A Week In Color 22

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West Africa

Busola Dakolo and her husband harrassed at their place of residence by armed men in uniform.

3 weeks prior, Busola Dakolo; a known photographer, came out in an interview to speak her truth as a sexual assault survivor.

He said, ‘be happy a man of God did this to you, disvirgined you’. At this point he was already a pastor in Ilorin, his wife had given birth to their first child Shindara and I was in the choir.”

  • The perpetrator of the assault, to members of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) church dismay, was head pastor; Biodun Fatoyinbo.
  • Busola Dakolo is the wife to popular musician Timi Dakolo.
  • Leading up to the table-shaking interview, Timi Dakolo published a series of post on his social media, instagram, accusing the head pastor; Biodun Fatoyinbo of being a serial molester that particularly preys on young women seeking salvation from the church.

On Saturday, 3 armed policemen barged into the Dakolo’s Lagos residence demanding the couple come to Abuja against their will.

  • The van had the plate number; BR932KSF.
  • There were rumors that armed officials allegedly attempted to coerce the couple into rescinding the statements made in their riveting interview.

Busola Dakolo is a case study for why survivors may feel unsafe to, if ever speak up against their abusers. Head pastors from other Nigerian mega churches seemed to be in solidarity with the infamous COZA head pastor. Some, subtly alluding to ‘Jezebel’ attacks from morally corrupt women through the sermons they preached at the peak of the scandal. Meanwhile, others, like reverend Israel Akanji of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) outrightly came out to vehemently defend their “man of God”.

CAN has later denied showing solidarity to Biodun Fatoyinbo

Some Nigerians sound off;

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The U.S

North America

NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo involved with the death of 43-year-old father of 6; Eric Garner 5 years ago goes scot-free.

On monday; July 15 the Justice Department decided not to file federal civil rights charges against Daniel Pantaleo.

  • 4 months after the death of Eric Garner from a fatal chokehold with Daniel Pantaleo involved, a Staten Island grand jury chose not indict the officer on any criminal charges.
  • The decision to not press federal civil rights charges came in a day before the 5th anniversay of Garner’s death.

5 years later, still no justice.

The decision came in one day before the expiration of the statute of limitations.

The Justice Department’s decision to not prosecute Pantaleo was made by Attorney General William Barr, who decided to follow the recommendation of the Eastern District of New York.

This should not have ended with the death of a person, but that’s a very different question than what’s presented to a prosecutor when deciding under the Justice manual whether a person should be indicted,” a senior official said.

Eric Garner’s last echoing dying words were “I can’t breathe“.

Garner’s mother; Gwen Carr spoke with federal prosecutors in Brooklyn saying the Justice Department “has failed us“.

We wonder if it ever was meant to work for Black people.

5 years of no justice but constant turmoil & reliving of pain for the Garner family & the Black community.

Buy Black. Buy power! & support Black bussinesses.

It’s no secret that it’s way easier to locate liqour stores in lower income neighbourhoods than grocery stores in the US but here’s one savior making a difference.

Kia Patterson is changing the narrative one store at a time with her store in Compton, California & her work ethic is exemplary in itself.

  • Patterson worked in grocery stores for 17 years before owning a Grocery Outlet in 2017.
  • When Patterson took over the store there were 9 employee. After, she had a staff of 25 people.

Patterson does not get high-strung on power & isn’t afraid to work alongside her employees.

I’m not one of those owners that dictates things. I mop the floor, I do car runs,” she said. “I’m very hands on with my team, and there’s nothing that I would ask them to do that I wouldn’t do myself.

Patterson’s Grocery Outlet is also heavily involved in the community, hosting events for the people in it.

What’s better than ownership for people who actually care about the communities they make a profit off of?

You tell us.


We would not be free, till we are all equally free. This the includes queer Black folk in our community. The divide & the spread of hate only futher perpetuates our continued downfall.

Rest in power to Denali.

Meanwhile, the US has may skillful ways they boldy say; who cares about the negroes again?

  • Blackout was purposefully carried out in Canarise a largely Black neighbourhood to prevent an outage in the richer; whiter neighbourhoods in NewYork.


East Africa

More than 17 Ethiopian activitist were killed on Thursday; July 18th, in a confrontation before security forces & Ethiopians seeking a new autonomous region for their Sidama ethnic group.

The Sidama, the largest ethnic group in the southern region, have been calling for their own semi-autonomous state [Tiksa Negeri/Reuters]

Shubale Buta, head of the town’s Malga district confirmed the deaths of 13 civilians killed in Wotera Rassa; a town near Hawassa city. Saying the soldiers were travelling to contain the violence in a nearby town on July 18th.

When they saw people gathered near the roads, they thought they were there to create a problem and that is how the killings happened,” he told Reuters via telephone.

A Malga resident said late on Friday he saw 14 bodies after a shooting.

The Sidama is the largest ethnic group in the Southern region.

As weird as it may sound, it is their constitutional right to be able to request autonomy as it is in fact in Ethiopia’s constitution.

  • The constitution requires the government to organize a referendum for any ethnic group that wishes to form a new entity within a year of their intial request.
  • Ethiopia is already divided into 9 semi-autonomous regions.
  • The Sidama Liberation Movement (SLM) -at the forefront of the calls for the new state- have accepted the government’s request to wait pending a direct vote of all members of electorate before the end of the year.

Ethiopia is Africa’s second most populous country.


East Africa

On Friday; 19th July, Kenya revealed Africa’s largest wind power plant.

The 80,290,000,000.00 Kenyan Shilling –$775m– wind farm containing 365 turbines is located in nothern Kenya; on the shores of Lake Turkana.

It is aimed at lowering Kenya’s fossil fuel dependency & cost of electricity.

  • It is designed to boost the country’s electricity supply by 13%.
  • 70% of Kenya’s electricity comes from renewable sources- more than 3 times the global average- making Kenya a global leader in renewable energy.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced the country’s plans to move to 100% green energy by 2020 while Nigeria continues to daydream of broken promises & vision 2020. #GodWhen


A Week In Color 20

Your Afro-Negro Weekly Newsletter

Here’s a brief rundown on some interesting developments that have been happening leading up to this week.

American Flag

The United States will now require all visa applicants to provide their social media usernames.

Yes, it is as bad as is sounds like & no you won’t be able skate your way through it If you’re planning to travel to the US. Time after time again, America goes against its own marketing of being a country that values freedom.

A civil rights group; the American Civil Liberties Union made a statement saying there is; “no evidence that such social media monitoring is effective or fair“. They believe it will cause self-censorship online.


We are guessing the American President is more sensitive than he lets on.

  • The new State Department regulations say people will have to submit social media names.
  • Visa applicants would have to provide 5 years’ worth of email addresses & phone numbers.
  • This includes people coming into the country to work or study. Only certain diplomatic & official visa applicants will be exempt from these new strict measures.

The State Department reportedly made a statement saying; “We are constantly working to find mechanisms to improve our screening processes to protect US citizens, while supporting legitimate travel to the United States,

Previously, only applicants who had been to parts of the world controlled by terrorists groups were required to provide this extra information.

An official spoke to The Hill threatening that; “Anyone who lies about their social media use could face “serious immigration consequences

& so it begins…

Make a difference cause you can.

Organizers in Washington D.C pushed to introduce a new bill decriminalizing sexwork in their state.

This event took place on June 3rd.

Most people think sex work is morally wrong. However, considering the fact that morals are widely subjective, does this mean these individuals do not deserve the right to protection?

The criminalization of sex work does more harm than good.

