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Meet Ms. Banks


This 24-year old Southeast London bombshell has paid her dues in the game so give her some flowers! She’s even featured on a motion picture soundtrack.
Ms. Banks has been dropping singles on Soundcloud for years now.

However, if the recent drop of this undeniable banger ! Snack – Ms. Banks Ft. Kida Kudz doesn’t earn her her shine?

Electric chair!

We are gonna go ahead & say colorism is in play here


when is it never?

But we disgress.
Ms. Banks said she wrote her first bar at age 11; her South East London up-bringing made her “a tough cookie” , even when she’s expressing vunerability on a track the message is always delivered with a little edge. Possibly due to her learnt defense mechanisms growing up.
Day Ones – Ms. Banks was when she felt the audience started to take her seriously & recognize her as an artist.

You can see & hear Ms. Banks‘ growth in her music & visuals.

She seems more comfortable in her skin & with her talent. She does have interviews expressing these views also.

Below is Clap – Ms Banks, from her latest 2018 mixtape; The Coldest Winter Ever. Ms. Banks can belt a melody & bust some bars. Don’t get her confused.

She’s versatile! & just how we like our artists; talented.

With lyrics like; “Ride in rotation, I’m never waiting, I be percolating. I’m talking money to these bitches I’m the conversation” she is always on brand for her message to young girls to; “know they can be whoever they want to be. Oh & also be rich – Ms. Banks”.
Chat 2 Mi Gyal – Ms. Banks may be our personal favorite. Ms. Banks rocks the mic to an unorthodox beat fit for the ballroom scene. Her word play on this song –in particular– produces a pleasing eargasm for the lucky listener.

& did we mention Ms. Banks is of Nigerian & Ugandan descent? A disapora baby !

All my haters catching feelings/wanna get rid of me/Give you a E *pause* for effort
/you ain’t stopping me G” Bars.
Ms. Banks said for her mixtape; The Coldest Winter Ever she had to really dig deep, getting raw with her fans about growing through heartbreak & still overcoming.

From what we’ve heard, Ms. Banks is here to stay.

However, if you’re still not convinced listen to her bust this quick freestyle on BBC Radio’s 1Xtra down below;

Now, just remember; WhoToldYou.
Ms. Banks is currently on tour with the long reigning queen of rap.

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DEM DEAD!!! #NickiWrldTour 🦄🦄🦄

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Meet Little Simz

& she is “picasso with the pen”.  Real name; Simbiatu Ajikawo, this british born Nigerian wordsmith is self confident in her craft. Makes sense though because she’s been delivering since she stepped on the scene. & no don’t box her in because she’s not a grime artist.img_5009Dubbed on of the “illest doing it” at age 21  by our very own K-dot! Little Simz now 24 has spent time perfecting her craft. This rap poet actually wrote her first song at age 9, by age 14 she knew she was onto something special.Little Simz released her first project titled “The Princess of Rap” at the age of 15, now she’s here for the throne.Other than her pen, yet another seemly unmatched skill this Rap god has mastered is a crazy work ethic.9 projects/Mixtapes & 2 albums later, Little Simz has truly arrived, so to tell a friend to tell a friend.Little Simz flows so smooth & sick to “unconventional” beats, snarling hard rhymes that would make even  Jay do the stank nasty face.In her song Offence – Little Simz she spits” I’m Jay-z on my best dayyyy, Shakespeare in my worse Little Simz really hopped on our radar when we watched her deliver lyrics on the track to her song Backseat see; Little Simz always tells a story in every song she writes as if she wishes to give her listeners a peak into her world & her mind.101 FM…Mad! Is the latest banger this rap god blessed us with, said to be off of her upcoming album 2019, Little Simz is so sick she leads you with the flow but you still don’t know where she’s going until she gets there. She raps about growing up in a British council flat. Her Bars tell us about all the trials & tribulations of government housing as a first generation British-Nigerian.img_5010She’s just a black girl rapping. No overtly sexual lyrics or any gang affiliation –that we know of…lol–   when you listen to Little Simz  you’ll leave entertained & maybe a little bit more introspective with the confidence knowing you‘re the best to ever do it !Her song Boss maybe the hardest gender neutral breakup song you ever did hear, no tears or heartbreak over here just straight fire bars. have officially been put on.You’re welcome.  If you’re still not convince by what we mean when we say this queen is sick with the flo;  E.D.G.E ft Josh Arcé X Chuck20  could show you better than we can tell you. Little Simz switches up the flow so quick you may think you just heard her equally as ill diabolical twin. Little Simz doesn’t believe in hoarding music, she thinks if it’s good people would feel it.LittleSImzShe was right.

