctors’ Committee; the medical arm of the SPA, said security forces retrieved more than 40 bodies from the Nile.

  • This contradicts previous estimates on Monday’s attack in the central Khartoum, which puts the death toll at 20 people.

Eye-witnesses beg to differ. According to the Guardian, images passed by opposition organizations showed multiple corpses with concrete blocks tied to their feet after residents & activists retrieved nine bodies from the Nile on Wednesday.

The RSF led by Mohamed Hassan Dagalo, popularly known as Hemedti, is made up of militia who have already been accused of systematic human rights abuses during the war in Darfur. Hemedti is also the deputy head of the Transitional Military Council (TMC).

On Wednesday; the week of the attack, Hassan Dagolo said in a televised address that Sudan would not be allowed to slip into chaos. “We must impose the authority of the state through law.

Details of rapes by the RSF are also coming to light.

Weam Shawga, a women’s rights activist, said she was threatened with rape when the RSF attacked the sit-in.

I was beaten with sticks and they told me: ‘We could’ve raped you as we did with other women … We know that you are here because you want to have sex,’” she said.

Lt Gen Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, the leader of the TMC said on Tuesday; June 4th, elections were projected to be held within 9 months. However, his attempt to reach protest organisers to resume talks were dismissed.

A spokesman for the Sudanese Professionals Association, Mohammed Yousef al-Mustafa said the proposal couldn’t be taken seriously.

Burhan and those under him have killed the Sudanese and are still doing it. Their vehicles patrol the streets, firing at people“. “We will continue in our protests, resistance, strike and total civil disobedience” he said.

  • Burhan claims the violence is due to impostors wearing RSF uniforms & promised to inquire about it.

Sudan has been suspended from the African Union as a consequence of the ongoing chaos.

The union; comprising of 54 other member states issued a strongly worded statement denouncing the wasteful loss of innocent lives in recent days in Sudan. The statement also called for the military & security forces to ensure the full protection of civilians & respect for human rights.

The break down of possible negotiations between the military & protest leaders began due to disagreements over military or civilian leadership of a transitional body.

  • The internet has been shutdown in Sudan.

A Week In Color 15


Your Afro-Negro Weekly Newsletter

flag malawiMalawi

The Minister of Justice & Constitutional Affairs Samuel Tembenu is not opposed to implementing the death sentence to deter targeted attacks on people with albinism. 

  • Samuel Tembenu insists although Malawi has yet to use this law since her change to democracy in 1994, is still in the constitution. Therefore at the court’s discretion to apply in murder cases; this includes people found guilty for killing persons with albinism.

Death sentence is still on the statutes and those who are being prosecuted (for killings and abductions) at the moment can still face it,” Tembenu said during a SDG Question Time debate organised by Nation Publications Limited (NPL), Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) & United Nations Malawi. 

  • The debate was focused on human rights & all the major parties participating in the upcoming May 21, 2019 elections were in attendance. 
  • False belief in magical powers of the body parts of people with albinism to bring good fortune has led to a series of attacks on innocent people. 
  • Malawi has avoided using the death penalty for 24 years. 

The Minister’s suggestions were met with some apprehension from party representatives like Ken Ndanda of United Democratic Front (UDF) & Hellen Chabunya representing UTM.

Death penalty is an extreme which we can avoid by implementing the National Action Plan, said Ndanga.

Malawi will be conducting her Tripartite elections & electing a president on May 21, 2019

  • There are approx. 6.8 million registered voters.

Flag of SudanSudan

President-Dictator Omar al-Bashir has ordered the release of the women demonstrators detained during ongoing nationwide protests.

Friday, March 8th was International Women’s Day. & President Bashir made the announcement from his Khartoum home during a meeting with a group of people from eastern Sudan. 

  • Referring to the chief of National Intelligence & Security Service (NISS), President Bashir said in the meeting “I order Salah Ghosh to release all women detainees,” .
  • The NISS has been cracking down on protestors as an attempt to quell the 3-month –& on-going– demonstrations in the country. 

As reported in last week’s In Color; President-Dictator Bashir has banned public gatherings & protest. He also declared a 1-year long state of emergency.

However, the effectiveness of all these tough measures as an attempt to suppress these anti-government protests is yet to be seen. The demonstrations have continued. Defying the President’s orders. 

Here’s what we are wondering; why are demonstrators even being detained in the 1st place? 

Government officials have yet to say the number of women in custody, but activist on ground report about 150 in detention. 

As previously reported demonstrations in Sudan were sparked by the government’s decision to triple the price of bread last year; on Wednesday, December 19. 

President-Dictator Bashir has acknowledged that the protest run by the youth, mainly consists of women. 

Here’s to women doing the work !

We’re guessing releasing the detained women is President -Dictator Bashir’s attempt of good faith. Like when he promised an increase in wages or invited the journalist into his Khartoum residence. 

Thanks sexism?

…We guess

Earlier on Friday eye-witness reported protestors being confronted by security forces with tear gas in a demonstration staged in the district of Burri; eastern Khartoum.

Another witness reported tear gas being fired at protestors who rallied outside a mosque in the twin city of Omdurman after the weekly prayers. 

As reported In Color 14; according to the Human Rights Watch the recorded death toll for protest-related violence the country is at 51 people.

Government officials report a death toll of 31 lives. 


Despite recommendation from world African leaders the United States still extends sanctions on Zimbabwe by a year

The renewal came on Monday 4 March, 2019. 

The actions and policies of these persons continue to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the foreign policy of the United States” said the US President Donald Trump in a notice announcing the extension. “I am continuing for [one] year the national emergency declared in Executive Order 13288.”

