A Week In Color 16/8/2020

You checking out our newsletter?! 🔍🔍🤨🧐🤥 Cause it’s a funny way to catch up on neglected news. Anyways, a 1000 ways of frustration in #Nigeria Lagos state to attract 5% levy on all content created…eeehen? Nice one, but there’s more … POS service operators to pay an annual fee of N10,000 starting next year. Amotekun shows off their cool lewks

#ZimbabweanLives matter & the Zimbabweans aren’t letting up! They are still speaking up for their rights

The biggest news in the #US President Trump continues to spread rumors about mail-in votes, oppose much needed funding for USPS while simultaneously printing his face on absentee ballot request forms. 🆘 what the Trump? It’s important to note these aren’t actual ballots but request forms for one…but still. Link for all you should know about how vote-by-mail works. 🥴Presidential Candidate Joe Biden finally announced his running mate. Are you a ‘let’s do whatever we can to get this man out of the office’ person or the ‘I’m tired of picking the lesser evil’ type? 👇🏾 Let’s talk abourrit Also a compilation of some #GoFundMes we found to throw some spare money at. Including so light fun & positivity Continue reading A Week In Color 16/8/2020