  • According to researchers, 80% of street-based sex workers experience violence in their course of work.
  • Criminal penalties on sex workers only make them more vulnerable to violence & police abuse.
  • 1 in 5 sex workers have been solicited police for sex.

This legislation seeks to remove the criminal penalties of sex workers which would in turn curb the exploitation & violence they experience in their line of work.

It also seeks to promote public health by improving access to service & help address human trafficking.

Does President Donald Trump care about the people who voted him in?

  • Trump’s 2017 tax law already wiped out all but $100 off the average American household benefit. & this last $100 in tax-cut gains is in danger to some additional tariffs the President has announced or is considering.
  • The President has made threats to impose levies on all imports from Mexico & China.
  • These tariffs would most affect middle-earning households who could allegedly pay up to $4000 more for a number of goods; from produce to smart phones.

President Trump also proposed additional tariffs in May on $300 billion worth of Chinese goods. According to “Tariffs Hurt the Heartland; a coalition of business groups, this would increase the cost for an average family of 4 in the US to about $2,294 annually. The president has made good on his threats to Mexico starting with a 5% tax which began Monday; June 10. He has promised this would continue to increase to 25% in October unless Mexico curbs illegal migration to President Trump’s satisfaction.

  • Research done by the Tax Foundation says that only the top 5% of earners would continue to see a net tax cut of more that 1%.
  • The tariff would also depress wages by about 0.5%. Subsequently leading to a loss of nearly 610,000 full-time jobs. Hello unemployment line!

The American president’s decision seems to be bringing about turmoil in his political party, but what’s new?

The tax cuts “vaulted America back into the most competitive economy,” said Representative Kevin Brady, the Texas Republican who led the passage of the tax cut legislation in the House. “Higher tariffs and the uncertainty that comes with trade disputes hurt the economy,” he said.

  • Mitch McConnell; the Senate Majority Leader, encouraged the administration to delay imposing the tariffs on Mexico until Republicans in Congress could plead their case to the American president.
  • Representative Hakeem Jeffries, a Democrat said “This is a man-made disaster, because Donald Trump is not focused in any way on advancing a well-thought-out doctrine“. “He seems to be carrying out at times personal vendettas, at other times political objectives and sometimes an effort to distract from the news of the day” Jeffries said.

It’s June. So you know what that means??!!

It’s Pride month!

WhoToldYou is all about all negroes living their best possible lives while being safe. We love all the negroes regardless. If you have a problem with the LGBTQ based on the grounds of “religion”? We suggest you shove your hate up somewhere, educate yourself & explore why you weaponize your beliefs as a tool to spread hate.

Happy Pride! & thank you for being brave enough to live in your truth. You make the world a better place.

Now some Black girl magic in case you ever forgot Black women are the most valid beings on this earth.

Nigerian Flag

Let’s start with some humor…before we dive into the precarious situations.

Nigerians react to the new requirements implemented by the United States to now obtain a visa.

The Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari is yet to address the Nigerian people since his suspicious-to say the least-re-election. However, he is making sure his impact is being felt…dictator-style.

Everyone knows the first order of a budding dictator is to stifle the media. How else would they commit various atrocities with little to no world attention on their actions? Just ask the internet shutdowns across the continent, most recently Sudan.

On Tuesday; June 6th the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), under the orders of the President, made the decision to indefinitely suspend the broadcasting & media licence of Daar Communications PLC.

Daar Communications is home to legendary Nigerian broadcasting station; Africa Independent Television (A.I.T) & Raypower.

  • Kakaaki a political show which airs on A.I.T seems to be the main point of contention.
  • The NBC claims Daar Communications is in violation of the NBC Act Cap N11. Laws of the Federation of Nigeria & the Nigeria Broadcasting Code.
  • The NBC claims AIT has been pushing out hate speeches & divisive rhetoric. Examples they listed were comments made in a segement of the political show; Kakaaki Social. “Nigeria is cursed, we declare independent state of Niger Delta” “Nigeria irritates me” .

One deep look into the state of the Nigerian economy can give incite to why there might be some truth to at least the latter statement. But, that’s our opinion. Ignore it.

  • NBC says it has held multiple meetings with Daar Communications & letters of caution expressing the commission’s concern for the company’s violation.
  • NBC claims Daar Communications responded with a smear campaign because they posted said letters on the company’s social media.

We would have just assumed they were doing their job…telling the news. But, again, please,

Ignore us.

Below is the alleged video that broke the dictatorial camel’s back.

  • The NBC claims Daar Communications is partisan & biased.
  • Daar Communications has been suspended until further notice.

Nigerians react.

Speaking of dictators; present & past, General Sani Abacha seems to be the evil gift to Nigeria that keeps on giving.

On Tuesday, June 4th, money to the value of £211,000,000 ~ 86,243,183,689.46 NGN belonging to the late dictator, was seized from a Jersey bank account held by Doraville Properties Corporation, a British Virgin Islands .

  • General Sani Abacha was a Nigerian army officer & de facto president between 1993 until his death in 1998.
  • He laundered money through the US into the Channel Islands & now that money is being recovered.
  • The money is currently being held by the government until authorities in Jersey, Nigeria & the US can come to an agreement on how it should be distributed.

Any money Jersey does keep would be alloted into the Criminal Confiscation Fund to be used to pay for a variety of projects. The fund has been used in the past at La Moye Prison to build a new police station & more developments.

  • More money held by Doraville is expected to be confiscated & paid into the Civil Asset Recovery Fund in the future.

Some Nigerians sound off on it.

Below is a young man’s detailed experience in the Northeast region of Nigeria.

  • It is no secret that the insurgent terrorist group; Boko Haram has been active in Northeastern Nigeria, Chad, Niger & Northern Cameroon.
  • Nigerians in other states are particularly apathetic to the situation. Shrouded by the illusion of a false sense of security perhaps.
  • A quick skim through this young man’s thread (above) will give another perspective.

A man in Abuja, FCT laments about the incompetence of the Nigerian police after his car was burglarized in less that 12 minutes while he made an ATM stop.

Nigeria irritates me” word to A.I.T

As frustrating as the country is, despite the odds stacked up against them, the Nigerian people remain the center for excellency.

On Monday; June 3, paramilitaries in Khartoum threw dozens of bodies into the Nile in an attempt to hide the number of casualties they inflicted during a pro-democracy protest at the capital.

According to doctors & activists, more than 100 people have been killed in the crackdown against demonstrators by Rapid Support Forces (RSF) across Sudan.

As covered in previous Week’s In Color; Sudan has been under military rule since President-dictator Omar al-Bashir was knocked off his 30-year reign.

It was suggested that a military-led transitional government would lead the country to democracy.

The Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) has been the leading opposition to military rule & one of the forefronts in the demonstrations.

The Sudan Doctors’ Committee; the medical arm of the SPA, said security forces retrieved more than 40 bodies from the Nile.

  • This contradicts previous estimates on Monday’s attack in the central Khartoum, which puts the death toll at 20 people.

Eye-witnesses beg to differ. According to the Guardian, images passed by opposition organizations showed multiple corpses with concrete blocks tied to their feet after residents & activists retrieved nine bodies from the Nile on Wednesday.

The RSF led by Mohamed Hassan Dagalo, popularly known as Hemedti, is made up of militia who have already been accused of systematic human rights abuses during the war in Darfur. Hemedti is also the deputy head of the Transitional Military Council (TMC).

On Wednesday; the week of the attack, Hassan Dagolo said in a televised address that Sudan would not be allowed to slip into chaos. “We must impose the authority of the state through law.

