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Meet Steve Lacy 

shot by Tyler Mitchel for i-d

Steve Lacy is definitely a gem & if you’ve been sleeping on him; you’re just in luck! On time to put yourself on because his official debut album is out in 9 days!!!


Next week Friday.

Now, you may already know him for being the youngest member of music band; The Internet but Steve Lacy is a multi-faceted king.

Gabby – The Internet ft. Janelle Monae was a beat made by this young king with his iPhone 7 & GarageBand

Palace/Curse – The Internet ft. Steve Lacy & Tyler The Creator is another one of Steve’s iPhone 7.

Steve Lacy is brillant; & he has a TED Talk on how he used the bare minimum; his iPhone 7 & some simple instruments to get into rooms with equipment he intially couldn’t afford.

Through beats made on Steve‘s iPhone 7 he became a 16-year-old grammy nominated artist. Beats made off of Steve‘s iPhone got him on the likes of J-cole, Kendrick Lamar & Solange‘s radar.

He calls it “the bare maximum”. & although he has access to all the high tech equipment he could ever need, Steve Lacy still produced  some songs on his 2017 Ep titled Steve Lacy’s Demo; on an iPhone, in the studio with his guitar under a candlelight.

Talk about setting the mood!

Looks – Steve Lacy is the first song off his demo. & it gives very Daft Punk-esque vibes mix up with all the Funk. Throw on Ryd – Steve Lacy ; perfect soundtrack for a long drive… & all other riding purposes alike.

Steve Lacy makes music for lovers. Dark Red – Steve Lacy is him professing his love a girl as he is about to be a victim of unrequited love. He voice is a beautiful soulful low register. & you can hear the simplicity in some of Steve Lacy’s beats as you get engulfed in his voice.

Fun fact: Steve Lacy is a Gemini. Not sure what this means for his music but on Haterlovin – Steve Lacy he repeats this lyric “just as much as I love you, I hate you” -on brand- over & over again to the strum of his guitar, making what sounds like a low tempo early 2000’s boy band rock group.
The good stuff.

One listen to Some – Steve Lacy would show the listener this man’s an old soul. So funkadelic; makes you want to go in a picnic date with the love of your life. At very end Steve show’s his vocal ability, belting high pitched note reminiscent of Robin Thicke.

Steve Lacy‘s Demo was a concise, solid body of work & all the songs could be married with one another due to its seamless transitions.

This could be why the California-native only made one visual to depict RYD/Dark Red; which by the way, he also produced using Garage band.

Heavy on the Gemini energy! Steve Lacy categorized his Demo as R&B/Soul.

He recently dropped a single titled; N-Side – Steve Lacy

this song sounds like milk

his melodies can impregnate a man

some feedback chosen at random.

Lyrics like “don’t need no approval girl you valid” assure the listener Steve Lacy would take anyone’s significant other with smooth lines & the perfect strums of his guitar.

Think we’re kidding?

Put it on replay. We dare you.

Steve Lacy has been slept on since his 2015 single; C U Girl – Steve Lacy. He proved his range & vocal ability; giving the listener 90s R&B & longing lyrics that would have the listener reminscing about their nonexistent belle or beau.

You’ll love to hear it.

Stream his debut album; Apollo XXI next week!

Support the artist.

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Apollo XXI coming May 24!!!!! here’s the cover(s)

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Support the Artist: Lady Donli


Meet Lady Donli 


Are you ready to fall into a trance?

A pleasant musical one that is.

Okay… let’s be real.

She was slept on; actively.

& you hate to see it.

Sometimes even the best ears fail the listener. One listen to Lady Donli – Cash will put things into correct perspective.

The listener falls into a blissful musical retreat.

If you so allow yourself.

Lady Donli has been up to it for a while. Having made waves in the Nigerian music industry like most #WhoToldYou artist, you could say she’s somewhat of renaissance woman. Signed to her own record label, writing her music for herself & others.

Lady Donli – Kashi Ni She classifies her music as Neo-Soul. However because her sound is so new & fresh, we would like to propose further even highlife vibes.

Some West-African seasoning if you will.

Quick Side Note

  • Highlife is a music genre originating from West Africa, present day Ghana.; in the early 20th century.
  • It spread to Nigeria; here mixed with the Yoruba people’s asymmetrical drum rhythms from traditional drumming practises & displaced-accent guitar melodies, transformed further.
  • The earliest form of highlife was performed by brass bands. In the early 20th century singing was incorporated, western instruments (western imperialism), local music styles & jazz. Highlife is said to be a cool combination of African, African-American & some European musical styles. So basically blackity black!


