PODCAST: Is calling a significant other ‘zaddy’ or ‘daddy’ during intimate moments Oedipal complex?

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Is calling a significant other ‘zaddy’ or ‘daddy’ during intimate moments Oedipal complex? On all your streaming platforms. Yes! Including iTunes & Spotify. Link in bio! Just remember #whotoldyou” ! Cause #wedid#panafricanism 
The Oedipus complex; one of Sigmund Freud’s theories under his psychosexual stages of development, specifically, at the phallic stage, states that children are in competition with their same sex parents due to their attraction to them. And the usual ratchery! Pray for Sudan! Gorilla swallows 7million Naira. Illinois legalizes recreational marijuana & Oregon lawmakers passes a bill to put a stop to racist 911 calls. Coza pastor exposed !

Frantz Fanon (1925 – 1961)


They realize at last that change does not mean reform, that change does not mean improvement.” 

Frantz Fanon was born on July 20th, 1925. On the Caribbean island of Martinique, which was a French colony but is now being described as a “single territorial collectivity”. This means, according to the French constitution of 1958, “provides” -the island- local autonomy within limits prescribed by law. 
Fanon’s intellect & unique life experiences set him up to be an important voice in 20th century philosophy. Fanon was born into a well-off middle class family with 7 siblings. Due to Fanon’s family’s socio-economical class, his parents were able to afford him the opportunity to attend one of the most prestigious high-schools’ then in Martinique; Lycée Schoelcher. There, Fanon was influenced by his school teacher, legendary French poet & writer; Aimé Césaire. Césaire was said to be one of the founders of the négritude movement in Francophone literature. Négritude is a literary movement popularized in the 1930s, 40s & 50s that began among French-speaking African & Caribbean writers living in Paris, as a protest against French colonial rule & the policy of assimilation. Frantz Fanon went on ahead to be a huge champion for the movement later in his life. Lepold Sédar Senghor, Senegal’s 1st elected president, was also at the forefront of the Négritude movement. 
At the young age of 18, Fanon left the island, joining the Free French forces during World War II. Fanon took note of the severe racism against Black people he was exposed to during the war. Giving the example of  white women preferring to dance with fascists Italian prisoners, than associate with the Black soldiers who liberated them. 
Sad. For them. In 1945, he shortly returned to Martinique. Working with his mentor Aimé Césaire & completing his baccalaureate, before heading on to the University of Lyon, in France, to secure a degree in medicine & psychiatry. One of Fanon’s earliest work; Black Skin, White Masks was actually a rejected doctoral dissertation. It was Entitled; Essay on the Desalination of the Black. It was a response to all the racism he experienced in Lyon while pursing his degrees. Psychoanalyzing the oppressed Black person, living in a white world where they are perceived as less than & how they navigate the world through a performance of whiteness. He later submitted another dissertation on a narrower subject to gain his doctor of philosophy degree but proceeded to publish the turned-down manuscript while completing his residency in psychiatry at Saint-Alban-sur-Limagnole, in the south of France. In 1953, Fanon moved to Algeria, accepting the position as a psychiatrist at Blida-Joinville Psychiatric Hospital. He was said to have “radical” methods of treatments; using socio-therapy in order to connect with his patients’ cultural backgrounds, training nurses & interns. Fanon was appalled by the differences of the living standard between European colonizers & the indigenous people. Specifically, the racism Algerians experienced in their own home land. November 1954, was the outbreak of the Algerian Revolt. Being that he worked for a French hospital in Algeria, Fanon was responsible for catering to the psychological distress of the French soldiers & officers who tortured Algerians as a means to suppress the anti-colonial resistance, also while treating Algerian torture victims. It was then he quickly realized he could no longer support the French effort. In 1956, Fanon quit his job at the hospital & joined the Front de Libération Nationale, moving to Tunis to found the magazine; El Moudjahid (Freedom Fighter). 
In 1960, Fanon served as ambassador to Ghana for the Provisional Algerian Government (GPRA). This same year, he was diagnosed with the dreaded leukemia. When Fanon wasn’t confined to his bed due to his illness, he delivered lectures to officers on the Algero-Tunisian border.
 In his work “The Wretched of Earth” Fanon argued the deep connection between colonialism & the mind. Proposing violent revolution against colonial control that must be combined with rebuilding national culture. We wonder what his thoughts on gentrification would have been. Fanon passed away on December 6th, 1961, in Bethesda, Maryland. Shortly after he travelled to the US in hopes to receive advance treatment for his illness. He inspires & leaves us with a whole lot to ponder on.