Details of rapes by the RSF are also coming to light.

Weam Shawga, a women’s rights activist, said she was threatened with rape when the RSF attacked the sit-in.

I was beaten with sticks and they told me: ‘We could’ve raped you as we did with other women … We know that you are here because you want to have sex,’” she said.

Lt Gen Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, the leader of the TMC said on Tuesday; June 4th, elections were projected to be held within 9 months. However, his attempt to reach protest organisers to resume talks were dismissed.

A spokesman for the Sudanese Professionals Association, Mohammed Yousef al-Mustafa said the proposal couldn’t be taken seriously.

Burhan and those under him have killed the Sudanese and are still doing it. Their vehicles patrol the streets, firing at people“. “We will continue in our protests, resistance, strike and total civil disobedience” he said.

  • Burhan claims the violence is due to impostors wearing RSF uniforms & promised to inquire about it.

Sudan has been suspended from the African Union as a consequence of the ongoing chaos.

The union; comprising of 54 other member states issued a strongly worded statement denouncing the wasteful loss of innocent lives in recent days in Sudan. The statement also called for the military & security forces to ensure the full protection of civilians & respect for human rights.

The break down of possible negotiations between the military & protest leaders began due to disagreements over military or civilian leadership of a transitional body.

  • The internet has been shutdown in Sudan.

A Week In Color 14


Your Afro-Negro Weekly Newsletter

Happy new month negroes!

Flag of SudanSudan

President-Dictator Omar al-Bashir actually stepped down from power??!

Technically…Yes, but really; No.

As previously documented: In Color 9 & 11 violent protests have been on-going in Africa’s 3rd largest country. 

These demonstrations were sparked by a sharp spike in prices of bread & fuel within Sudan. Sudanese citizens have demonstrated with bursts of city-wide protests before.  However, this time they remain relentless.

& it could be working! 

President Omar al-Bashir pulled a number of  dictator tactics in hopes quell the uproar & prolong his 30 year grip as Sudan’s leader. 

Multiple protestors & journalists have been arrested; with many losing their lives, all in the regime’s failed attempt to silence voices & rein in the demonstrations. 

When intimidating protestors proved to no avail. President al-Bashir has turned to placation. Inviting journalist to his presidential palace, where he promised the release of the wrongfully arrested journalists & protestors. He blamed sanctions & the West for Sudan’s current state of economy. 

In late February; Monday, February 25th President Omar al-Bashir banned public gatherings & protests, declaring a state of emergency. 

The protests continued. Protestors saw this declaration as an act of desperation on the part of the President. A sign of the demonstrations effectiveness.

We are challenging the regime and we are not scared of the state of emergency,” said protester Erij

Protests in Sudan started on December 19th 2018, in Atbara, after the government’s decision to triple the price of bread. 

President al-Bashir tried shaking up his cabinet, firing his long-time ally & Vice-President; Bakri Hassan Saleh. He also swore in a new Prime-Minister & appointed 16 more army officials. 

President al-Bashir stepped down as leader of the National Congress Party, on Friday; March 1st.

  • President al-Bashir quit his position as chairman & delegated his powers as leader of the ruling party to Ahmed Harun; the party’s deputy chairman. 
  • Much like President-Dictator al-Bashir, Ahmed Harun is wanted for alleged war crimes committed in Sudan’s Darfur region. 

Harun is quoted telling local news that President al-Bashir made this decision in order to “devote himself to the national tasks” as al-Bashir remains the country’s leader.

Anti-government protests have engulfed Khartoum, the capital & its twin city Omdurman. 

On thursday, February 28, according to SUNA; the state-run news agency, 8 people were sentenced to prison in an emergency court set up in the capital for their participation in the protests. 

  • 4 of them were given 5-year sentences, 3 got 3-year terms while 1 person was sentenced to a month. This same court ordered the deportation of an Ethiopian citizen over similar charges.

An african country deporting an African to another african country?

The irony in this is not lost. 

  • The emergency court was set up to investigate violations under the state of emergency declared by President-Dictator al-Bashir. 
  • According to The Democratic Lawyers Alliance; part of the bigger group leading the protests, more than 870 protestors were brought before the emergency court on Thursday.


This is the most documented protest in Sudan. The country has a total of 9m internet users, with 90% of the population having access to mobile phones. President-Dictator al-Bashir also banned local newspapers from covering the protests. 

Government officials have a recorded death toll of 31 people since the demonstrations. The Human Rights Watch death toll report is 51 people

Sudan has been experiencing constant instability in government since the independence of South Sudan in 2011 & a huge lack of foreign currency.

The shortages in basic goods further fueled inflation the country, depleting the purchasing power & living standards of the average Sudanese; from local agricultural labourers to the middle-class professionals. 


Zimbabwe is the 2nd African country to approve cannabis investors. South Africa preceded them.

  • In 2018 the Zimbabwean government decided to legalize the production of cannabis.  
  • Vangelis Haritatos, the Deputy Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Water, Climate & Rural Resettlement, says the government was stormed with applications for the production of mbanje or dagga (cannabis). Over 200 local & foreign investors inquired about venturing into cannabis production in Zimbabwe.
  • Minister Haritatos said the government working on making sure the chosen investors are licenced & in line with; Statutory Instrument 62 of 2018 (Dangerous Drugs Production of Cannabis for Medicinal and Scientific use Regulations).
  • The Cabinet approved 37 investors to be issued with licenses. These would last for 12 months(1yr), pending renewal.
  • Deputy Minster Haritatos says the global mbanje or dagga business is worth $24B per annum. He acknowledged the growing pains with pushing out cannabis production. He says his ministry would be working extremely closely with the Ministry of Health & Child Care in production of medicinal cannabis, in partnership with investors.

Let’s give investors a chance. There is a lot of excitement which will bring a lot of investment and help people produce oils for cancer and other medicinal purposes,” he said.

Flag SenegalSenegal

Current Senegalese President Macky Sall won 58% of the votes.

As reported in last week’s in color Senegal had their Presidential elections.

The results were announced on Tuesday; February 24th, & President Macky Sall unsurprisingly was re-elected! 

  • According to Demba Kandji; chairman of the electoral body, President Macky Sall won 58.27% of the general populations votes. Due to this, there’s no need for a recount. 
  • Election observers did not record any major irregularities on Sunday; when Senegalese people casted their votes, determining the following 5 years.  

Although, protests did break out in Dakar, Senegal. University students vehemently protested the election results. Tired of the corruption in the government.

  • As covered last week, there were rumblings of foul play, when 2 main candidates  Khalifa Sall-not related to the incumbent president-, & Karim Wade were blocked from participating in the election contest in 2012.
  • President Macky Sall had campaigned on the promise of change. Since then, a constitutional referendum was agreed upon; shortening the presidential term from 7 years to 5
  • President Macky Sall still proceeded to remain in-seat for 7 years (2 years after) following this law change. 

Despite the consistent growth in the Senegalese economy, unemployment –especially within Senegalese youth– is very high. Many venture into the mediterranean in hopes of greener pastures. 

57 year-old President Mally Sall promises even more growth in the economy. Senegal recently discovered large crude oil reserves valued at $50B.

Senegal still remains a beacon of light when it comes to democracy in West Africa. 

Flag NigeriaNigeria

In contrasting news;

Contrary to world news reports; Nigeria did not partake free & fair elections.

But don’t take our word for it. 

See the evidence yourself & you decipher.

Incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari secured himself 56% of the votes. The electoral commission announced these results on Wednesday; February 24th.