President Mnangagwa called for the lift of the ban against Zimbabwe ruling party; ZANU-PF, top military figures & some government-owned firms.

  • The ban was imposed by the US during former President – Dictator Mugabe’s rule, due to what the US said were human rights violations & undermining of the democratic process.
  • According to US officials, there are 141 entities & individuals in Zimbabwe currently under US sanctions, including President Mnangagwa & former president Robert Mugabe.
  • South African President Cyril Ramaphosa was one of the African leaders that recommended the ban be lifted.

Zimbabwe is currently experiencing its worst economic crisis in a decade. Cash reserves are low & there is a severe shortage in fuel. The country experienced a 150% fuel prices increase in January. 

Flag NigeriaNigeria

Nigerians casted their votes for governorship & state assembly elections on Saturday, March 9, 2019.

The level of apathy was high as a lot of Nigerians have lost faith in the electoral commission following the disappointing turn of events in the February 23, 2019 Presidential elections.

There were 120,000 polling units open but the electoral officials were reportedly idle as people barely showed up.

Elections were held to choose new governors in 29 of Nigeria’s 36 states, all state assemblies, & the administrative councils in the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja.

Heavy military deployment was reported in Rivers state.


Fear –& rightfully so– of violence at the polls also contributed to the low turnout.

The turnout of voters in the five polling units we visited today was abysmal, at some polling units, the election officials especially the party agents, were more than the voters, Chioma Agwuegbo told Aljazeera Reporters.

I did not vote because last two Saturdays, the violence in my polling unit scared me away. After voting [thugs] came and burned our result sheets,” Chinedu Obiora, a businessman told Al Jazeera.

The polling stations opened at 07:00 GMT & closed at 13:00 GMT. The results should be announced early next week.

There was recorded evidence of vote-buying.

Nigeria’s top anti-corruption agency says it has intercepted “bags of cash meant for vote-buying“.

The ruling party; All Progressives Congress (APC) currently controls 22 states, while Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has 13.

Of the 84 million registered voters only 35% participated in last month’s Presidential & National Assembly Elections.

As reported in last week’s In Color, Atiku Abubakar, former Vice-President & main opposition presidential candidate representing (PDP), has expressed his intentions to challenge the outcome of the recently concluded presidential election, which he claims, was rigged in favour of the current president Buhari.

Although, some Nigerians are wondering though; what is taking him so long?

FlagUnitedStatesThe US

Ilhan Omar Minnesota House Representative is too honest for the American press.

Omar stirs a fire storm every week with her direct purposefully far from diplomatic choice of words.

I am told everyday that I am anti-American if I am not pro-Israel,” Omar tweeted March 3 in response to critics. “I find that to be problematic and I am not alone. I just happen to be willing to speak up on it and open myself to attacks.”


Ilhan Omar frankly voiced her opinions on everyone’s favorite former president Barack Obama, condemning his foreign policies in his duration in office.

Ilhan Omar has suggested Barack Obama was a “pretty face” who “got away with murder”.

Below is a video of Arkansas State Senator Stephanie Flowers giving an impassioned speech on the dangers of the “stand your ground” law, in a country with a problem with racial equality.

An attempt was made to shut her conservation down but Senator Flowers demanded for more time on the debate!

She argued gun rights enthusiasts openly carry guns in front of the Arkansas courthouse. What she describes as an act of bullying as she is unsure of what they’re capable of or their current mental state.

She also pointed out because of this “stand your ground” law, yearly innocent black boys lose their lives with no justice provided for their death. 

& we have to agree.

Senator Alan Clark a republican from Lonsdale Arkansas –in true white man playing devil’s advocate fashion– attempted to cut Senator Flowers off during her speech.

Saying; Senator, you need to stop,”.

Senator Flowers had none of it.

Father goes off on school authorities after they lose his 5 year-old daughter 3 separate times.

south african flagSouth Africa 

2 white farmers were convicted on Wednesday; March 6, 2019 for the murder of 15-year old Matlhomola Mosweu in April 2017

The pair said they suspected the black teenager of stealing sunflowers in their remote farming community. 

The judge; Ronald Hendricks had initially found the pair guilty of kidnapping & intimidation. 

Murder is undoubtedly the most serious offence that can be committed,” he said. “You picked up the deceased and threw him from the van onto the ground. Your actions that day were indeed disgraceful.”

Pieter Doorewaard, 28, & Philip Schutte, 35, were found guilty of killing 15-year-old Matlhomola Mosweu.

  • Doorewaard was sentenced to at least 18 years in prison, while Schutte was given a 23-year term.

The men had initially claimed the teenager jumped off the truck as they drove him to the police. It was later found that Schutte threw Mosweu to his death. Mosweu suffered a broken neck & died almost immediately after being thrown out the moving vehicle. 

Why do caucasians harbour so much unwarranted hatred in their hearts for anyone that isn’t white?

Why are our black boys not seen & treated as just that? Little boys with their own dreams & aspirations in life? Black is beautiful & it is never a crime to simply exist.

Racially charged incidents between white farm owners & managers &  poor black farm hands are a common occurrence in South Africa.

Only the white man has the ability to possess an ego so blinding, he has the audacity to attempt to intimidate the gracious homeowner who let him stay. 


Rest in perfect peace to the 157 people who lost their lives on Ethiopian Airlines flight ET302, travelling en-route from Addis Ababa to Nairobi, Kenya.

There were no survivors

The flight was said to have 32 Kenyans among the passengers who lost their lives, including 35 other nationalities.