Tech Talk: What is Afropolitan?

So What is it?

We are going to dig into that on today’s Tech Talk.

Afropolitanism is a young concept aimed at labeling a growing group of urban African professionals with strong ties to various cultures throughout the african continent & also share experiences with those of other international walks of life.

The term Afropolitanism was first popularized in 2005 by Taiye Selasi, in an essay titled “Bye-Bye, Babar

The modern day diaspora, beginning in the 1960’s, is said to be responsible for the exodus of Africa’s young, gifted & broke. Laying the foundation for this international community; the newest generation of African immigrants.

Taiye highlights the acceptance of complexity in most African cultures. She breaks them down into three categories:

  • National: what part or parts of a national identity do they select to identify with? example: Ghanaian-American, British-Nigerian.
  • Racical: How do we perceive our race; often political within countries with diverse racial populations.
  • Cultural: what is the true essence of their cultural connection to Africa? What parts of their native culture is “passed on”?

Taiye suggest that true Afropolitanism comes with intrinsic multi-dimensional thinking. Often Africans far from their place of cultural birth have adapted & evolved to identify nationally with “foreign lands” & alternate racial identities. The latter adapting from nation to nation.

Today, social media, The internet, & satellite tv allows young Africans a bigger global reach & outlook. More Africans are exposed to much of the same pop culture happening on a global scale.

“An Afropolitan is someone who has roots in Africa, raised by the world, but still has an interest in the continent & is actively making an impact.”

Brendah Nyakudya, editor of Afropolitan magazine, South Africa

“Any African person in an urban environment, with the outlook and mindset that comes with urbanization is Afropolitan. “

Tolu Ogunlesi, Nigerian Journalist

“Afropolitans are a group of people who are either of African origin or influenced by African Culture, who are emerging internationally using African Cultures in creative ways to change perceptions about Africa.”

Minna Salami, Blogger

Remember, #WeToldYou

We Are One Human Race But Do White People Know That?


No, but for real?

You may have recently seen video snippets of a recorded conversation between writer, poet, educator & activist; Nikki Giovanni. & the belated, & extra-legendary writer; James Baldwin.

Your favorite conscious celebrities posted it on their perspective social media platforms;

Your black news platforms;

On twitter;

We have basically shown & proven to you, that you do in fact live under a rock.










If rumblings of this conversation wasn’t in your ethos.

…on a more serious note.

Thanks Amanda Seales!

During this dialogue Nikki Giovanni & James Baldwin discussed valid issues still plaguing the human beings that inhabit the black skin.

Topics from diaspora relationships; or the lack thereof, at the time.

The continued hardships of the negro in America. The plight of the negro with self-love & worth, while living in a world trying to convince us for some arbitrary –& very stupid– reason, we are undeserving.

To the interrelated dynamics between the negro man & woman in romantic relationships.

The latter received the most publicity on social media. An important conservation telling black men to also do the work. However, what peaked today’s interest starts at: [11.44].

One Human Race

If white is just a state of mind. Why does it seem like everyone hates all things dark?

You probably learnt in Biology class, at Secondary or high school; depending on your geographic location, that the original humans on earth came from Africa. Kenya to be exact. & yes, she/he was black.

So why does everyone act like black people are from Mars?

Even more humorous ?

Negros in Africa actually believe they’re better. Sold the illusion that they somehow matter more that their “lazy” negro brothers from across the pond.

Sure, we are suddenly aware. Privy to our blackness when a Trap song comes on. Thirsty to proudly say “nigga”  & catch a vibe in camaraderie with our diaspora skin folk. We look to our negro American peers for direction in general pop culture & all things swaggy.

Because …let’s be real guys.


They are the coolest black people.