Atiku Abubakar; the main opposition running against President Buhari has challenged the election results.

Calling it “rigged” & stating that this was “the worst election in Nigeria’s history

  • Atiku Abubakar represents the People’s Democratic Party (PDP)
  • He secured 41% of the votes according to the electoral commision. He says he will challenge the outcome in court.

Below is the press release of Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC) on the conduction of the carried out 2019 Presidential & Legislative elections.


On a brighter note!

We love when the diaspora links up!

American actor Kevin Hart patronizes a local Nigerian artist.

& the link up happened through a few retweets on social media!

giphy (2).gif

FlagUnitedStatesThe US

Meet Naomi Wadler; a young American student activist currently enrolled in George Mason Elementary School in Alexandria, Virginia.


you read it right. Naomi Wadler is an elementary school student.

She’s mostly know as a strong voice in the anti-gun protest; March for Our Lives held in Washington, DC.

  • Wadler is just 12 years-old.

She expresses her activism focuses on black women. Commending her peers for their voices in the fight for better gun laws & gun control, however she makes it clear that children in Chicago have been speaking way louder for a longer time. 

The children are the future.

Speaking of things that happen to everyone not white in the United States

A law had to be implemented to allow black people wear their hair how it naturally grows from their scalp.


A win!

…we guess??

New York City just passed a law that protects natural hairstyles, allowing people the right to their natural styles like afros, braids, locs, bantu knots, fades e.t.c. at work, school or in public spaces.

  • It is a know fact that black people still get harassed for wearing their hair the natural way it grows from their scalp in the US. Racism or prejudice is disgusting !


A Week In Color 13 (Updated)


Flag SenegalSenegal 

It’s that season, to pander to the public for no reason!

As mentioned In Color 11; Senegal is in election season. The campaign period started on the 4th of February & came to a quick swift end late Friday; February 22. 

6.5 million Senegalese people have registered to vote & casted their votes today; February 24th, deciding the future of Senegal. 

The polls; closed now, were opened at 8:00am, until 7:00pm (GMT).

Current President Macky Sall; seeking re-election, is said to be the most popular in the polls & probably the winning contender. 

There was no televised debate during the election campaign. The Senegalese youth took to public election forums to ask the politicians the hard questions. For a candidate to be declared winner she/he must secure 50% of the overall votes.

If there is no candidate with the majority of the vote?

Then there’s a re-match taking place! 

  • The President; Macky Sall is running on the platform of an emerging booming economy. The west african country did just discover oil in its gas reserves. Drilling is yet to commence & already rumblings of personal profiting, & money laundering have begun
  • The “opposition” candidates focused mainly on the poverty & unemployment forcing in the economy; which forces Senegal’s youngest & brightest to seek greener pastures outside Senegal.  
  • 2 of Senegal’s main opposition leaders; Khalifa Sall –not in any way related to the current president-, & Karim Wade, were blocked from participating in the election contest in 2012, due to some charges brought against them.
  •  Both have maintained their innocence; insisting the charges were bogus & politically motivated.
  • Ousmane Sonko; 44, Senegal’s youngest candidate, ran his platform on curbing France’s influence on Senegal. Proposing if elected, Senegal would used their own domestic currency as a legal tender. Replacing the CFA Franc; which is used by 14 other West African countries if elected. 
  • Preliminary results are to be announced on Tuesday; February 24th. With the final tally on Friday; February 28th. President Macky Sall is expected to win


Kenya is at the forefront in Africa for human rights; specifically LGBTQ & love.

Love is love.

However, Kenya’s LGBTQ community & their allies are a bit disappointed. & we understand why. A much-anticipated ruling on February; 22 set to be a huge win for human rights in Kenya & frankly, all of Africa was pushed back to May 24. 

  • The ruling was for a petition to nullify the remnants of colonial-era laws in Kenya that criminalizes same-sex sex.
  • Specifically 2 sections in the penal code.

One that states; anyone who has “carnal knowledge… against the order of nature” can be imprisoned for 14 years. & the other that provides for a five-year jail term for “indecent practices between males”.

Chacha Mwita; one of the judges on the 3-judge bench gave what some might deem a weak response for the reason behind the push back.

“The files are above my height… we are still working,”  he also added that one of this collegue where on leave, adding to the delay. 

Mwita  announced the push back. 

Although, even though the laws do exist, members of the LGBTQ rarely actually get convicted.
Imani Kimiri from the National & Lesbian Human Rights Council (NGLHRC) legal team told APC news agency that her office dealt with 15 prosecutions in 2018 & couldn’t even remember the last convictions.

She did slam the process as;”just a frustrating endeavour”

  • Yet, another issue with the law still in Kenya’s constitution is; members of Kenyan’s LGBTQ seldom report crimes of abuse like sexual assault, blackmail & eviction due to their sexual orientation because it would technically be “confessing to a crime”. 
  • Under Kenya’s 2010 constitution all persons would be equal before the law, the petitioners argue these 2 outdated &archaic sections in the penal code contradict this. We agree. 

The petitioners believe albeit delayed the ruling would be in their favour.

Kenya has already made strides on the road to equality, when juxtaposed with its counterparts -other African countries–  festered with homophobia. 

So we remain optimistic too.

In March the High court banned forced anal testing of men suspected of being gay.

One could wonder; why was this even a law in place?

Or we can decide to just focus on the fact that it is no longer one!

Praise Her! 

Flag NigeriaNigeria

Presidential & legislative elections finally took place this past Saturday in Nigeria.

As reported in last week’s In Color 12; Nigeria pushed back her presidential & legislative elections by a week. Nigerians suspected foul play by the Independent National Electoral commission (INEC). INEC stated issues with logistics as the reason for the election postponement. Many couldn’t understand the actual plausibility of such an issue for an election known to already scheduled to take place; 4 years prior.

The abrupt night-before date switch up didn’t help quell the people’s insecurities with putting trust in the Nigerian government.

The election was a bitter & violent one. A showdown between 76 year-old, current president Muhammadu Buhari of All Progressive Congress & the former vice president, candidate of the People’s Democratic Party; 72 year-old Atiku Abubakar.

Tribalism was also an unfortunate a deadly tool used to fuel these elections, with reports of states inhabited by mostly Yoruba people; a main ethnic group attacking the Igbos another ethnic group to intimidate them from exercising their right to vote. Then in turn skewing the election results.

Many polling units were delayed & although Nigerians arrived at scheduled time, they had to wait even longer to cast their votes in the ballot. Some Nigerian’s, tired of the wait, found unorthodox always to make sure their vote counted.


Nigerians took to social media to give their reports on polling units being disrupted & ballot papers being burnt.

Rumblings of corrupted pre-filled ballot sheets were also an issue of contention.

Some frustrated & fed-up Nigerians even resulted to jungle justice. Finding their own justice in a government that barely protects the interests of its people.

Some Nigerian Youth Corpers appointed serve their country –& mediate the elections– were also put in harm’s way. The Nigerian government barely provided any security or housing arrangements for of its youngest & brightest.

Meanwhile, considering the tone of current President Buhari;

Albeit extremely unfortunate, the turn out events as it pertaining to the elections is far from a huge shocker.

L.O. L

Meanwhile; on this week’s episode of keeping up with our favorite Senator;

Dino Melaye…

On a brighter note;

Nigerians in diaspora may be the country’s biggest export pumping an estimated total of $25B into the Nigerian economy according to the chief economist in Price Water Coopers(PWC) Nigeria.

FlagUnitedStatesThe U.S

On today’s episode of possible racist things that could happen to everyone not white in America.