  • The victims included 149 passengers & 8 crew members. 
  • It wasn’t immediately clear what caused the crash of the recently acquired Boeing 737 MAX 8 model. However, it is know that shortly after take-off ; 05:38 GMT the pilot noticed & reported a specified issue. He was given permission to reroute & return to Bole airport; in Ethiopia’s capital. Communication was lost minutes later & the plane plunged to the ground near the city of Bishoftu.

Multiple world leaders expressed their heartbreak for the lost of lives & citizens of their country. Rest in peace.

Kenya’s President; Uhuru Kenyatta


The Somali Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Nigeria’s President; Muhammadu Buhari

2000px-Flag_of_Guinea-Bissau.svgGuinea – Bissau

About 760,000 voters headed to the polling unit in Guinea -Bissau to elect new members of the National Assembly today. 

The portuguese-speaking nation with an estimated population size of 1.9 million people is hoping this will be a turning point for the West African country. 

21 parties would be battling for 102 seats. 

Guinea – Bissau has been in a political standoff since 2015. A “government shutdown” so to speak. The 3 most powerful entities in the country; the government, president & parliament  have not been able to pass a single legislation. Purposefully blocking each other 

It all started when Jose Mario Vaz; Guinea-Bissau’s current president, removed Domingos Simoes Pereira as head of government. 

This came swiftly after 15 members of Pereira’s political party; the African Party for the Independence of Guinea & Cape Verde (PAIGC), turned their backs on him. Due to this, Pereira lost absolute majority in parliament. Supporters of Pereira insist this was a well thought out & calculated planned, schemed in advance. 

President Vaz then appointed a parliamentarian from another large party to head the government; the Party of Social Renewal (PRS). 

In allegiance,


Parliamentary speaker Cipriano Kassama had the 15 PAIGC rebels thrown out of parliament & refused all cooperation with President Vaz & all heads of government installed by him

Votes on laws or budgetary proposals remained on ice & the Bissau- Guinean government hasn’t been functioning ever since. 

Yet again, another case of a few people experiencing personal temper tantrums while causing huge real-life repercussion for the general public. 

  • Many schools & universities in the country have been closed down for years as an effect. 
  • The public health sector is in constant decline. 

Due to an agreement reached at an ECOWAS summit in Lomé on 14 April, 2018, a consensus was met that Aristide Gomes; the Prime Minister, lead the country to the legislative elections.

The major parties with the best chances in the  elections are PAIGC, PRS & the Movement for a Democratic Alternative (Madem G15). 

  • PAIGC is the most powerful political formation in Guinea – Bissau. With the most financial assets, they are expected to garner the most votes.  However, the 3 main players in country’s political crisis; President Vaz, Pereira &  Kassama are members. 

Nevertheless, party leader Domingos Simoes Pereira remains positive.“We are the only ones capable of restoring a state-based on the rule of law,” he claimed at an election rally.

President Vaz is also extremely pleased with the course of the elections in the country.

No one has been killed, no fights, no coup, without random arrests and without political prisoners!” he said. “Instead there is freedom of expression and the right to assemble. I think that Guinea-Bissau is a champion for freedom.”

  • The elections were previously postponed twice. 

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Flag of SudanSudan

President-Dictator Omar al-Bashir actually stepped down from power??!

Technically…Yes, but really; No.

As previously documented: In Color 9 & 11 violent protests have been on-going in Africa’s 3rd largest country. 

These demonstrations were sparked by a sharp spike in prices of bread & fuel within Sudan. Sudanese citizens have demonstrated with bursts of city-wide protests before.  However, this time they remain relentless.

& it could be working! 

President Omar al-Bashir pulled a number of  dictator tactics in hopes quell the uproar & prolong his 30 year grip as Sudan’s leader. 

Multiple protestors & journalists have been arrested; with many losing their lives, all in the regime’s failed attempt to silence voices & rein in the demonstrations. 

When intimidating protestors proved to no avail. President al-Bashir has turned to placation. Inviting journalist to his presidential palace, where he promised the release of the wrongfully arrested journalists & protestors. He blamed sanctions & the West for Sudan’s current state of economy. 

In late February; Monday, February 25th President Omar al-Bashir banned public gatherings & protests, declaring a state of emergency. 

The protests continued. Protestors saw this declaration as an act of desperation on the part of the President. A sign of the demonstrations effectiveness.

We are challenging the regime and we are not scared of the state of emergency,” said protester Erij

Protests in Sudan started on December 19th 2018, in Atbara, after the government’s decision to triple the price of bread. 

President al-Bashir tried shaking up his cabinet, firing his long-time ally & Vice-President; Bakri Hassan Saleh. He also swore in a new Prime-Minister & appointed 16 more army officials. 

President al-Bashir stepped down as leader of the National Congress Party, on Friday; March 1st.

  • President al-Bashir quit his position as chairman & delegated his powers as leader of the ruling party to Ahmed Harun; the party’s deputy chairman. 
  • Much like President-Dictator al-Bashir, Ahmed Harun is wanted for alleged war crimes committed in Sudan’s Darfur region. 

Harun is quoted telling local news that President al-Bashir made this decision in order to “devote himself to the national tasks” as al-Bashir remains the country’s leader.

Anti-government protests have engulfed Khartoum, the capital & its twin city Omdurman. 

On thursday, February 28, according to SUNA; the state-run news agency, 8 people were sentenced to prison in an emergency court set up in the capital for their participation in the protests. 

  • 4 of them were given 5-year sentences, 3 got 3-year terms while 1 person was sentenced to a month. This same court ordered the deportation of an Ethiopian citizen over similar charges.