Lady Donli says she has always been musically inclined; writing poetry since she can remember.


& she also has a Law Degree!

Like most Nigerians –that can afford it-, fulfilling all righteousness to her parents first before chasing her own passions.

Fun fact!

She’s the 6th child out of 6 siblings in her household.

Lady Donli – Games (feat.GJtheCaesar) is another example of her versatility.


Get ready to bop your head to the beat.

Her voice so distinctive, She sings with depth; almost like going under.

Don’t expect her to sing over predictable beats either cause she can flow on Techno/House -esque beats.

Lady Donli‘s instrumentals are never overpowering or over-saturated. You can follow every beat; not sure if this is intentional but however, it does make for an enjoyable listen. Ice Cream – Lady Donli Ft Tomi Thomas is one example.

We love her vibe & are so happy to have caught on.  Lady Donli is very on brand with her message of self acceptance. When you listen, you get the sense that she’s doing it for the thrill of it.

Lady Donli has released 2 EPs thus far; Wallflower (2016) & Letters To Her (2017). Fall into her vibe.

Lady Donli is that girl & she should know it, as she does describes herself as an “all-round creative human being” on her official website.


Support the artist by purchasing some merch!

P.S: She has an extremely cute bucket hat on there.

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 1.03.13 PM

An artist with a sense of humour?

We love to see it.

Another fun-personal fact; her birthname is Zainab.

Lady Donli‘s official debut album is titled ‘Enjoy Your Life’; cause that’s how she’s feeling.

& we love her vibe, & can’t wait.

just remember;




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Support the Artist: Ms. Banks


Meet Ms. Banks


This 24-year old Southeast London bombshell has paid her dues in the game so give her some flowers! She’s even featured on a motion picture soundtrack.
Ms. Banks has been dropping singles on Soundcloud for years now.

However, if the recent drop of this undeniable banger ! Snack – Ms. Banks Ft. Kida Kudz doesn’t earn her her shine?

Electric chair!

We are gonna go ahead & say colorism is in play here


when is it never?

But we disgress.
Ms. Banks said she wrote her first bar at age 11; her South East London up-bringing made her “a tough cookie” , even when she’s expressing vunerability on a track the message is always delivered with a little edge. Possibly due to her learnt defense mechanisms growing up.
Day Ones – Ms. Banks was when she felt the audience started to take her seriously & recognize her as an artist.

You can see & hear Ms. Banks‘ growth in her music & visuals.

She seems more comfortable in her skin & with her talent. She does have interviews expressing these views also.

Below is Clap – Ms Banks, from her latest 2018 mixtape; The Coldest Winter Ever. Ms. Banks can belt a melody & bust some bars. Don’t get her confused.

She’s versatile! & just how we like our artists; talented.

With lyrics like; “Ride in rotation, I’m never waiting, I be percolating. I’m talking money to these bitches I’m the conversation” she is always on brand for her message to young girls to; “know they can be whoever they want to be. Oh & also be rich – Ms. Banks”.
Chat 2 Mi Gyal – Ms. Banks may be our personal favorite. Ms. Banks rocks the mic to an unorthodox beat fit for the ballroom scene. Her word play on this song –in particular– produces a pleasing eargasm for the lucky listener.

& did we mention Ms. Banks is of Nigerian & Ugandan descent? A disapora baby !

All my haters catching feelings/wanna get rid of me/Give you a E *pause* for effort
/you ain’t stopping me G” Bars.
Ms. Banks said for her mixtape; The Coldest Winter Ever she had to really dig deep, getting raw with her fans about growing through heartbreak & still overcoming.

From what we’ve heard, Ms. Banks is here to stay.

However, if you’re still not convinced listen to her bust this quick freestyle on BBC Radio’s 1Xtra down below;

Now, just remember; WhoToldYou.
Ms. Banks is currently on tour with the long reigning queen of rap.

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DEM DEAD!!! #NickiWrldTour 🦄🦄🦄

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Now how’s that for a co-sign?



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Support the Artist: Kelechi 


Preview Some Artists Telling New Stories.


Meet Kelechi 


Pronounced (Kay – lay – chi), watch out for 28 year-old Marietta, Georgia-native & in case it wasn’t obvious; he’s Nigerian.