Huge Democratic donor & “ally” in LGBGTQ rights; Ed Buck is found out & about wandering the streets with yet another Black man, just a month after a second Black man was found dead in his Los Angeles-area apartment.

  • Ed Buck is said to have donated $53,000 to Democratic candidates & to the Democratic Congressional Campaign committee since 2008.
  • In July 2017; A 26 year-old gay male’s boy; Gemelle Moore, was found lifeless in the Ed Bucks apartment. However, investigators ruled it as an accidental overdose on crystal methamphetamine.
  • More recently, another dead man was found dead in his Hollywood apartment, early Monday; on January 7th.

On Saturday, February 23rd, demonstrators gathered in front of Ed Buck’s West Hollywood home demanding answers about the investigation of the unfortunate death of the 2 black men. Many activist say Ed Buck may be getting a free pass because of his political connections.


Central African RepublicCentral African Republic (CAR)

13,000 United Nation troops deployed in CAR & still “ineffective” assistance from them with protecting civilians from armed groups in the town of Batangafo in October & November, according to new reports from medical aid organisation. 

  • Doctors Without Borders A.K.A MSF was the medical charity who declared the death of at least 15 people with 29 others injured after the attack on Batangafo. 
  • Batangafo is 400km north of the country’s capital; Bangui. 
  • It is reported that the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission (MINUSCA) in CAR failed at its primary responsibility to the mineral rich country.

“MINUSCA was responsible for protecting civilians. However, they were unable to do this,” Omar Ahmed Abenza, the MSF head of the mission in the country, said.

“Most of the victims of the violence are ordinary people. Civilians in Batangafo have been left with no effective protection,” Abenza added.

  • CAR has been in near constant conflict, since 2013 because of this the UN imposed an arms embargo on them. 
  • Since a meeting last month, the UN Security Council agreed to possibly ease the embargo. This would allow supplies for government forces fighting the militias who –for now– have control of a lot of territory in CAR. Counterproductive embargo to say less?
  • A quarter of the country’s population; 4.5 million has been displaced due to the violence with thousands of lives lost. 

According to Al Jazeera although inquired MINUSCA is still left to give a statement of response

Flag RwandaRwanda

Is saving the planet & influencing other African countries to follow suit through leading by example.

In 2016 Kigali; the capital, began the “car-free day”, a monthly event powered by willing citizens. However, in 2017, after an attendance from President Paul Kagame-& under his recommendations- it bloomed to a bi-weekly event.

  • Collective exercises are encouraged on Car-Free day.

It started as a response to the lack of enough sports and gym facilitates where people can go and exercise, beyond the collective exercises other partners like the Ministry of Health joined to offer free testing for conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, eye testing, breast cancer and so on,” said Jean-Claude Ruzindana, the director of social services at the City of Kigali.

  • Car-Free day actively reduces the spread of non-communicable diseases as stated by Ruzindana. It serves an easy platform for Rwanda’s Biometrical Centre to reach a large group of Rwandese people at once & also effectively educate them on healthier life alternative, following up on people with preexisting medical conditions. 
  • The day runs for 27 hours. Starting from 7am to 10am the following day. On Car-Free day Kigali shuts off its roads; from Centenary House in town to Amahoro stadium. All testings & group exercises take place at the Rwanda Revenue Authorities headquarters. 
  • Although the day is still centered around just the capital; Kigali, the Rwandese government has expressed their plans to expand with the initiative,outside of the city. 
  • The Car-Free initiative has been so successful even it’s being adopted by a couple other African countries like Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe & Ethiopia; who held their 2nd Car-Free day event in major cities. 

A Week In Color 12



Violent protest ensued through out Haiti this past week.

The protests began on February 7th, with civilians & government officials alike demanding the resignation of President Jovenel Moïse. Some Haitians believe he is responsible for what they consider worsening & deplorable socioeconomic conditions.
Everything is more expensive now, the country is on lockdown, you can’t go uptown or downtown to buy anything,” Frederique Gamaniel, a market vendor, told Al Jazeera.
“There’s nothing more for Jovenel to do in the country except for resigning to avoid a blood bath,” lawyer Nathanael Lerine told VOA Creole.
There is no place for Jovenel in the country anymore. All he does is lie. We need electricity 24/7. We need food on our tables instead of a leader who is lining his own pockets with cash. Inflation is rising— we’ve reached 100 Haitian Gourdes to the American dollar. Jovel has to go!”

The “Lock Down” protests is the latest uprising against President Moïse’s government. It is due to the people’s discontent with the corrupt government & anxieties over the state of the economy. Also, high inflation rates, leading to higher prices & people struggling to afford bare necessities.
On Thursday; February 14th, the U.S Embassy in Port-au-Prince released a security alert expressing the Department of State had ordered the departure of all non-emergency U.S personnel & their family members.

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"Security Alert: U.S. Embassy Port-au-Prince (February 14, 2019): There are currently widespread, violent, and unpredictable demonstrations in Port-au-Prince and elsewhere in Haiti. Due to these demonstrations, on February 14, 2019, the Department of State ordered the departure of all non-emergency U.S. personnel and their family members. The U.S. government has limited ability to provide emergency services to U.S. citizens in Haiti. Protests, tire burning, and road blockages are frequent and unpredictable. Violent crime, such as armed robbery, is common. Local police may lack the resources to respond effectively to serious criminal incidents, and emergency response, including ambulance service, is limited or non-existent. Travelers are sometimes targeted, followed, and violently attacked and robbed shortly after leaving the Port-au-Prince international airport. The U.S. Embassy requires its personnel to use official transportation to and from the airport, and it takes steps to detect surveillance and deter criminal attacks during these transports. The U.S. government has limited ability to provide emergency services to U.S. citizens due to reduced staffing and security concerns. The Embassy discourages its personnel from walking in most neighborhoods. The Embassy prohibits its personnel from: Visiting establishments after dark without secure, on-site parking; Using any kind of public transportation or taxis; Visiting banks and using ATMs; Driving outside of Port-au-Prince at night; Traveling anywhere between 1:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m.; and Visiting certain parts of the city at any time without prior approval and special security measures in place"

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However, considering all the commotion, President Jovenel Moïse didn’t seem too perturbed by any of this.
On the same day; February 14th, he finally saw it fit to address the dissatisfied –to say the least– people of Haiti for the 1st time in 7 days of uproar & protest.
His tone was far from placating.

“I will not leave the country in the hands of armed gangs and drug traffickers,” he said.
The demonstrators are asking for transparency in particular pertaining to the whereabouts of funds from the PetroCaribe agreement.

  • The PetroCaribe agreement is an alliance between Caribbean countries & Venezuela.
  • There is an estimated $3.8bn missing from the provided funds.
  • According to the World Bank; this agreement’s preferential terms for energy purchases were meant to help free up funds to aid development in Haiti, a country hammered by natural disasters.
  • The demonstrators gathered under the slogan: “Kot kob PetroKaribe a?“, direct meaning “where is the Petrocaribe money“.

Some presume the Haitian President’s confidence stems from his support of the U.S on the issue in Venezuela. This would guarantee U.S support from opposition groups.
John Bolton, U.S National Security Advisor tweets below;

President Moïse may also be trying to strong-arm his people.
On saturday; February 16th, Prime Minister Jean-Henry Ceant announced that government officials may lose their perks due to the continued protests.
Futhermore, civilians accused the wealthy & elite of conspiring with the U.S Embassy in administering a collective punishment for the protests, by feigning a “Humanitarian crisis” through withholding the sale of essential goods to the people.