An african country deporting an African to another african country?

The irony in this is not lost. 

  • The emergency court was set up to investigate violations under the state of emergency declared by President-Dictator al-Bashir. 
  • According to The Democratic Lawyers Alliance; part of the bigger group leading the protests, more than 870 protestors were brought before the emergency court on Thursday.


This is the most documented protest in Sudan. The country has a total of 9m internet users, with 90% of the population having access to mobile phones. President-Dictator al-Bashir also banned local newspapers from covering the protests. 

Government officials have a recorded death toll of 31 people since the demonstrations. The Human Rights Watch death toll report is 51 people

Sudan has been experiencing constant instability in government since the independence of South Sudan in 2011 & a huge lack of foreign currency.

The shortages in basic goods further fueled inflation the country, depleting the purchasing power & living standards of the average Sudanese; from local agricultural labourers to the middle-class professionals. 


Zimbabwe is the 2nd African country to approve cannabis investors. South Africa preceded them.

  • In 2018 the Zimbabwean government decided to legalize the production of cannabis.  
  • Vangelis Haritatos, the Deputy Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Water, Climate & Rural Resettlement, says the government was stormed with applications for the production of mbanje or dagga (cannabis). Over 200 local & foreign investors inquired about venturing into cannabis production in Zimbabwe.
  • Minister Haritatos said the government working on making sure the chosen investors are licenced & in line with; Statutory Instrument 62 of 2018 (Dangerous Drugs Production of Cannabis for Medicinal and Scientific use Regulations).
  • The Cabinet approved 37 investors to be issued with licenses. These would last for 12 months(1yr), pending renewal.
  • Deputy Minster Haritatos says the global mbanje or dagga business is worth $24B per annum. He acknowledged the growing pains with pushing out cannabis production. He says his ministry would be working extremely closely with the Ministry of Health & Child Care in production of medicinal cannabis, in partnership with investors.

Let’s give investors a chance. There is a lot of excitement which will bring a lot of investment and help people produce oils for cancer and other medicinal purposes,” he said.

Flag SenegalSenegal

Current Senegalese President Macky Sall won 58% of the votes.

As reported in last week’s in color Senegal had their Presidential elections.

The results were announced on Tuesday; February 24th, & President Macky Sall unsurprisingly was re-elected! 

  • According to Demba Kandji; chairman of the electoral body, President Macky Sall won 58.27% of the general populations votes. Due to this, there’s no need for a recount. 
  • Election observers did not record any major irregularities on Sunday; when Senegalese people casted their votes, determining the following 5 years.  

Although, protests did break out in Dakar, Senegal. University students vehemently protested the election results. Tired of the corruption in the government.

  • As covered last week, there were rumblings of foul play, when 2 main candidates  Khalifa Sall-not related to the incumbent president-, & Karim Wade were blocked from participating in the election contest in 2012.
  • President Macky Sall had campaigned on the promise of change. Since then, a constitutional referendum was agreed upon; shortening the presidential term from 7 years to 5
  • President Macky Sall still proceeded to remain in-seat for 7 years (2 years after) following this law change. 

Despite the consistent growth in the Senegalese economy, unemployment –especially within Senegalese youth– is very high. Many venture into the mediterranean in hopes of greener pastures. 

57 year-old President Mally Sall promises even more growth in the economy. Senegal recently discovered large crude oil reserves valued at $50B.

Senegal still remains a beacon of light when it comes to democracy in West Africa. 

Flag NigeriaNigeria

In contrasting news;

Contrary to world news reports; Nigeria did not partake free & fair elections.

But don’t take our word for it. 

See the evidence yourself & you decipher.

Incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari secured himself 56% of the votes. The electoral commission announced these results on Wednesday; February 24th.

Atiku Abubakar; the main opposition running against President Buhari has challenged the election results.

Calling it “rigged” & stating that this was “the worst election in Nigeria’s history

  • Atiku Abubakar represents the People’s Democratic Party (PDP)
  • He secured 41% of the votes according to the electoral commision. He says he will challenge the outcome in court.

Below is the press release of Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC) on the conduction of the carried out 2019 Presidential & Legislative elections.


On a brighter note!

We love when the diaspora links up!

American actor Kevin Hart patronizes a local Nigerian artist.

& the link up happened through a few retweets on social media!

giphy (2).gif

FlagUnitedStatesThe US

Meet Naomi Wadler; a young American student activist currently enrolled in George Mason Elementary School in Alexandria, Virginia.


you read it right. Naomi Wadler is an elementary school student.

She’s mostly know as a strong voice in the anti-gun protest; March for Our Lives held in Washington, DC.

  • Wadler is just 12 years-old.

She expresses her activism focuses on black women. Commending her peers for their voices in the fight for better gun laws & gun control, however she makes it clear that children in Chicago have been speaking way louder for a longer time. 

The children are the future.

Speaking of things that happen to everyone not white in the United States

A law had to be implemented to allow black people wear their hair how it naturally grows from their scalp.


A win!

…we guess??

New York City just passed a law that protects natural hairstyles, allowing people the right to their natural styles like afros, braids, locs, bantu knots, fades e.t.c. at work, school or in public spaces.

  • It is a know fact that black people still get harassed for wearing their hair the natural way it grows from their scalp in the US. Racism or prejudice is disgusting !


A Week In Color 11


Flag NigeriaNigeria

Africa’s most populous country ~200M people, is to hold presidential elections on the 16th of this month (February).

There are over 70 candidates participating in the race.