Meet Jungle Pussy  

The witty, overtly sexual, yet still very tasteful metaphor queen. Real name Shayna McHayle, Jungle Pussy was born in Brooklyn, New york in the United States to Caribbean parents; a Jamaican dad & a Trinidadian mother. Growing up her mother always encouraged all her children to be artsy & embrace their own self-expression. img_5007She did just that. In 2013 this smooth lyricist was reborn & Jungle Pussy was curated, debuting her first song on YouTube called Cream Team- Jungle Pussy It caught on, people loved her lyrics in which she encouraged ladies to “hustle that pussy muscle”Shayna says her mother was also instrumental in her fully embracing the Jungle Pussywave & if you have a problem with her name refer to her song;Me – Jungle Pussy to address all of your concerns.. but know that she really truly doesn’t care. her song; Stitches- Jungle Pussy the metaphor queen lyrically threatens every sneaky female trying to take her “okay man”…hey, her lyrics not ours! lol.img_5008Jungle pussy‘s lyrics are clever & sensual but also super empowering. Inspired by multi talented award winning artist; Brandy –in particularMoesha, how Jungle Pussy wears her hair seems to also be an integral part of her self expression.  
Spicy103 FM- Jungle Pussymay be one of the best songs choosing this rapstresses versatility. Jungle Pussy raps fromdifferent perspectives with three different voice inflections on the track while still telling a story about a male & female couple who called in on a radio show to talk smack about each other.
It’s a millennial’s trapped in the closet;but R-Kelly is a rapist psycho –allegedly– so it’s not. With visuals to back it up; Jungle Pussy is every character. 

In 2015; Jungle Pussy released her first album titled Pregnant with success. She recently another one this year titled JP3. Run yourself a self care “niggas ain’t shit” bath & blast the whole album through your speakers while you revel in your glorious feminine energy. State of the Union – Jungle Pussy the first song on the album, she starts with a heavy clear & audible delivery on the track with bars & double entendres. No mumble rapping here. Trader Joes- Jungle Pussy; another song of off; the is basically witty a love letter to the organic fresh produce & convenience grocery store. Like most WhoToldYou faves don’t box Jungle Pussy in though because Fun Fact: she attended Yale University. Below is a video of her giving a lecture in her alma mater about how she began to embody this fun confident all round badass that is “Jungle Pussy

Hot Bonuses

Rubbin Off The Paint – YBN Nahmir

Pull Up- D-O ft Santi

Me – Oshun

Shook Ones, Pt.II – Mobb Deep

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Meet Tdk Macassette

Give her, her credit !

Cause this Durban born rising star is one of the hottest things happening in South Africa & dance music right now. Full name Thandeka Mkhwanazi; Tdk says she caught her big break from working with DJ Maphorisa & a client based in Cameroon.

You see, Tdk Macassette can’t be boxed in. Like most WhoToldYou artists she is unpredictable in terms of her versitility.  She owns an established & thriving P.R company called Tdeeiosion. While working with her then client –& Dj Maphorisa– at the time, she hopped into the booth “fooling around” & the Gqom barbie was born.