Haitians in diaspora hit the streets of Miami in solidarity with their kinsfolk.

A wave of normalcy seems to have hit Port-au-Prince; the capital, as of yesterday with public transportation back up & running.

However, protestors promised to return to the streets to continue to pressure President Moïse for his letter of resignation. There were reports that a protester set fire to a U.S. flag on Friday, in an expression of anger toward American policies seen as propping up the president & keeping him from resigning.

  • The “Operation Lock Down” protest lasted 10 days.
  • A lot of property was destroyed with a recorded death toll of 7 people.




8 people have been recused from the initial 24 feared dead from 2 water flooded idle shafts in a mining town just 145km south-west of the capital, Harare this past Thursday.
District administrator Fortunate Muzulu was quoted saying the chances of rescuing any survivors are very slim“.
The illegal miners entered the shafts at night to evade the owners,” Muzulu said.
The mine shaft was flooded by water from a dam with bursted walls due to heavy rain fall.
Dozens of miners still remain missing or feared dead. On saturday, recuse workers retrieved 24 more bodies out from the shafts.
The government released a statement on Friday saying about 60 to 70 artisanal miners were stuck in the flooded shafts.


They are at it again. Recent headlines on bigger news platforms have been crediting wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas as the 1st person to capture a black leopard on camera, in Africa, in 100 years.This is in fact a lie.
Letoluai Ambose a young Samburu warrior & research assistant with Sandiego Zoo Global, previously captured images of the black leopard as far back as January 2018.
Will Burrard captured quality images but the media should not state that he found the leopard. He was only here for three days,” Letoluai mused.
A curious case of Mungo Park syndrome?
It’s a good thing 24-year-old Letoluai doesn’t sweat the small stuff; he didn’t seem as keen as Will Burrard was to get all the recognition.
Were it not for that elder, the local rangers, the landowner and the involvement of scientists from Sandiego Zoo Global, we would not have made this discovery. Everyone had a role and no one person can claim credit,” said Letoluai.

Flag NigeriaNigeria

Nigeria postpones her elections a night before it was scheduled to take place.
As mentioned in Color 11 Nigeria was set to carry out elections on Saturday; February 16th.
Some Nigerians already expressed their concerns with the current adminstration & their lack of capability to honestly conduct a free & fair election.

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Nobody will unseat me – Buhari

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The Presidential & parliamentary elections were postponed by a week, 5 hours before the scheduled time.

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INEC Postpones General Elections

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  • The election is now set for February 23 due to “logistical” problems, according to the electoral commission.
  • The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has had 4 years to plan & set up this election.
  • Nigerian youth corpers previously appointed to work on election day, -prior to the postponement- spent the previous night outside in extremely unfavorable & inhumane conditions.

Nigerians are outraged with some demanding the resignation of Mahmoud Yakubu; the INEC chairman.
Many feel taken advantage of, fearing this postponement would lead to a lower turnout for the next scheduled date then in turn favoring the President’s party; APC.

They could have a point.
Considering Okezie Victor Ikpeazu; the current Governor of Abia State’s aid was seen with already filled in Presidential election results sheets.
Here’s the underlining issue; the Presidential elections were postponed. It is yet to take place.

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Breaking: Governor Ikpeazu’s Aid Caught With Already Prepared Presidential and National Assembly Election Result In favour of PDP… A man who identified himself as Gaius was on Friday caught with INEC sensitive documents and result sheets that gave PDP victory ahead of Saturdays presidential and national assembly polls. Mr. Gaius who was apprehended in Umuahia by the police, during interrogation identified his boss as Mr. Chinenye Nwaogu Special Assistant to Governor Okezie Ikpeazu on youth and the focal person on N-Power in Abia state. The middle aged man who was caught with various INEC sensitive materials including already prepared result sheets and Governor Ikpeazu’s letter heads admitted that the documents belongs to his boss Mr. Chinenye Nwaogu and that he is only on an errand for his boss and the PDP, he further admitted that the governor was in the know of his mission, asked if he knew the implication of what he has done, he affirmed, but said if he does not carry out the assignment of delivering the documents especially the result sheets to the INEC that his boss will be mad at him and will stop him from further enjoying the federal government N-Power grants that he has been getting, he is at the moment being interrogated at the DSS office Umuahia where he is helping the DSS with more information on those behind the move to manipulate and rig Saturdays election in Abia state. Follow Link To Watch Video: https://web.facebook.com/abiafactsnews/videos/547704665714493/

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Governor Ikpeazu is a member of People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

A Week In Color 11


Flag NigeriaNigeria

Africa’s most populous country ~200M people, is to hold presidential elections on the 16th of this month (February).

There are over 70 candidates participating in the race.


However, the main contenders are; candidate 76 –Nigeria’s current President-Muhammadu Buhari of All Progressive Congress (APC), & Candidate 72; Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar of People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

If you listen to the Nigerian youth- so one would think, the country’s future-, it’s clear that even they’re fed up of the current administration’s piss poor management of the country.

President Buhari ran –& won– his first campaign on an anti-corruption high-horse. The actions of many of the President’s party members have directly contradicted this.

Nigerian’s don’t seem super keen on either of the biggest contenders.

Finding themselves where they usually are; having to pick the “lesser evil”. 4 in every 10 Nigerian is either underemployed or unemployed & this comprises mainly the youth.

Allegations of voter suppression –with video evidence– have also been brought up against the current administration.


Many informed & involved citizens are questioning the Nigerian government’s tactics of soliciting votes from super poor masses. A predicament the incompetent government has a hand in, in the first place. 

Nigerians are skeptical  of a true free & fair election. Neither are they naive with their expectations of the “opposition” Atiku Abubakar of PDP.

Here’s a video of Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai; the Governor of Kaduna State addressing hypothetical foreigners, who choose intervene in Nigerian politics.

they will go back in body bags


& now, a short lecture on CONSENT.

It is 2019. All men & women should be keyed in on the concept of CONSENT. A verbal YES is consent.


Chima George & Segun Razak –also known as– Deejay Ricco were arrested for drugging & raping a 23 year-old lady –name withheld– in DeLankaster Hotel.


Chima George is the son of an elite businessman who owns DeLankaster Hotel & Segun Razak has made a name for himself as a Disc Jockey. Naturally, this case took social media by a storm.


The boys were caught because of their audacity to actually record their heinous act on camera. This was later used as evidence against them. 

Many feared the boys would leverage their privilege finagling themselves out of the corrupt Nigerian legal system. Different stories circulated including some alleging the Nigerian police tampered with evidence.


Popular Nigerian blogger “Lindaikeji” initially covered the story. However, due to some unknown & moneymysterious reason had it taken off of her website. This was extremely usual as the blogger barely ever rescinds stories, making Nigerians come up with some of their own plausible stories.

A recent statement released by the Department of State Security (DSS) alleges that the boys are still in police custody, but some Nigerian women decided to add some icing on the cake, leaving horrible reviews on his dad’s hotel.



Godfrey Kiwanda; the Minister of Tourism, has the less than bright idea to use “curvy women” as a tourism “product” in Uganda.

In a conference in Kampala Mr. Kiwanda explained his thought process, saying a beauty pageant “Miss Curvy Uganda” has been launched on the hunt for sexy curvaceous women. The lucky? Finalists are to be announced in June.

We have naturally endowed nice looking women that are amazing to look at. Why don’t img_5648we use these people as a strategy to promote our tourism industry?”