However, the main contenders are; candidate 76 –Nigeria’s current President-Muhammadu Buhari of All Progressive Congress (APC), & Candidate 72; Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar of People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

If you listen to the Nigerian youth- so one would think, the country’s future-, it’s clear that even they’re fed up of the current administration’s piss poor management of the country.

President Buhari ran –& won– his first campaign on an anti-corruption high-horse. The actions of many of the President’s party members have directly contradicted this.

Nigerian’s don’t seem super keen on either of the biggest contenders.

Finding themselves where they usually are; having to pick the “lesser evil”. 4 in every 10 Nigerian is either underemployed or unemployed & this comprises mainly the youth.

Allegations of voter suppression –with video evidence– have also been brought up against the current administration.


Many informed & involved citizens are questioning the Nigerian government’s tactics of soliciting votes from super poor masses. A predicament the incompetent government has a hand in, in the first place. 

Nigerians are skeptical  of a true free & fair election. Neither are they naive with their expectations of the “opposition” Atiku Abubakar of PDP.

Here’s a video of Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai; the Governor of Kaduna State addressing hypothetical foreigners, who choose intervene in Nigerian politics.

they will go back in body bags


& now, a short lecture on CONSENT.

It is 2019. All men & women should be keyed in on the concept of CONSENT. A verbal YES is consent.


Chima George & Segun Razak –also known as– Deejay Ricco were arrested for drugging & raping a 23 year-old lady –name withheld– in DeLankaster Hotel.


Chima George is the son of an elite businessman who owns DeLankaster Hotel & Segun Razak has made a name for himself as a Disc Jockey. Naturally, this case took social media by a storm.


The boys were caught because of their audacity to actually record their heinous act on camera. This was later used as evidence against them. 

Many feared the boys would leverage their privilege finagling themselves out of the corrupt Nigerian legal system. Different stories circulated including some alleging the Nigerian police tampered with evidence.


Popular Nigerian blogger “Lindaikeji” initially covered the story. However, due to some unknown & moneymysterious reason had it taken off of her website. This was extremely usual as the blogger barely ever rescinds stories, making Nigerians come up with some of their own plausible stories.

A recent statement released by the Department of State Security (DSS) alleges that the boys are still in police custody, but some Nigerian women decided to add some icing on the cake, leaving horrible reviews on his dad’s hotel.



Godfrey Kiwanda; the Minister of Tourism, has the less than bright idea to use “curvy women” as a tourism “product” in Uganda.

In a conference in Kampala Mr. Kiwanda explained his thought process, saying a beauty pageant “Miss Curvy Uganda” has been launched on the hunt for sexy curvaceous women. The lucky? Finalists are to be announced in June.

We have naturally endowed nice looking women that are amazing to look at. Why don’t img_5648we use these people as a strategy to promote our tourism industry?”

Mr. Godfrey Kiwanda

  • Ugandan women are outraged! Calling for the resignation of the Minster, including a public apology for his recklessness.
  • Primrose Nyonyozi Murungi –entreprenuer & activist– launched an online petition to stop the campaign.

Women in Uganda have been attacked while on the streets. What happens now that the government is confirming a stereotype that women are sexual objects and can be touched regardless and more so made a product of tourism,” she said.

Ugandans have also taken to social media in order to protest the arrest of Kenyan Journalist; Kassim Mohammed & Vivian Mohammed; his wife.

  • The pair were kidnapped *coughs* arrested in Uganda’s capital; Kampala.
  • 2 other journalist were taken with them.
  • The journalists were said to be developing a story in the dictatorial land of Uganda.
  • They are currently being held in a central police station in Kampala, Uganda.

Justice for Kassim Mohammed & all the incarcerated journalists. Journalism is not a crime.

Flag SenegalSenegal 

Speaking of other countries & presidential elections, Senegal is to hold her presidential elections on the 24th of this month!

  • One of the biggest topics of debate is the country’s currency; CFA franc.
  • CFA franc was introduced to Senegal by France in 1945.
  • Many believe it to be a legacy of colonizers & colonization.
  • 14 West African countries currently use CFA franc was their legal tender.

FlagUnitedStatesThe US

Happy Black History Month!!!img_5639

Black history month is an annual observance every February in the United States. It is aimed at remembering the fierce & relentless negro heros who made strides in civil-so really, human-rights, as well as the documented history of the African diaspora. 


Thank you, Dr. Carter Godwin Woodson! He was one of the first scholars to study African-American history.

In 1926 he proposed the second week of February be “Negro History Week”. Also known as the father of black history, Dr. Woodson’s “Negro History Week” became a precursor to Black History Month as we know it.

Black History Month is also celebrated in the United Kingdom, Canada & the Republic of Ireland.

If change is to come we have to do the work. 

Speaking of Black Excellence during black history month,

let’s all commend Candice Payne!


Candice Payne paid for hotel rooms for 100 homeless people in Chicago. After listening to her local news & hearing the weather forecast in her area; below freezing point! Candice knew she had to do something! 


She was turned down multiple times, by multiple hotels. Hotels whos management didn’t think homeless people sleeping in paid for rooms were “good for business”. Humanity, right?

Candice Payne didn’t let that deter her. We need more people like Candice in the world, people who see an issue & take personal action.

The Governor of Virginia; Ralph Northam was caught face first !


Governor Ralph Northam has since been having a slew of press runs explaining an alleged picture of him in his 1984 Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook.

Ralph Northam denies being any of the two in the picture but he did admit to wearing img_5653“blackface” once.

Governor Ralph Northam is quoted saying;

Right now, Virginia needs someone that can heal. There’s no better person to do that than a doctor.”