Born in the US to Nigerian immigrant parents, Kelechi Emeonye raps about the challenges he had finding his niche & place; an experience lots of immigrant families can relate with.

Through song, he shares his experiences living in a constantly dualistic mindset. His household was very much Igbo but outside the walls of his house was America.

You can’t serve two masters but you have two homes”

Hear thoughts mimicking these sentiments on Immigrant Son – Kelechi Ft. Ikey, Phay & Ezi.

With lyrics like; “Strange, growing up I was ashamed House smelling like fufu, kid with the funny name”

Kelechi gives life to new stories that seldom get told, utilizing Rap as a medium. Telling the story of a 1st generation immigrant child trying to assimilate &  find his identity. 



Kelechi 1st popped on the map in 2015. He was the winner of the Green Label Sound contest sponsored by Mountain Dew.

Along with this win came a $50,000 grant from Mountain Dew with the Green Label to produce an album. Before the Quarter.

However, sonically sound immigrant stories aren’t all Kelechi is capable of.

He also hints on the trials of growing up in a dysfunctional African household in his rhymes.

Due to this win, He had the opportunity to find himself  on the legendary Sway in the morning show.  

Trust us, skip to {14:37}

Someone said he sounds like the legendary Tupac.

What are your thoughts? 

Reachin’ – Kelechi Ft. Trinidad James is another banger to give a listen. 

Kelechi is unlike any rapper on the radio & rightfully so… cause he fits right, just here with us as WhoToldYou focuses on raw talent. 

Kelechi continued to focus on his drive & passion, dropping His debut album in 2016.

He found himself on Chicago-native Chance The Rapper‘s radar, opening up a show for him.

Kelechi released his 2nd album in 2017 titled; Quarter Life Crisis.

He purposefully sticks to the “Quarter” theme in his album titles, signifying getting to the paper. Quarters in a coin purse, quarter before the million. The quarter in football –which he played in highschool–  is the warm-up &  his first album was just that; a warm up, get acquainted with fans & connect with them.  

Flowers – Kelechi is the intro song on the album. Kelechi soliloquies about his life experiences as a young black up & coming artist.


He cleverly plays with a classic children’s bed prayer incorporating it into his introspective lyrics.

Now I lay, Now I lay down to sleep
I’m prayin’ to heaven my soul to keep

His music is relevant to the times.

On; I ain’t shit –  Kelechi . He raps about the struggles of being the proverbial fuck boy.  Spitting a Tinder dating profile that fits the requirements too. 


Our all time favorite listen from his catalogue has to be; Play With My Hair – Kelechi. A modern-day rap love song, covering all the topics from love & acceptance from your partner to self-love. Kelechi beautifully expresses intimacy with this song as he asks his melanin queen to play with his locks. 

He said choosing music was difficult for him at first. He was afraid to disappoint his Nigerian mum. Switching majors 3 times in college; from Radiology to English, before summoning the courage to follow his path & happiness; music. 

Kelechi‘s  creative process is “going with the flow”. Asides from writing his own lyrics, Kelechi mixes & produces his music as well. This way, he his able to avoid the pressures a booked & rigged time-sensitive studio session can cause. 

Kelechi has released 2 mixtapes too, titled; Woke Up to Winter & Mama.  

He is a supporter of Black women & the culture. & he proves that by constantly removing himself from problematic situations which could read the wrong way in the message he is trying to convey to his fans. 

We stan a king in touch with his base. 

Don’t sleep on Kelechi. Just remember; WhoToldYou

remember,WE TOLD YOU

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Sure, you’re mainstream but we want you in the know.

Meet Kaiit


Pronounced “Ka-eet” the 20 year-old Melbourne based soul & jazz singer-songwriter who has caught our attention.

We came across Kaiit down an extremely random WhoToldYou YouTube rabbit hole. 30 seconds in the video & we were sold!

We can show you better than we can tell you. OG Luv Kush p.2 – Kaiit


Kaiit has the relatable lyrics; positive conscious music from a girl’s girl. She says she got her big break from singing at a local spot in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks to Dj MzRisk, who shared his Tuesday set with her as a platform for Kaiit to practise her music.  

Natural Woman – Kaiit paints a beautiful lyrical picture of wholesome black love. 

The rest seems like history, people began to request for her musical debut because they wanted to hear songs she had written. Finding out music made her feel good & she was good at it Kaiit decided to run with her talent. Last year she released her debut album “Live, From Her Room” she says each song is like a window into her reality or world.