So when it’s time to stand in unison with all our negro issues, that’s not our African problem.

…. Right ?








Proud Africans!

The biggest downfall of the negro would not only be the “white man” but also our own egos. Our ego is our defensive mechanism. Shielding us from all the hurt the world tries to constantly inflict. However, there’s also a downside; it separates us. Helping us somehow buy into the foolishness that the negro in America, is separate from the one in the West indies, & the one in Uganda. All Negros came from Africa.

& it’s all a classic game of;

Divide & Conquer

The media is a huge tool in pushing these dangerous ideologies & propaganda. Does the caucasian man in Russian, America or Spain not still consider him or herself “white”?

Down below is a video of everyday Korean people in Korean explain their preconceived notions regarding black people.

Majority of them have never actually seen or had direct contact with a black person.

Guess where all their data is from?

If you guessed “the media”, it’s your lucky day because…



Some African Americans give personal accounts of imagining Africa to be a fly-infested-jungle-filled country.
Guess what implanted those sentiments?




We wish! The prejudice was only contained to Negros.


Okay, we don’t.

However this strategy of painting & perpetuating a certain violent face about a group, race, or religion, in the media, is a time old tale. It then in turn normalizes the maltreatment of a said group or race.

A strategy that is repeatedly used & so cleverly perfected that only members of the group know they are being targeted.

& everyone on the outside simply thinks you’re whining.



Take for example the genocide of the Mumirimina people.

screen shot 2019-01-24 at 3.21.50 pm


This included the “Oyster Bay” ethnic group, the largest “tribe” in Tasmania & the original inhibitors of Kutalayn. Now know to the West at the “Jordan River”. These people nomadic people roamed their lands freely, collecting reeds, making stone tools & eating shellfish of the coast.

Until their fertile land was too good, for the white man to pass up.


1804, was the first recorded massacre. It took place in Mumirimina at “Ridson” –we wonder if that was an eerie play on words– Cove.  Soldiers fired at a large groups of Tasmanian people hunting Kangaroos; including women & children.

This was when the first Tasmanian orphan boy  was kidnapped & taken in by the European invaders; colonizers.

In 1816 the people were ousted out of their native lands in order to create “Settled Districts” for the growing European population.

After multiple massacres & clashes between the two groups. The Europeans & their foreign deadly diseases, an extremely despicable “game” termed “catching black”; where public & private patrol teams lead by the police & prisoners, would essentially hunt for any Tasmanian people in the “Settled Districts”. Killing, raping, brutalizing or selling the people as they saw fit. In 1876 the last Tasmanian person to remain on earth died.

As if that wasn’t enough, against her wishes her body was set on display in a British museum until 1947.

It seems frightfully similiar to the story of the Native Americans of the United States. Were they any luckier?

Now one of the new hate buzzwords in the media is Islam; the religion.

The fear of it’s feigned inevitable “cause for violence” in a religion whose name directly translates to peace.

Watch this video down below of Hilary Clinton; former First Lady & United States Secretary of State.  Also 2016 Presidential candidate, literally admit the United States  started their own “terrorism” problem but promptly placed the blame on islam.

Extremely crusades-esque.

Remember when Asians where the face of terrorism?


In 1942, February the 16th to be exact, an executive order was issued by President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordering the internment of Japanese American citizens.

It was reported that up to 100,000 persons were displaced for reasons of “national security”.

Here’s the problem though; half of them were school-age children, infants & young adults that weren’t even of voting age. For 4 years, many Americans –albeit of Japanese descent- were locked up in remote camps that had high walls with barbed wires on them. Surrounded by armed guards & given little to no due process.

Many Americans were killed by military guards for allegedly resisting orders & some Americans died due to the lack of medical care in the camps.

Years later, it’s reminiscent of last years; 2018, unfortunate headlines.


screen shot 2019-01-24 at 1.10.48 pmscreen shot 2019-01-24 at 1.10.01 pm

Essentially, we are all getting screwed. For this toxic cycle of a society to actually continue, someone has to be sold –& take comfort in– the illusion that they’re somehow better.

Who we have to thank for perpetrating all these screwed up thoughts?