Can someone ask him, what happens when your doctor is a racist?

Although to Governor Northam’s credit, he did start an important conversation. One of exposing college yearbooks in America.

Did we forget to mention that the good governor is a Democrat?

Again we ask, why do Americans get stuck on the polar Democrat vs. Republican war? Especially black people?


Speaking of hate. Self-hate to be exact. NFL players caught on camera toasting to “lightskinned” babies with their caucasian partners.

Chile…sure. Still nigger. 

1200px-flag_of_côte_d'ivoire.svgIvory Coast


Laurent Gbagbo; former Ivorian Head of State, has been released to Belguim on conditions.

  • After being acquitted of all charges by the International Criminal Court (ICC) as reported In color 9, Belguim agreed to host him.
  • Some of the conditions includes; Gbagbo hand over his passport to Belgian officials, surveillance & that Gbagbo return to the ICC if there was a possible prosecution appeal against his acquittal.
  • A spokesperson for Belgium’s immigration service confirmed at Laurent Gbagbo had in fact been issued a visa, allowing him legally residency in Belgium for 90 days.

Flag of SudanSudan

As covered in a week In color 9. Sudan is still experiencing relentless protests. The Sudanese people are fed up & don’t seem to be backing down any time soon.


The Sudanese President-Dictator Omar al-Bashir has taken a new stance with protestors, telling journalists he invited to the presidential palace;

Most of the protesters are young and there are factors that drove them to take to the streets, including inflation, which led to higher prices – and the limited job opportunities that don’t match the number of graduates,

He also reassured them all journalist arrested due to the protests would be released immediately.

Here goes Africa again, losing their intellectual property due to the lack of properimg_5652 treatment for their citizens.


Tanzanians rejoice in reaction to the huge slashes in fuel prices.

Due to general global cuts in oil prices, the energy regulator has announced yet another price slash in the month of February.


Last week the United States announced its move to impose sanctions on the issuance of visas to Ghana.

  • This move was a reaction to Ghanas alleged refusal to accept their citizens; “Ghanian deportees”.

Ghana responds eloquently, pointing out huge issues with human rights & demanding that the US treat human beings with dignity. Deportees or otherwise.


6 suspects have been arrested in connection to the murder of Ahmed Hussein-Suale.

Last month; a week in color 9 we spoke on the murder of Ghanian investigate journalist Ahmed Hussein-Suale.

Hussein- Suale was shot 3 times; twice in the chest & once on the neck. It was a targeted attack. Under the Tiger Eye team, Ahmed Hussein-Suale brought about the dissolution the Ghana Football Association. & a lifetime ban from FIFA was also given to Kwesi Nyantakyi –the association’s former head– including some referees, due to the various corrupt practices uncovered.

  • 6 of the suspects arrested on Thursday have been released on bail.
  • Director general of police public affairs; David Eklu says there seems to be a lack of “strong evidence for now“, stating most of the arrests were “preliminary arrests based on reasonable suspicion“.

Justice for Ahmed Hussein-Suale. Journalism is not a crime.


A Week In Color 9


Flag of SudanSudan

On Friday 2000 mourners gathered in Burri, in support of Moawia Bashir Khalil, Who was killed by Sudanese security forces.


  • According reports, on Thursday, 60 year-old; Khalil was shot inside his home by local authorities for hiding & protecting unarmed protestors from the local police.
  • Moawia Bashir Khalil died from sustained gun wounds the following morning.
  • 2,000 mourners gathered in Burri; Moawia Khalil’s neighbourhood. A suburb in Khartoum; the country’s capital. & the Sudanese police fired live rounds at them, ensuring another unplanned anti-government demonstration.
  • Before opening fire on the mourners, some of them had already destroyed a police truck & pelted stones at nearby officers.
  • As mentioned in last week’s In Color Sudan has been experiencing nationwide protests, with civilians having huge clashes with the Sudanese police forces.
  • The people of Sudan are fed up with rapid inflation, extraordinarily high fuel prices, a lack of basic amenities & frankly; a government who mismanages all the sectors necessary to create a thriving economy while funneling what’s left of Sudan’s wealth into the military.
  • Sudan is currently experiencing its longest protest since gaining independence in 1956.

1200px-flag_of_côte_d'ivoire.svgCote d’Ivoire; Ivory Coast 

The Ivory Coast’s former Head of State; Laurent Gbagbo was acquitted of all charges in the International Crime Court (ICC)


  • Laurent Gbagbo, who had already spent 7 years in Hague, was found not guilty on Tuesday, over human rights violations relating to Ivory Coast’s 2010 & 2011 general elections.
  • The violence carried out during these election times claimed the lives of about 3,000 Ivorian citizens
  • The trial judges ordered that he be set free immediately, even refusing the request from prosecutors to extend his stay while they appealed the judgement. 

Ultimately a 3-2 decision carried out a 5-member appeals panel means; Gbagbo & his co-defendant, former Youth Minister Charles Ble Goude will remain in Hague, at least until the panel reviews the trial chamber’s decision to set them free. 

  • The appeal panel agreed with the prosecutors fear’s presuming once released Laurent Gbagbo definitely would not willing come back to the ICC to stand trial for anything. Ivorian authorises have made it clear they would not “send more Ivorians to the ICC“.
  • The new court date is set for February 1, 2019.

FlagUnitedStatesThe U.S

The hunt for the wall continues, as the US is close to embarking on a 30 day long government shutdown.

The American President Donald Trump offers to extended the protection for young undocumented migrants brought in as children to the United States in exchange for his “steel-barrier”.