She went on to do a couple collaborations with DJ Maphorisa  & the Gqom wave formed;  Goosheshe(Ft. Dj Buckz, Sjava & Tdk  Macassette)


Iwalk Ye Phara (Ft. Tdk Macassette & Zulu Mkhathini)

Tdk‘s rthymic pace & her distinctive voice on dance beats made the people fall in love, dubbed “gqom chant” due to the high energy vibrations felt when her lyrics are repeated in large crowds.

But this 26 year-old does not disapoint when it comes to stage presense either. Tdk Macassette always masters the stage like a pro!


Unfortunately Dj Maphorisa & Tdk Macassette did not have an amicable end to their partnership.

But hey,

the show must go on

& so did she.

Domoroza -Tdk Macasette

was the next banger this barbie with a bwady released on world dance markets.

She says “domoroza” means to have fun, get silly & just be your authentic self.  Tdk Macassette considers herself a playful girl that stays true to herself & she wants listeners to hear that in her music.

For her career’s sucesss she mentions the usual heavy hitters; herself, God & family. However she is especially grateful to Dance dj legend; Dj Cndo. Tdk mentions Dj Cndo’sreal name; Sindisiwe Zungu–  as one of the people instrumental in her journey to sucess as Dj Cndo always shared her platform with the Gqom barbie.

Here’s to girls supporting girls!

Tdk macessette says; thanks to DJ Cndo sharing her stage & set with her for 1- 2 minutes, she was able to showcase her talent & be discovered by Universal music.

Up next the world !

Zama- Tdk Macessette is the latest tune this gqom artist released. Watch out for this focused young star because you definitely haven’t heard the last of her.

Meet Niniola 

The energy queen.  Book Niniola for your show & you’re sure to be entertained.We can bet our bottom Naira that you haven’t heard house music like this before; with an african twist.  Frankie Knuckles could never have imagined this with the diaspora when he first layed his beats at the warehouse on the Southside of Chicago.


Niniola considers her music Afro-House; a mash up between Afro-beats & house music. But how ever she chooses to categorize her art, one thing is for certain; it is definitely a hitting bop no matter what you call it. Niniola released  Ibadi produced by Nigerian heavy hitter producer; Sarz & the rest all seems to be history. It took a while for this fireball of energy to find her real footing & sound. We all know the world market for a female artist is already cookie cutter, so in a country like Nigeria that feigns modesty; Niniola‘s rauchy, sex positive lyrics in Yoruba -a native language– has the Nigerian audience split. Something everyone cannot deny is Niniola‘s obvious talent.

Maradona- Niniola

was when it seemed this shinning star had finally found confidence in herself & harnessed her feminine energy. Play this tune to be engulfed in Nini’s world of  Afro-House.

niniola.jpgSicker- is another Afro- house fusion by Ninola. With body confident lyrics, she tells girls how she is in fact the baddest & doesn’t need any nigga to help her out. All on an Afro-house fusion beat. Niniola‘s music is lighthearted. It leaves you with a complete full body exercise because it’s guaranteed to make you shake your body to the beat.

If we only had one chance to  convince you?

 Bana-Niniola will let you know why you heard her name, first on WhoToldYou.

Just ask your favorite cheorographers or Djs; we are willing to bet they’ve danced or mixed to this.

Funfact: Niniola is WhoToldYou all-star; Teni the entertainer’s older sister. We guess undeniable talent runs in this  particular family. 

Hot Bonuses

Legend – ShowDemCamp

Bounce out with that – YBN Nahmir

Twerk – City Girls Ft Cardi B

Afrodisiac – Brandy


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Meet Juls

It’s Juls baby !

The Ghanaian producer musician artist extraordinaire. 33 year-old Julian –real name– refers to himself as an old school producer with a new school sound. We think he’s being dramatic about the former, although music producer Juls definitely influenced a wave of new sound in Africa & to world.


Born in East London to Ghanaian immigrant parents, Juls’ heritage was never lost to him. At the age of 11 his family decided to relocated back to their home country Ghana. & in his third year of university Juls found himself producing & making beats. He recounts having his first studio session with Ghanian music legend; Panji Anoff. Whom he says taught him a few tricks of the production trade.