Listening to Kaiit makes you feel. In her song 2000 n SOMETHIN – Kaiit ; she sings/creates melodies to her young self,  giving herself advice to be patient with herself. In the music video she also pays homage to her Papua New Guinean heritage.  Kaiit grew up in New Guinea for significant part of her younger life.

She says when people listen to her music, she wants them to hear they’re not alone. She travels with a live band & along with most WhoToldYou faves only delivers live fire vocals on stage.


img_5512Kaiit says her dream collaboration would be with her many faves like;  SZA or Noname. Fun fact: she has a twin brother & he appears in her music video…guess which one. Support the artist. 


Meet Samm Henshaw 

Iniabasi Samuel Henshaw would be described by some people as Johnlengend-GavinDegraw-SamSmith mishmash. However a preview of  Sam’s art would help you know why he’s very much his own person & hard to box Samm Henshaw in. Just how we like it !
Broke – Samm Henshaw was our first introduction to this versatile creative. We immediately understood why he was on to something.
24 year-old Samm Henshaw has been on the musical grind for a while now. Samm Henshaw released his debut Ep; The Sound Experiment in 2015, during his last year of college. Only Wanna Be With You – Samm Henshaw;from this Ep, was a beautifully written melodic love letter. Samm Henshaww also produces & writes his own music. Not long after, he released his second Ep titled; The Sound Experiment II summer of 2016. This time he was signed under Columbia Records.  
Samm Henshaw is already on most of your faves radars & may have even already worked with them. From Pharrell Williams to ChanceTheRapper
This brought about How Does It Feel – Samm Henshaw a collaborative effort with Pharrell.


He says working with the legendary producer brought him out of his shell & made him open to more experiments with his music. 
Samm say’s he still gets nervous every time he’s about to perform live on stage, although as a fan you probably could never hear this. Just the smooth bass in his cool baritone voice.
Samm Henshaw is British-Nigerian. Born in South London to Nigerian parents & yes, yes he loves Jollof rice. He says he grew up listening to Michael Jackson, Usher, Stevie Wonder & the Spice girls. If you’re a Samm Henshaw fan you get this &  already heard the wonderful array of influences on his music. Doubt – Samm Henshaw ft. Wretch 32

Hot Bonuses


Buff Baby – Tobi Lou 

Baller alert – Tokyo Jetz ft Kash Doll 

Midnight – Dj Maphorisa ft Bussiswaah & Dj Tira 



 Who’s That Girl – Eve 



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Preview Some Bright & Shining Stars From Jamaica.




Sure, you’re main stream but we want you in the know.

Meet Koffee


Mikayla Simpson “Koffee” a conscious Reggae artist with a uniquely positive disposition. Already on everyone’s radar without even putting out a body of work, Koffee is truly a shining star & many say; the future of Reggae music.

One listen to this captivating artist with what she calls “an Island flow”  & you‘ll get it.

Koffee got her first wave of exposure when fellow Jamaican star Usain Bolt –& the nine-time Olympic gold medalist– reposted on his social media platform, a song she dedicated to him, for all his hard work that also inspires the youth

Koffee recorded her first time ever in the studio last year. There she laid a freestyle on the track. This session birth Raggamuffin – Koffee;a song she wrote & co-produced.

The rest has been observing history in the making.

Koffee says she believes in conscious music. Growing up & listening to conscious artists like Chronixx, Protoje & Sizzla –to name a few of her faves – inspired her to feel like she too could accomplish anything.

Not long after Koffee was singing right next to the people who inspired her.

Koffee, 17, seldom does interviews, most of what you’ll find of her she has said in her rhymes. She’s 5ft tall & decided to pursue music immediately out of highschool once she realized her skill. This is a decision her mum fully supports.
Koffee says she has a positive heart to accompany & project positive lyrics & pushing out positivity all throughout her music.

Koffee released her single Burning-Koffee last year on the ouji riddim, inspired by a life setback, which she then channelled into positive lyrics. Telling her listeners to keep pushing & burning with passion no matter what happens in life.

Dancehall & Reggae artists usually lay their own versions & lyrics on the same instrumental track or “riddim”.