  • The people this would affect are dubbed the “Dreamers” protected under (DACA); the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals programme temporary protection.
  • In September 2017 the Trump administration announced it’s intentions of removing DACA but was swiftly curtailed by a court order.
  • The American Trump also offered to provide limited protections to holders of the Temporary Protection Status (TPS), although as mentioned in last week’s In Color the Trump administration had moved to actually revoke the status from immigrants from countries like; Haiti, El Salvador & Honduras.
  • House speaker & Democrat, Nancy Pelosi said all the proposals brought up by the President’s administration to end the 29 day shutdown was;

“a compilation of several previously rejected initiatives, each of which is unacceptable”

Albeit a partial government shutdown, about 800,000 workers have already been furloughed or are required to work for no pay.

Families with multiple members working government jobs have been hit heavy in their finances, as there is a stand still on incoming income & a pill up of automated passed due bills.

  • This government shutdown affects 1/4 of all US government programmes.

& We can’t help but wonder; if the American President feels so strongly against immigrants, especially from certain countries, why extended this lackluster offer now?

Is this wall just truly symbolic?

& if so who’s symbol is it?

On today’s World Series; on why do white people hate everyone not white ?

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Several Black Employees File Lawsuit After Being Racially Harassed And Bullied In Ohio General Motors Plant: "I Used To Have To Pray. Literally, 'Lord Protect Me’" –  Blogged by: @RaquelHarrisTV ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Several Black employees at an Ohio General Motors have filed a lawsuit after the motor company refused to respond to several complaints of racism, harassment, and racial bullying. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #MarcusBoyd and Derick Brooks are former supervisors at the Toledo Powertrain, and in a recent CNN interview, the two said their co-workers called them the N-word, told them bathrooms were for “whites only,” and wore Nazi symbols under their coveralls at work. However, when Boyd and other Black employees filed a complaint, they were not supported and instead told to take care of the problem themselves, according to the lawsuit filed by eight Black employees in September. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ “Back in the day, you would have been buried with a shovel,” a white colleague reportedly told Boyd. Boyd reported that comment as well, and the white employee admitted to saying the racist remark during a disciplinary hearing. But, no disciplinary actions were taken. "I used to have to pray. Literally, 'Lord protect me,'" Boyd said. Following the hearing, Boyd was pulled aside and told to forget about that comment if he wanted to get along with the plant workers. In addition, Boyd was threatened by an employee who said he’d hit him with a metal assembly clutch after Boyd denied him the vacation request he wanted. The worker’s pay was taken away for one day. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Brooks said he would often find nooses hanging in his work….…to read the rest log on to BallerAlert.com (clickable link on profile)

A post shared by Baller Alert (@balleralert) on

Watch young caucasian teenagers wearing “Make America Great Again” hats antagonize an indigenous native –so original owner of the land– American elder & Vietnam war veteran yelling “build that wall” down below.

& why are Americans soo rude to old people?

Teach yourself & your kids not to be appalling scums of the earth.

There is absolutely no rationalization of pure hatred for no absolute reason. 


At 3pm local time, coordinated terrorist attacks occurred on Tuesday in Nairobi, Kenya. 

  • According to Joseph Boinnet; Kenyan’s police chief, the attacks consisted of an explosion targeting 3 vehicles outside a bank, a suicide bombing in DusitD2; a hotel complex with armed gunmen holding hostages. 
  • The 20 hour siege occurred in the hotel lobby. Much like the unfortunate 2013 Westgate shopping mall attack which occurred in the same district; it seemed to be aimed at wealthy Kenyans & foreigners. 

This is the 3rd January in 4 years Kenya has experienced a terrorist attacks

Authorities sent special forces to apprehend the gunmen in the upscale Nairobi hotel complex & Kenyan security forces reportedly killed all 5 attackers.

  • It was a hard night for the families who had members trapped in the hotel. They waited outside at 3amlocal time– hearing the sounds of sporadic gunshots as Kenyan officers endeavored to recuse dozens of hostages; AKA their family members. 
  • 21 people were killed & 5 al-Shabab terrorists.
  • Al-Shabab is a terrorist group affiliated with the infamous; al-Qaeda. A terrorist group which once plagued the United States national security. 
  • The attacks launched in Kenya were prompted due to the American President; Donald Trump recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel
  • According to President Uhuru Kenyetta a total of about 700 hostages were rescued during the whole kerfuffle. 

5 suspects have been apprehended & appeared in court over Tuesdays deadly attacks. 


Zimbabwe’s Government is the latest in a series of African governments to impose a nationwide internet shutdown


The hike means petrol prices rose from $1.24 (£0.97) a litre to $3.31 , with diesel up from $1.36 a litre to $3.11.


The Gabonese President Ali Bongo finally arrives back to Gabon on Tuesday, in Libreville; the Country’s capital. 


As reported in last week’s In Color; President Bongo has been M.I.A since from his country since October last year, after suffering a stroke in Saudi Arabia while in attendance for a summit during which Gabon has been without an effective government

  • President Ali Bongo has not been seen in public since he was admitted into a hospital on the 24th of October, 2018. 38 ministers arrived at the beachside presidential palace in Libreville on Tuesday morning & were sworn in at a ceremony presided over by President Bongo.
  • This event was so exclusive, it was also closed to the press.
  • One of the minster’s sworn in is quoted saying this;

“It will certainly take him several months to fully recover his physical abilities, that’s for sure”

  • Government spokesman Nanette Longa-Makinda is quoted by AFP news saying;

“It was very moving to see him,”

  • President Ali Bongo & his family have been ruling Gabon for over 5 decades, maintaining a strong relationship & alliance with former Colonizer France. 