Mr. Godfrey Kiwanda

  • Ugandan women are outraged! Calling for the resignation of the Minster, including a public apology for his recklessness.
  • Primrose Nyonyozi Murungi –entreprenuer & activist– launched an online petition to stop the campaign.

Women in Uganda have been attacked while on the streets. What happens now that the government is confirming a stereotype that women are sexual objects and can be touched regardless and more so made a product of tourism,” she said.

Ugandans have also taken to social media in order to protest the arrest of Kenyan Journalist; Kassim Mohammed & Vivian Mohammed; his wife.

  • The pair were kidnapped *coughs* arrested in Uganda’s capital; Kampala.
  • 2 other journalist were taken with them.
  • The journalists were said to be developing a story in the dictatorial land of Uganda.
  • They are currently being held in a central police station in Kampala, Uganda.

Justice for Kassim Mohammed & all the incarcerated journalists. Journalism is not a crime.

Flag SenegalSenegal 

Speaking of other countries & presidential elections, Senegal is to hold her presidential elections on the 24th of this month!

  • One of the biggest topics of debate is the country’s currency; CFA franc.
  • CFA franc was introduced to Senegal by France in 1945.
  • Many believe it to be a legacy of colonizers & colonization.
  • 14 West African countries currently use CFA franc was their legal tender.

FlagUnitedStatesThe US

Happy Black History Month!!!img_5639

Black history month is an annual observance every February in the United States. It is aimed at remembering the fierce & relentless negro heros who made strides in civil-so really, human-rights, as well as the documented history of the African diaspora. 


Thank you, Dr. Carter Godwin Woodson! He was one of the first scholars to study African-American history.

In 1926 he proposed the second week of February be “Negro History Week”. Also known as the father of black history, Dr. Woodson’s “Negro History Week” became a precursor to Black History Month as we know it.

Black History Month is also celebrated in the United Kingdom, Canada & the Republic of Ireland.

If change is to come we have to do the work. 

Speaking of Black Excellence during black history month,

let’s all commend Candice Payne!


Candice Payne paid for hotel rooms for 100 homeless people in Chicago. After listening to her local news & hearing the weather forecast in her area; below freezing point! Candice knew she had to do something! 


She was turned down multiple times, by multiple hotels. Hotels whos management didn’t think homeless people sleeping in paid for rooms were “good for business”. Humanity, right?

Candice Payne didn’t let that deter her. We need more people like Candice in the world, people who see an issue & take personal action.

The Governor of Virginia; Ralph Northam was caught face first !


Governor Ralph Northam has since been having a slew of press runs explaining an alleged picture of him in his 1984 Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook.

Ralph Northam denies being any of the two in the picture but he did admit to wearing img_5653“blackface” once.

Governor Ralph Northam is quoted saying;

Right now, Virginia needs someone that can heal. There’s no better person to do that than a doctor.”

Can someone ask him, what happens when your doctor is a racist?

Although to Governor Northam’s credit, he did start an important conversation. One of exposing college yearbooks in America.

Did we forget to mention that the good governor is a Democrat?

Again we ask, why do Americans get stuck on the polar Democrat vs. Republican war? Especially black people?


Speaking of hate. Self-hate to be exact. NFL players caught on camera toasting to “lightskinned” babies with their caucasian partners.

Chile…sure. Still nigger. 

1200px-flag_of_côte_d'ivoire.svgIvory Coast


Laurent Gbagbo; former Ivorian Head of State, has been released to Belguim on conditions.

  • After being acquitted of all charges by the International Criminal Court (ICC) as reported In color 9, Belguim agreed to host him.
  • Some of the conditions includes; Gbagbo hand over his passport to Belgian officials, surveillance & that Gbagbo return to the ICC if there was a possible prosecution appeal against his acquittal.
  • A spokesperson for Belgium’s immigration service confirmed at Laurent Gbagbo had in fact been issued a visa, allowing him legally residency in Belgium for 90 days.

Flag of SudanSudan

As covered in a week In color 9. Sudan is still experiencing relentless protests. The Sudanese people are fed up & don’t seem to be backing down any time soon.


The Sudanese President-Dictator Omar al-Bashir has taken a new stance with protestors, telling journalists he invited to the presidential palace;

Most of the protesters are young and there are factors that drove them to take to the streets, including inflation, which led to higher prices – and the limited job opportunities that don’t match the number of graduates,

He also reassured them all journalist arrested due to the protests would be released immediately.

Here goes Africa again, losing their intellectual property due to the lack of properimg_5652 treatment for their citizens.


Tanzanians rejoice in reaction to the huge slashes in fuel prices.

Due to general global cuts in oil prices, the energy regulator has announced yet another price slash in the month of February.


Last week the United States announced its move to impose sanctions on the issuance of visas to Ghana.

  • This move was a reaction to Ghanas alleged refusal to accept their citizens; “Ghanian deportees”.

Ghana responds eloquently, pointing out huge issues with human rights & demanding that the US treat human beings with dignity. Deportees or otherwise.


6 suspects have been arrested in connection to the murder of Ahmed Hussein-Suale.

Last month; a week in color 9 we spoke on the murder of Ghanian investigate journalist Ahmed Hussein-Suale.

Hussein- Suale was shot 3 times; twice in the chest & once on the neck. It was a targeted attack. Under the Tiger Eye team, Ahmed Hussein-Suale brought about the dissolution the Ghana Football Association. & a lifetime ban from FIFA was also given to Kwesi Nyantakyi –the association’s former head– including some referees, due to the various corrupt practices uncovered.

  • 6 of the suspects arrested on Thursday have been released on bail.
  • Director general of police public affairs; David Eklu says there seems to be a lack of “strong evidence for now“, stating most of the arrests were “preliminary arrests based on reasonable suspicion“.

Justice for Ahmed Hussein-Suale. Journalism is not a crime.


A Week In Color 10



Mozambique’s 4th largest city is engulfed in floods.

  • Tropical Cyclone Desmond formed in the Mozambique Channel this past Sunday. Drifting slowing northeast & towards the coast, the storm hit the coast about 40km to the south of Chinde & 200km to the north of Beira; Mozambique’s largest city.
    • Beira was hit the worst with rain. About 277 millimetres worth! recorded on Tuesday.
    • Prayers out to the people of Mozambique. Specifically residents of Biera & anyone caught up in the unfortunate natural disaster. 


President Emmerson Mnangagwa returned to Harare on Monday; January 21st.

As reported by last week’s In Color; violent protests broke out in Zimbabwe when the President announced a steep increase in fuel costs –making it the world’s most expensive petrol– before zooming off on a foreign tour. 

  • In light of the outbreak of chaos, President Mnangagwa cut his trip short. Flying back into Harare Monday night to handle the crisis. 

As reported in last week’s In Color the government is brutally cracking down on protestors & activist. President Mnangagwa initially called for a national dialogue; promising to investigate any abuse of power by security forces.

But he also remembered to chastise the protestors, saying;

“Everyone has the right to protest, but this was not a peaceful protest,”

As of Friday; Zimbabweans say the abuse of power with security forces has yet to be reduced, even after it had been “denounced” by the Zimbabwean President.

  • There have been reports of rapes by government police forces during house-to-house searches. 

The Southern Africa director of Human Rights Watch; Dewa Mavhinga released a statement addressing this issue;

“We have received very disturbing reports of a number of cases of women allegedly raped by members of security forces,”

  • Police spokeswoman Charity Charamba says she has received zero reports of rape. 
  • 700 arrests have been made. 12 people have been reportedly killed. & 300 wounded. 
  • Human rights lawyer; Doug Coltart says, Zimbabwean military forces are rounding up vendors in the city centre, transporting them to the local police stations to be brutalized & beaten. 