Koffee makes sure to always shout out Cocoa Tea;fellow Reggae artist. He introduced Koffee to her first platform. On a stage, at the 25th Anniversary of Rebel Salute. Cocoa Tea mentions the compelling Spanish Town, Jamaican artist was actually brought to his attention in Florida by Washly fire of the group; Major Lazer.

Washly fire had expressed his idea of possibly collaborating with Koffee & wanted Cocoa Tea‘s opinion. One listen to Koffee & he was sold.

At this point, Koffee had only been writing music for 4 months.

Koffee performs with a live band. Laying live vocals on the riddim in real-time. & she never disappoints.

When she’s not feeling the cohesion between herself & her band members, she simply yells “Pull Up!” their que to take it all the way back from the top, engulfing the audience in a trance.

It’s important to Koffee that her listeners stay inspired, thankful & grateful while trying to stay positive. She is an artist that is simply passionate about making people happy through her music, the rest is vanity. After all, she does consider herself a Rasta.

Koffee released her second single; Toast- Koffee. & took us by a storm yet again.

She will be releasing her first full body of work in September. An E.P titled Throne & it is set to 5 songs. Although Koffee definitely already left a lasting impression in our heart, we can’t wait to be blessed with even more.

Koffee now currently resides in Kingston, so as to be around all the cool vibes & music.

Meet Shenseea   


Chinsea Lea –birth name– the Kingston, Jamaican deejay who is quickly letting the world know why she’s far from just a mere pretty face. Although, she  is quiet gorgeous. Shenseea starting singing at a young age  –like most black people–  in a church choir. There Shenseea knew she was on to something special but lacked the confidence in her abilities she says.


She narrates a story of singing a legendary Whitney Houston song in church however running off immediately from the pulpit & out of the church after. Not waiting for any critiques on her performance because she was so shy. Now, she’s gotten over her fears.

Shenseea says she began to take music seriously in 2016. After debuting her first & hit single Jiggle Jiggle- Shenseea.

She was discovered on Instagram, constantly uploading snippets of herself making music unto her social media. She was then found & signed by Romeich entertainment. 

Shenseea, 21, is a Dancehall artist/singer-for now-, who rides the riddim like a snake. Her raw & raunchy lyrics are liberating. In her song Tie Me Up – Shenseea explicitly sings about choosing to give up control to her partner. 


Shenyeng Anthem – Shenseea is basically a girl gang chune reminding women that fighting for the attention of men would never be worth it.

Don’t worry  Shenseea is of Korean descent. 

Shenseea is not only a superstar on the rise but she is a mum. & the role is just as important to her. She says her son keeps her focused & patient, teaching her  to be positively creative in ways to achieve her dreams. Although widely known for dancehall, Shenseea does not wish to be boxed-in (expressing her interest in Reggae too.) She says only she started off with dancehall & has a lot more in store for us.

Watch her TIMWESTWOOD freestyle down below.

Pon mi – Shenseea is arguably one of the artist biggest bangers, even earning her a Genius interview.

We cannot wait for what more this young fireball has in store for us. But for now just remember, we told you. 

Hot Bonuses

Surrender – Mr. Eazi ft. Simi

Naturally – Megan Thee Stallion

Touch Down  – Stylo G & Fanatix ft. Nicki Minaj & Vybz Kartel

Beautiful People – Chris Brown


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Preview Some Artists You Should Have Already Heard About.




Sure, you’re main stream but we want you in the know.

Meet Brianna Perry

Who is so sick with a Meek Mill-esque flow & relatable lyrics.

But you should have already heard about her. Ms. Perry  has been on the music scene for a minute. Previously being signed to Missy Elliot‘s label, under Atlantic Records, after her hit single Marilyn Monroe.

In a recent Breakfast Club interview Perry explains the reason for her break from the industry; to bag a business degree from the University of Miami!

Brianna expressed her unease with the direction the music industry was going at the time. This made her hiatus much easier. However she was recently inspired to get back in the studio by actual artists dropping bars like…Meek Mill.

& she’s back.

& we are glad.

Last December, 2018; Brianna Perry, 28, dropped first body of work since her break. Titled; Fortune Cookie.

fortune cookie

From the album cover it seems this word play mami is still inspired by the woman she initially rapped about & paid homage to in her breakthrough hit song.

One of our favorites tunes off the album is On God- Brianna Perry.

The Florida native runs circles arround her music consumers with metaphors & word plays like; “Fuck a nigga on my Kylie Jennner” on verse 1 & “Never let a broke nigga fuck up your position, I had to learn that from Khole & Tristan” on her 2nd verse.