Pastoralists in Mali are utilizing satellites in search of watering holes. 


  • In the Sahel, climate change has manifested into long droughts which threaten livestock populations due to the scarcity of freshwater during the dry season; animals are at risk of dying before reaching the next desert water supply.
  • Now, with the use of satellite imagery & cellphones, real time information is available on water & vegetation
  • Pastoralists use the private Garbal mobile phone serviceestablished by the Sustainable Technology Adaptation for Mali’s Pastoralists (STAMP) project in November of 2017operated through telecom company Orange Mali, to access the service. 
  • To make use of this service, users call or send a digital request to a call center or database for a small fee, & receive information on the surface water in a chosen location. Satellite imagery allows for real time information on water & vegetation, informing real time decisions. This is of benefit a pastoralist & their respective livestock. 
  • This project is funded by the Netherlands Space Agency through Geodata for Agriculture and Water Facility. Hoefsloot Spatial Solutions provides the satellite imagery, Orange Mali manages operation of the call center, & TASSAGHT (Malian peacebuilding organisation) assist with the gathering of ground data through local pastorials. 

Flag NigeriaNigeria

Nigeria is holding its general elections next month; on the 16th of February 2019. So naturally, it has been a sh%#t show.


you guessed it!

Politricks & clownery.


Lets start off with this EXTREMELY telling & descriptive video with great imagery down below.

Nigerian politician aides boldly & in broad daylight coerce the residents of Elelenwo, Rivers states to turn in their Permanent Voters Card (PVC) in exchange for wrappers.

Incase you were still wondering for some reason needed even more clarification; yes, they are selling their votes & yes this is completely against the constitutional laws of the land.

Chima Anyaso entrepreneur & House of Representative aspirant suggested fellow aspirant/opponent Benjamin Kalu should “screw” himself.

…How eloquent!

  • Chima Anyaso is an entrepreneur who owns a couple of hotels & works in the downstream sector in Nigeria’s oil & gas sphere. He represents the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).
  •  Benjamin Kalu is a lawyer; a barrister to be exact, who is also partner in a law firm & he represents the All Progressives Congress(APC)party.

Meanwhile in Ibadan;

House of Representative aspirant & member of APC political party; Saheed Fijabi releases a press statement. Claiming opponent & Zenith Labor Party member; Rotimi Ajanaku ordered a physical attack on him.

  • Rotimi Ajanaku has fervently denied these claims. Urging Saheed Fijabi provide evidence supporting them. Mr. Ajanaku also states Mr. Fijabi’s claims are explicitly fabricated & false. 

Is the Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari confused about who exactly are the members of his own party; (APC) ?


The correct answer is in fact; yesThe president is caught on camera passing over his party-(APC)’s flag to another Presidential candidate, administering a lackluster & passionless speech to the people of Nigeria.


Senator Dino Melaye – 5 Nigerian’s Judiciary System – 0

Here’s the 3rd installment on the dramatic senator & our failed judiciary system.

As mentioned in last week’s In Color; the Nigerian senator has been attempted to be arraigned 4 separate times by law enforcement.

He finally turned himself in, however due to a mighty convenient asthma attack, he insisted on medical assistance upon arriving in police custody. Senator Melaye was then taken to a police hospital located in Garki, Abuja. There the dear senator was given a clean bill of health, still he remained uncooperative refusing to leave the medical facility.

Consequently, he was forcefully removed by masked military officials & transferred to the Department of State Security Services (DDS) medical facility located in Abuja.

Senator Melaye refused to actually walk into the DDS building upon arrival, then he spent the night on the floor; outside the medical facility. 


All caught up now? 

Yesterday, Senator Dino Melaye won

He was granted bail at a High Court of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) in Maitama on grounds of human rights violations, due to his ill-health.



  • His lawyer, Mike Ozekhome, argued the Senator be out on bail while he awaits arraignment by the police.
  • Justice Yusuf Halilu agreed. Granting the Senator bail on health issues. 

5 bank accounts of the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Walter Samuel Nkanu have been frozen by the Nigerian Federal Government. 


  • As reported in last week’s In Color the Judge was set to stand trial on Monday facing 6-count charges relating to a false declaration of assets at the Code of Conduct Tribunal. 
  • Justice Onnoghen was in fact awol & refused to appear on 14th set trial date before Justice Danladi Umar’s 3-member panel. 

Speaking of abuse of power, toxic masculinity & frankly assault…

Also welp


Rest in Peace to Ahmed Hussein-Suale.


  • Ahmed Hussein-Suale was an undercover investigative journalist under the Tiger Eye team. His biggest claim to fame was the June 2018 film he released. Exposing football corruption in Ghana & the whole of Africa.
  • The film brought about the dissolution of the Ghana Football Association &  a lifetime ban FIFA handed to its former head, Kwesi Nyantakyi including some referees.
  • Hussein-Suale was murdered on January 16, Wednesday night, in an Accra suburb. On his way home after receiving word of his child being sick.
  • He was shot 3 times; twice in the chest & once in the neck.
  • Hussein-Suale’s colleagues have announced they would not be silenced & will be continued his legacy by staying true to the press. RIP to Ahmed Hussein-Suale. Journalism is not a crime & freedom of the press is a constitutional law.

The Ghanaian President; Nana Akufo-Addo has released a press statement openly condemning the murder of the virtuous journalist & expressing his deepest condolences. Promising Ghanaians law enforcement are doing everything within their power to bring the perpetrators to justice.