I’m the happiest person I know but sometimes,

I feel destitute

It comes in waves

I can barely speak on it with my faves

I can never speak on it with self


I’ll rather lock it up, put it up on a shelf

Is deep sadness a cry for help?


How does one even recognize they need it?

Anyways, my solution is to let it pass

Let time and peace bring the restitute


trust us that this too, shall pass

Love Letters To Myself

I write love letters to myself;

You’re beautiful & highly revered.

I write love letters to myself;

You’re amazing, you cannot be compared.

I write love letters to myself;

Chin up queen, cause you know you’re gonna win.

I write love letters to myself;

Your best is yet to come,

so sit tight! Have some fun!

I write love letters to myself

& yes it’s cliché, but so is writing love letters to yourself.

The Last Time

Nothing like the last time,
Until the last time,
This time could be the last time,
At a time I visited the last time,
Unaware It was the last time,
Nothing like the last time,
Until the last time,
Do right this time,
Do better next time,
Feelings from a different time
Last time
To be felt from time
To be felt a last time.

Cheers to:
The Last Time.

The Void

I feel nostalgic

I miss the void

The days I was in my mother’s womb

Waiting to bloom.

Enveloped in the velvet cocoon I called home

Home, the place I long to be

Sometimes I wish I never left my mother’s womb

Where I was safe and away from this treacherous place we call earth.

Underneath her skin there was a human

A human with a purpose

And as I walk this earth I am still yet to figure that out.

And so I miss the void.

A place where darkness prevailed but light transcended.

A place where right and wrong had no chance, couldn’t take a stance,


I feel nostalgic.

Yemi Otukoya  


Many Layers (Pound Cake)

There’s many layers to this sweet;


Honey bun,

Hmm yeah, I know

I’ll probably taste good on your tongue

but please don’t box me in

I’m just vibrant, here for all the fun

..things life has to offer.

I can’t help it.

Human beings swear they have you all figured out

How can you fully know what continues to grow ?

An enigma;

even she which inhabits this space knows not why she deserves it.

She continues to strive in spite of the strife

Your puny minds could never comprehend;

What have you been through? What does “hardship”  mean to you?

Unfortunately; some experiences are better shared


this life walk may be too much her to even wish it on an enemy to bear.