Melodramatic Bae

Silent ūüĒē night, Sounds of thumbs on sapphire glass break the silence between ūüď§messagesūüď•. Emotionally charged and emoji pasted messages span the space between us. Damn. ūüÜėÔłŹ So much lost in transit, The stories are true, Love does fade, The days do change, Long distance, or out of range, Out of touch, or out of emotional space, Depressing waves crash, must wade The thoughts of what if start to cascade Never ever, becomes never again Anger arrives, regret on its tail Memories are lost, Stories start to change, A message arrives, Thumbs open the gate, My love was asleep God … Continue reading Melodramatic Bae

The Void

I feel nostalgic I miss the void The days I was in my mother’s womb Waiting to bloom. Enveloped in the velvet cocoon I called home Home, the place I long to be Sometimes I wish I never left my mother’s womb Where I was safe and away from this treacherous place we call earth. Underneath her skin there was a human A human with a purpose And as I walk this earth I am still yet to figure that out. And so I miss the void. A place where darkness prevailed but light transcended. A place where right and … Continue reading The Void

Many Layers (Pound Cake)

There’s many layers to this sweet; Young, Honey bun, Hmm yeah, I know I’ll probably taste good on your tongue but please don’t box me in I’m just vibrant, here for all the fun… ..things life has to offer. I can’t help it. Human beings swear they have you all figured out How can you fully know what continues to grow ? An enigma; even she which inhabits this space knows not why she deserves it. She continues to strive in spite of the strife Your puny minds could never comprehend; What have you been through? What does “hardship” ¬†mean … Continue reading Many Layers (Pound Cake)


  Feelings My feelings are a lot for me to bare It’s personal but at this point someone needs to listen – Hear care to share the despair. It’s personal because it’s uncomfortable It’s personal because it’s sad It’s personal because I’m the “strong one” What do I do with these malicious foreign feelings? How do I navigate feelings that leave the worst taste? It’s personal because it’s not perfect, it’s not wrapped in a pretty package. It’s not presentable or acceptable. It’s raw, crippling and tiring. The rough waves hit me, Leaving me with no other choice than waiting … Continue reading Feelings