Charles Darwin?

If you were in any western biology class, you’ve heard of this “great” British “hero”. But is his extremely problematic “science” the core of our problems today?

When an Australian Newspaper called “The Melbourne Review” used this racist controversial biologist teachings on natural selection & evolution to justify genocide of the indigenous Australians; the Tasmania people.

Arguing; “the inexorable law of natural selection [justifies] exterminating the inferior Australian and Maori races”—that “the world is better for it” since failure to do so would be “promoting the non-survival of the fittest, protecting the propagation of the imprudent, the diseased, the defective, and the criminal

Darwin curtly commented when asked;

“I do not know of a more striking instance of the comparative rate of increase of a civilized over a savage race.”

Charles Darwin is popularly known for his 1859 book titled On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life. However, in his considerable less popular follow up The Descent of Man, he explicitly makes known of his racist ideologies;

The Western nations of Europe . . . now so immeasurably surpass their former savage progenitors [that they] stand at the summit of civilization. . . . The civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate and replace the savage races through the world.

Some argue Darwin’s theory contributed to the devaluation of human-beings, forcing a division still being taught in classrooms today. 

If we are privy to all a man’s achievements, do we not deserve to also know his shortcomings?

This Way We Prevent History From Repeating Itself

As for the African negro who swears she is untouched by the perils of “the play” & ugly evil snarls of racism. Ask her why her country has borders & if it is named her Native tongue.

A brief history lesson on the genocide in Rwanda can give you a little window on how & why she has been affected.  Not to mention, the negros in the diaspora are her direct relatives; so she will always be affected.

africa-france-relationship-300x207While you’re at it, ask her if she knows right now, that as we read, 14 African countries, including Togo are obliged to put 85% of their foreign reserve in a French central bank under the French Minister of control.



The conclusion of this ponder is; what the heck is actually really going on in the world?

But meanwhile; Negro/Black/African(American)/N-word/Niggas!!!


We are all one in the same. No matter where your blackself is located on this planet.

We are essentially one human race, but that’s not the black man’s prerogative for now. In a world where we are always shoved with the shorter end of the stick.

How much success have you had fighting the big bad wolf from separate angles negros?

We have all been dealing with the same issues, fighting from different sides, with a lesser population size.


…because we have refused to unite.

We need another strategy.

Just remember, we told you.

Support the Artist

Preview Some Bright & Shining Stars From Jamaica.




Sure, you’re main stream but we want you in the know.

Meet Koffee


Mikayla Simpson “Koffee” a conscious Reggae artist with a uniquely positive disposition. Already on everyone’s radar without even putting out a body of work, Koffee is truly a shining star & many say; the future of Reggae music.

One listen to this captivating artist with what she calls “an Island flow”  & you‘ll get it.

Koffee got her first wave of exposure when fellow Jamaican star Usain Bolt –& the nine-time Olympic gold medalist– reposted on his social media platform, a song she dedicated to him, for all his hard work that also inspires the youth

Koffee recorded her first time ever in the studio last year. There she laid a freestyle on the track. This session birth Raggamuffin – Koffee;a song she wrote & co-produced.

The rest has been observing history in the making.

Koffee says she believes in conscious music. Growing up & listening to conscious artists like Chronixx, Protoje & Sizzla –to name a few of her faves – inspired her to feel like she too could accomplish anything.

Not long after Koffee was singing right next to the people who inspired her.

Koffee, 17, seldom does interviews, most of what you’ll find of her she has said in her rhymes. She’s 5ft tall & decided to pursue music immediately out of highschool once she realized her skill. This is a decision her mum fully supports.
Koffee says she has a positive heart to accompany & project positive lyrics & pushing out positivity all throughout her music.

Koffee released her single Burning-Koffee last year on the ouji riddim, inspired by a life setback, which she then channelled into positive lyrics. Telling her listeners to keep pushing & burning with passion no matter what happens in life.

Dancehall & Reggae artists usually lay their own versions & lyrics on the same instrumental track or “riddim”.