Brianna Perry administers straight bars that you haven’t heard on the radio.

Couldn’t Love Me – Brianna Perry you hear the direct influence of Meek Mill. The way Perry structures her verses on the beat & the delivery of her flow is reminiscent of the cool Philly rappers lean flow. Her hook on the song is also very Mid 2008 Hip-hop/Rap; so only the crème de la crème.

The most cohesive collaboration –in our opinion– with the best chemistry on the album was Collins- Brianna Perry featuring new kid on da block; Hood Brat.

Perry sound like a better Takeoffwe know…but that’s how good she is– she seems to have mastered the art of multiple flows, keeping listeners entertained throughout the duration of her music.

Some other notable features on her album was Monkey Bussiness – Brianna Perry ft Offset & You absolutely want to give Slow Dance- Brianna Perry ft BlocBoy JB a listen because BlocBoy delivers on the track.

Brianna has grown since her first debut in the industry. You can hear it. & she delivers on the track.

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Serving barzzz & body. What happened 🎤

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We stan a queen that knows  “being broke ain’t no excuse“.

Meet NoName   


Fatima Nyema Warner the artist better know as Noname formerly called Noname gypsy. Who would probably hate that we put her actual name out there because she values privacy. & rarely gives interviews. But. We are lowkey messy –lol– & it’s on public record.

Anyways, if you haven’t heard of the nameless artist by now, you live under a rock. Simple.

Noname has been on the scene for a while now.  Although just now finally getting her well deserved shine, real music heads wonder why Noname isn’t a superstar already. She definitely has the talent to back it.

To wet your eardrums & get you acquainted to this talent –if you aren’t already– give  Mary Jane Love – Noname Gypsy a listen. She dropped that tune 3 years ago.

Noname raps in what she calls “scramble think”, she has a soft-spoken-voice but she spits hard poetic rhymes. Not surprising, as she did start out as a spoken word poet. On Diddy Bop – Noname ft. Raury & Cam O’bi from of her album Telefone–  Noname poetically raps in black opulence.

With lyrics like “You about to get your ass beat for stealing that 20 dollars baby you should have just asked me“, she explains what life was like growing up in the Chi, hitting the diddy bop with her friends. Messing around in the neighbourhood.

The Chicago native has also been featured in fellow Chicagoan; Chance The Rapper‘s album titled Acid Rap.

Watch Noname‘s Tiny Desk Concert down below.

Bye bye blue- Noname.

Noname tours with a live band. She produces vocals in real-time & her voice sounds like sweet soothing spoken word.

She described her 2016 album as “incredible morning music” & good travel music.

We have to say we agree; plop Telefone on for those early red-eye flights & feel your travel-induced-anxiety significantly reduce.

Last year, September 2018, Noname dropped her most recent project titled Room 25. She recorded this project in 1 month! Only talent allowed here please.

She classifies Room 25 as Jazz Rap/Neo Soul.

To start off the year Noname performed Ace – Noname ft. Smino & Saba of the album on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

You hear what seems like heavy Kanye West influences on Nonname‘s music. She incorporates a choir & a lot of harmonization in her music. Not far-fetched since she does make multiple references about the fellow Chicago rapper in her older catalogue.

Noname says her music is her therapy. She’s inclined to share it with the world because she feels it’s important to be able to connect with someone else through shared experiences in music, as other artists have impacted & also done for her. It makes you feel less alone in the world.

On her song  Blaxploitation – Noname; she insert voice overs from 70s movies that exploited black culture for public consumption & profit so much that they were dubbed “Blaxploitation Movies”. While Noname raps in the familiar soft-spoken hard bars we have come to love. Noname pays attention to detail when it comes her craft. Down to her visuals.

In 2016 she considered herself “average”…sure.

Don’t be quick to conclude by all the conscious lyrics though because Noname is well aware of her sexuality.

If you pay attention on Windows- Noname then you’ll actually hear what we mean.

One of our personal favorites, it starts off with the healing sounds of bongo drums then the xylophone is incorporated.  Noname; the poet, then delivers on the track rapping laps around your faves while sounding cute.

She’s currently on tour. See if she’s coming to a city near you.

Hot Bonuses

Sensima – SkiiBii ft. Reekado Banks

Chanel – Dreezy ft. Kash Doll

Banana – Jada Kingdom

We Be Burnin’ – Sean Paul