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Meet Kihmberlie


The girl in front & behind the camera” -Kihmberlie’s bio.

& she’s not lying. She gives precise & detailed descriptions on how she comes up with most of her looks.

So how did we discover this creative genius?

As with most superstars that we bring to you; browsing the internet.

Kihberlie is an unsigned model…for now & if you ask us, any fashion house would be lucky to scoop this creative genuis up.

Fenty, what’s up?

So what make’s Kihberlie so special?

…So special, so special, so special. LOL

Not only does she make her own set; gathering props from anything in her grandfather’s closet to random household knicknacks. Kihmberlie also takes most of her pictures, relying on the help of a self timer & ladders when neccesary. With this, & a whole lot of creativity, she creates magical imagery.

The shoot below was inspired by a long saved Pinterest photo. But unlike the rest of us Kihmberlie actually followed through & executed it. She was able to get those angles by tapping her phone to the ceiling, & setting a automatic timer.


This other look down below, was inspired by Kihmberlie’s desire to look like a plant in a Terrarium.


Rocking her savagexfenty, she was able to achieve this look through the help of flowers from Michaels, a pool ball from Walmart, her mum & power inverter with some major hiccups you can read more about on her instagram post. What was important was she didn’t give up. Else, we would have never been able to witness this art.

Don’t give up on yourself.


Kihmberlie is based in California.

You can book her by contacting her at Kihmberlie inspires us because she takes initiative to follow her dreams & actively shows us, sometimes, you just need a little imagination.


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Support the Artist: Steve Lacy


Meet Steve Lacy 

shot by Tyler Mitchel for i-d

Steve Lacy is definitely a gem & if you’ve been sleeping on him; you’re just in luck! On time to put yourself on because his official debut album is out in 9 days!!!


Next week Friday.

Now, you may already know him for being the youngest member of music band; The Internet but Steve Lacy is a multi-faceted king.

Gabby – The Internet ft. Janelle Monae was a beat made by this young king with his iPhone 7 & GarageBand

Palace/Curse – The Internet ft. Steve Lacy & Tyler The Creator is another one of Steve’s iPhone 7.

Steve Lacy is brillant; & he has a TED Talk on how he used the bare minimum; his iPhone 7 & some simple instruments to get into rooms with equipment he intially couldn’t afford.

Through beats made on Steve‘s iPhone 7 he became a 16-year-old grammy nominated artist. Beats made off of Steve‘s iPhone got him on the likes of J-cole, Kendrick Lamar & Solange‘s radar.

He calls it “the bare maximum”. & although he has access to all the high tech equipment he could ever need, Steve Lacy still produced  some songs on his 2017 Ep titled Steve Lacy’s Demo; on an iPhone, in the studio with his guitar under a candlelight.

Talk about setting the mood!

Looks – Steve Lacy is the first song off his demo. & it gives very Daft Punk-esque vibes mix up with all the Funk. Throw on Ryd – Steve Lacy ; perfect soundtrack for a long drive… & all other riding purposes alike.

Steve Lacy makes music for lovers. Dark Red – Steve Lacy is him professing his love a girl as he is about to be a victim of unrequited love. He voice is a beautiful soulful low register. & you can hear the simplicity in some of Steve Lacy’s beats as you get engulfed in his voice.

Fun fact: Steve Lacy is a Gemini. Not sure what this means for his music but on Haterlovin – Steve Lacy he repeats this lyric “just as much as I love you, I hate you” -on brand- over & over again to the strum of his guitar, making what sounds like a low tempo early 2000’s boy band rock group.
The good stuff.

One listen to Some – Steve Lacy would show the listener this man’s an old soul. So funkadelic; makes you want to go in a picnic date with the love of your life. At very end Steve show’s his vocal ability, belting high pitched note reminiscent of Robin Thicke.

Steve Lacy‘s Demo was a concise, solid body of work & all the songs could be married with one another due to its seamless transitions.

This could be why the California-native only made one visual to depict RYD/Dark Red; which by the way, he also produced using Garage band.

Heavy on the Gemini energy! Steve Lacy categorized his Demo as R&B/Soul.

He recently dropped a single titled; N-Side – Steve Lacy

this song sounds like milk

his melodies can impregnate a man

some feedback chosen at random.

Lyrics like “don’t need no approval girl you valid” assure the listener Steve Lacy would take anyone’s significant other with smooth lines & the perfect strums of his guitar.

Think we’re kidding?

Put it on replay. We dare you.

Steve Lacy has been slept on since his 2015 single; C U Girl – Steve Lacy. He proved his range & vocal ability; giving the listener 90s R&B & longing lyrics that would have the listener reminscing about their nonexistent belle or beau.

You’ll love to hear it.

Stream his debut album; Apollo XXI next week!

Support the artist.

Just remember #WhoToldYou

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Apollo XXI coming May 24!!!!! here’s the cover(s)

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