Zimbabwe is also currently experiencing their worst economic crisis, with their cash reserves dangerously low & the internet still shutdown.

Not surprising as this is a page from the African world leaders playbook on how to control & withhold information about developments in your countries from the global perspective.


President Yoweri Museveni has ordered the discontinuation in the issue or renewal of sports betting licenses to firms operating in Uganda

In a press statement given to church goers by David Bahati; the Finance minister. Mr. Bahati expressed that the Ugandan President aims to curb the “negative” impact betting has on the youth. He addressed the church goers in Kabale town, located in Western Uganda saying;

From now onwards, no new companies are going to be licensed. Those which are already registered, no renewal of licenses when they expire,

Jim Mugunga; Uganda’s Ministry of Finance spokesperson, said he wasn’t aware of the new development. However, he does wholeheartedly support it, since the notice was given by the minister.

“I don’t know but since it was said by a minister, quote him. That’s good news,”

What are your thoughts?

Watch a video down below, of Matia Kasaija; Uganda’s Minister of Finance & Economic planning, address the public about the nations current economic state.

the Democratic Republic of the Congo.DR Congo

On Thursday, January 24th of February, Felix Tshisekedi was sworn in as the president of the DRC .

During his heartwarming acceptance speech in front of a crowd of cheering supporters President Tshisekedi promises a DRC with no;

“division, hate or tribalism”

We want to build a strong Congo in its cultural diversity. We will promote its development in peace and security. A Congo for each and everyone, where everybody has his or her own place,“- President Felix Tshisekedi. 

As stated in a week In Color No. 8 protest broke out in the DRC when the votes were counted with various opposition leaders disputing the election results.

  • After postponing the elections 3 different times, this is the first power transfer in 59 years since the country attained its independence.
  • According to Al Jazeera Reporters, the newly sworn in President was momentarily interrupted in his passion-filled inauguration address to the people when he “collapsed on the podium”. He was able to resumed to his speech shortly after. 
  • The ceremony took place in the country’s capital of Kinshasa.

Tshisekedi was accused of striking hidden deals with the outgoing President-Dictator; Joseph Kabila. Both camps have vehemently denied these claims. 

Some foreign nationals attended the inauguration,showing support for the non-violent transfer of power.

Among those in attending included the Kenya’s & Tanzania’s Vice-Presidents ;William Ruto & Samia Suluhu, respectively.

China, Japan, France & the US also sent their ambassadors.

The opposition has run out of recourse to challenge the election results and the threat of widespread post-election violence is gradually subsiding,” said Robert Besseling of EXX Africa, a business risk consultancy.”

We are just excited to finally see a rightful transfer of power in a country that has long since been considered a “democracy“. 

The public is excited to since how the President would handle the complex economic issues & ethnic group dynamics that plague the country while creating unity. 

The United Nations right  group discovered more than 50 mass graves in the western Democratic Republic of Congo

  • In a statement released by Abdoul Aziz Thioye; the director of the UN Joint Human Rights Office (UNJHRO), more than 50 mass graves were unearthed including individual graves. 
  • According to UN reports, 890 people were killed during a 3 day intercommunal clash in the town Yumbi. The DRC’s western province of Mai-Ndombe. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights; Michelle Bachelet, says a “credible sources” point the duration of the clashes between December 16 & 18.

General Fall Sikabwe, the army chief in western DRC, told the AFP news agency that an investigation had already commenced to get to the bottom of it.

Flag NigeriaNigeria

The plot thickens on the countdown to election day continues.

On Friday, January 25th the Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari swore in Justice Ibrahim Tanko Mohammed as the Acting Chief Justice of Nigeria. 

As reported in last week’s In Color 8 Justice Walter Samuel Nkanu Onnoghen –the initial Chief Justice of Nigeria at the time– was set for trial. Brought up on 6-count charges due to an alleged fraudulent declaration of assets.

The former decorated Chief Justice was M.I.A on his trial date on January 14th.  Consequently leading to 5 of his bank accounts frozen by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Justice Walter Samuel Nkanu Onnoghen has now been suspended from his position in office. Effectively replaced by the “recommendation” of the Code of Conduct Tribunal for the trial.

  • It is important to note that it is extremely unusual for the President to be able to tamper or appoint anyone to the office of the Chief Justice of Nigeria. Albeit “legal” it sets a horrible tone for the already fragile & feigned democracy.
  • Below is a condensed thread of all the other unfair controversial “laws” of the land.


  • It also doesn’t help that the Nigerian President seems to only appoint individuals from one particular ethnic group –where he’s from– to all the positions of authority.

Nigerians expectedly are shaken up by the series of unfortunate turn in events.  A lot of people fear the current President Buhari may not concede even if he does lose the elections fair & square.

Nigerians sound off;



& also when will the Nigerian army ever receive ANY of the alleged funding allotted to them annually?

President Buhari also signed another executive order on Friday, inside the council chamber of State House, Abuja.

  • The Executive Order 007 2019, would finally allow private companies the access to build Federal roads. 

Meanwhile your weekly update on our favorite Senator, representing Kogi west senatorial district; Dino Melaye.

We’ve been covering Senator Dino Melaye shenanigans for the past few week’s In Color.

Justice Halilu granted bail to the Senator, in Maitama High Court on January 18th, 2019, on conditions that Senator Melaye be not allowed to leave the country without attaining travel permission.

On Tuesday, January the 22nd Dino Melaye plead not guilty to the 9-count charge brought up against him by the Nigerian police. Despite some irrefutable evidence putting  him at the scene of one of the crimes. 

Dino Melaye – 6 , The Nigerian Judiciary System – 0

Oby Ezekwesili; Nigerian’s strongest female Presidential contender has stepped out of Nigeria’s February 2019 Presidential race.

Using the hashtag #Fight4Naija she released an eloquent press statement expressing her passion for her beloved country & her intent to continue to strive for a better Nigeria while stepping down as a Presidential candidate.

Here is some American inspired comedic relief.

FlagUnitedStatesThe US

After endless weeks deliberating the longest government shutdown ever in US history finally comes to a halt. 

…For now. 

As reported in last week’s In Color ; there seemed to be a stalemate between the American President Donald Trump & his hunt for the funding of his $5.7bn wall.

  • Roughly about 800,000 Federal workers were furloughed out without a paycheck since last year December, due to what some addressed as a “temper tantrum” by the American President. 
  • President Trump stated that the government would reopen for 3 weeks  …So he’s going to shut it down again? 
  • The opening of Federal agencies would be a slow & tedious process. Some government workers fear it would be a while before they receive a full paycheck from their own hard-earned labour. 

All we have to say is…


You get what you vote for. 

The family of Kalief Browder receives a $3.3m settlement from the city of New York.

  • Kalief Browder was only 16 years old  when he was wrongfully arrested of a crime he didn’t commit. He spent 3 long years in jail; of which hundreds of hours were spent in solitary confinement
  • Later released in 2013 with the charges dropped; the horrific & extremely traumatic experience was too much for Mr. Browder bare. This eventually lead to him taking his own life; commiting suicide.
  • After the arrest & suicide Kalief’s family remained relentless in the fight for justice. 
  • Kalief Browder nor his doting mother, who not for once stopped fighting to maintain her son’s innocence, never did live to see the day the city settled. 

Can this even be considered a “win“?

& We ask again.

Why does America hate black people? 

American’s sound off;