Koffee makes sure to always shout out Cocoa Tea;fellow Reggae artist. He introduced Koffee to her first platform. On a stage, at the 25th Anniversary of Rebel Salute. Cocoa Tea mentions the compelling Spanish Town, Jamaican artist was actually brought to his attention in Florida by Washly fire of the group; Major Lazer.

Washly fire had expressed his idea of possibly collaborating with Koffee & wanted Cocoa Tea‘s opinion. One listen to Koffee & he was sold.

At this point, Koffee had only been writing music for 4 months.

Koffee performs with a live band. Laying live vocals on the riddim in real-time. & she never disappoints.

When she’s not feeling the cohesion between herself & her band members, she simply yells “Pull Up!” their que to take it all the way back from the top, engulfing the audience in a trance.

It’s important to Koffee that her listeners stay inspired, thankful & grateful while trying to stay positive. She is an artist that is simply passionate about making people happy through her music, the rest is vanity. After all, she does consider herself a Rasta.

Koffee released her second single; Toast- Koffee. & took us by a storm yet again.

She will be releasing her first full body of work in September. An E.P titled Throne & it is set to 5 songs. Although Koffee definitely already left a lasting impression in our heart, we can’t wait to be blessed with even more.

Koffee now currently resides in Kingston, so as to be around all the cool vibes & music.

Meet Shenseea   


Chinsea Lea –birth name– the Kingston, Jamaican deejay who is quickly letting the world know why she’s far from just a mere pretty face. Although, she  is quiet gorgeous. Shenseea starting singing at a young age  –like most black people–  in a church choir. There Shenseea knew she was on to something special but lacked the confidence in her abilities she says.


She narrates a story of singing a legendary Whitney Houston song in church however running off immediately from the pulpit & out of the church after. Not waiting for any critiques on her performance because she was so shy. Now, she’s gotten over her fears.

Shenseea says she began to take music seriously in 2016. After debuting her first & hit single Jiggle Jiggle- Shenseea.

She was discovered on Instagram, constantly uploading snippets of herself making music unto her social media. She was then found & signed by Romeich entertainment. 

Shenseea, 21, is a Dancehall artist/singer-for now-, who rides the riddim like a snake. Her raw & raunchy lyrics are liberating. In her song Tie Me Up – Shenseea explicitly sings about choosing to give up control to her partner. 


Shenyeng Anthem – Shenseea is basically a girl gang chune reminding women that fighting for the attention of men would never be worth it.

Don’t worry  Shenseea is of Korean descent. 

Shenseea is not only a superstar on the rise but she is a mum. & the role is just as important to her. She says her son keeps her focused & patient, teaching her  to be positively creative in ways to achieve her dreams. Although widely known for dancehall, Shenseea does not wish to be boxed-in (expressing her interest in Reggae too.) She says only she started off with dancehall & has a lot more in store for us.

Watch her TIMWESTWOOD freestyle down below.

Pon mi – Shenseea is arguably one of the artist biggest bangers, even earning her a Genius interview.

We cannot wait for what more this young fireball has in store for us. But for now just remember, we told you. 

Hot Bonuses

Surrender – Mr. Eazi ft. Simi

Naturally – Megan Thee Stallion

Touch Down  – Stylo G & Fanatix ft. Nicki Minaj & Vybz Kartel

Beautiful People – Chris Brown


A Week In Color

IMG_4531Your Weekly Black Newsletter 


President Uhuru Kenyatta arrived in China for the country’s first ever International Import-Export Expo. Held from November 5th – November 10th. 

  • Among all the 100 countries & many corporations set to attend; Chinese President Xi Jinping also extended the invitation to President Uhuru Kenyetta.  
  • The Expo is hoping to expand & promote even more of a seamless trade between the two countries. This could also encourage cooperation towards mutual prosperity between the two nation
  • President Uhuru Kenyatta & Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi were the only African presidents that gave opening speeches. In which; President Kenyetta, asked for a reduction on the tariffs placed on African countries by China as to promote growth in Africa’s export industries.
  • All we have to say is: Hmmm. We will be watching China super closely. 

In The U.S 

Almost 1.5 million people got their rights back in Florida with the passage of the Constitutional Amendment 4. Previously, a former felon in florida would have to petition for their rights, from the board of clemency. 5 years after they’ve already served their sentence.

