The Void

I feel nostalgic I miss the void The days I was in my mother’s womb Waiting to bloom. Enveloped in the velvet cocoon I called home Home, the place I long to be Sometimes I wish I never left my mother’s womb Where I was safe and away from this treacherous place we call earth. Underneath her skin there was a human A human with a purpose And as I walk this earth I am still yet to figure that out. And so I miss the void. A place where darkness prevailed but light transcended. A place where right and … Continue reading The Void

Many Layers (Pound Cake)

There’s many layers to this sweet; Young, Honey bun, Hmm yeah, I know I’ll probably taste good on your tongue but please don’t box me in I’m just vibrant, here for all the fun… ..things life has to offer. I can’t help it. Human beings swear they have you all figured out How can you fully know what continues to grow ? An enigma; even she which inhabits this space knows not why she deserves it. She continues to strive in spite of the strife Your puny minds could never comprehend; What have you been through? What does “hardship”  mean … Continue reading Many Layers (Pound Cake)