  • A huge win for us. Considering the privatization of prisons & the obvious disparity of the American prison system when dealing with people of color.

The US just went through & is still going through their 2018 Midterm elections. Da block is hot. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 4.06.58 PM.png

  • With almost a 50/50 representation between the Republicans & the Democrats. It seems these two parties might actually have to work together in order for any legislation to be carried out in the near future.
  • Although it’s important to not get caught up in the two-party system; & having to choose between one of the lesser evils. For now it seems the democrats have our ears.

The margins for the races in positions like the Governor’s office or the Senate where so close in some states; an immediate recount has been requested. 


“If the Cameroonians are not coming the hotel will close down”

If you’re looking for Paul Biya; Cameroon’s recently “re-elected” President. You should try Switzerland. Or Cameroon’s presidential office; since this is Paul Biya’s SEVENTH –seven-year long– term.

  • Recently reelected –& we use that word very loosely–  President; Paul Biya, shows us anything is possible despite unfavorable margins when you “tighten up security in the polling places that weren’t going to favour you. 
  • Cameroonians know it’s a case of voter’s suppression. Paul Biya is the highest paid African leader earning a lavish annual salary of $610,002.
  • But that’s not enough for his room & board!  If you want to know where most of Cameroons public funds are assumed to be? Ask the Intercontinental hotel in Geneva, Switzerland. & use code name “Him” and “Her”. 
  • All hail king Paul Biya, may his rule reign supreme! Cause who are we fooling. Cameroon is definitely not a democracy. 


Meanwhile on this saga of ;keeping up with Nigerian politics.

  • Is Nigeria’s current President; Muhammadu Buhari taking a page out of North Korean’s; Kim Jong Un’s book? The president’s official party’s page; APC spreads propaganda with the Nigerian pledge. 
  • After uproar from Nigerians the post was later deleted but not before We got our grubby hands on it. 
  • As usual the loud & wrong mediocre government never fails to disappoint


Ethiopia keeps on showing the girls how it’s really done. Ethiopia recently appoints the first female to head the country’s Federal Supreme CourtHuman rights lawyer & woman rights activist Meaza Ashenafi was sworn in on thursday last week. 

Ethiopia also recently opened up their boarders to all their African brother & sisters.WhoToldYou is all about Pan- Africanism between all our brothers & sisters of the negro race. 


Hatifari Munongi is working to preserve culture in Zimbabwe. The 80 year-old teacher built a replica village in order to teach young people about their heritage & traditional life.

As urbanization  *coughs* –not to be confused with gentrification– takes over Harare, Zimbabwe. 

  • The replica village consists of a traditional round hut, cattle pens, rabbit runs & ancient artifacts.  Hatifari teaches the 100s of children that already visit the village through folktales & songs. 
  • Hatifari got a second degree at the age of 78 because she said she wanted to “motivate women to dream for themselves”. She’s hoping these teachings of traditional culture & ways of life could be incorporated into Zimbabwe’s education curriculum. 
  • Why don’t most countries –especially the black & previously colonized ones– ever take back the control in their school curriculums by teaching their promising youth all the forgotten heritage & history? Sigh. Instead we continue to regurgitate what the west left behind. 


After spending over a year in jail without trial; Diane Shima Rwigara & her mum; Adeline Rwigara were released on bail

  • Diane Rwigara is a well known & prominent government critic.
  • On Thursday; November 7th Diane Rwigara was charged in a Kigali High Court for forging official electoral documents. This conveniently disqualified her from the 2017 Presidential race against Rwandese President Paul Kigame. She was also charged with creating an uprising against the government. 
  • The prosecutor is requesting Diane Rwigara be locked up for 22 years, however the 37 year-old activist is standing her ground & maintaining her innocence. The High Court set the ruling date for December 6th, we will be watching to see if Rwanda truly is a democracy. 

The Congo

Rest in peace to the admirable, brave, resilent & inspiring activist leader;  Luc Nkulula. Luc Nkulula was one of the leaders of LUCHA; an organization aimed to get the youth involved in politics & keeping the environment clean.