It was ,”when Juls is on the beat then you know it’s a problem” from then on out.

Juls got most of his big breaks by simply reaching out to the artists he wished to collaborate with on their social media platforms, because of this, a collaboration with Show Dem Camp ensued. Producing the mesmerizing feel good track called “Feel Alright Ft. LadiPOE“. Nigerian artist, Boj’s sultry administration & delivery of his vocals onto the hook mixed with the little hints of the shekere –a West African percussion instrument– stole the show & a wave was created.
Juls also connected with then budding Nigerian –but occasionally Ghanaian- Star; Mr. Eazi through social media. Their chemistry was unmatched, together for a long while they held the number one spot on our airwaves with bangers like Bankulize Ft. Pappy, Hollup, Shitor, Anointing Ft. Sarkodie & everyone’s favorite Mr. Eazi song; Skintight Ft. Efya.
Juls considers his sound modern Africa. It’s important to him that the world be reintroduced to the African music legends that paved the way for him & also influenced music. He draws inspiration for his beats from the likes of Fela Kuti, The Apagya Band, The Funkees & many more legends.

On a Juls production, artist; Moelogo sings “Eji Owuro” as the hook, an ode to Fuji music legend:
Wasiu Ayinde’s Can’t Stop Thinking About You

If you listen to a Juls production long enough, might hear a beautiful saxophone & guitar interlude too.

Last year the producer released his album titled “Leap of Faith” packed with so many promising heavy hitters, some of Africa’s best & WhoToldYou all-stars; Odunsi(The Engine), Santi, Tomi Agape, Maleek Berry, Nonso Amadi & many more.

The first song on the project “My Wave Ft. Sona & Odunsi(The Engine)” embodies the vibe this cool producer oozes. Juls describes this sound as mellow & minimalistic with an Afro-beats flare. However, because it’s influenced by so many black cultures, it’s the sound of the diaspora. The sound of the world. & that’s what he categorizes his music as on Itunes. The tempo build up on his song “Coco Ft. Odunsi(The Engine) & Santi” is second to none & his beat on “Gwarn Ft Burna Boy” would have waists whining, breaking & twisting at any house party in no time. A sensual tune that is the diaspora. Who better to have on the track than artist musician & creative; Burna Boy. Gwarn starts off with the strums of a guitar string immediately inviting & engulfing you –the listener– into the world of Hi-Life.

Juls’s sound is black opulence.

He made his own lane; giving us good music & reminding West Africans that our music doesn’t always have to be upbeat high energy “gragra” .

Meet Leikeli47

the masked rap songstress with more versatility in her palm than most of your faves. If you’re a fan of seamlessly blending different sounds & influences to create a beautiful melody that produces eargasms then Leikeli47 is your truth. Before you ask, Yes. That is her real government name. But good luck finding the face behind the mask. The “47” attached to her name represents a variety of things to this young artist; from the 47 Newman microphone used in a Beach Boys production to the legendary baseball player; Jackie Robinson. LK47Leikeli47 is definitely an individual & she wants you to know that, she expresses this clearly on her song M.I.L.K. Leikeli47 wears a masks so the focus remains on her music. For it to be seen as genderless & colorless.With lyrics like “My friends break gender norms & we both wear pink platformsLeikeli47 can go toe-to-toe with your favorite M.C & even Hov knows. The artist has been featured in Jay-Z‘s personally curated playlist on Tidal.

On Miss Me; Leikeli47 gives us Missy Elliot vibes with her own twist so don’t think you won’t do a little diddy bop to the flow. You may have already been introducted to this musical genuis by everyone’s favorite black awkward girl tvshow on HBO; Insecure. Where the artist’s song; Girl Blunt was featured on an episode’s playlist. Leikeli spits conscious educated positive pro-black lyrics on the beat to a song that empowers female mariujuana users. Every single song with Leikeli on the track is like experiencing a whole new & exciting artist. Making you pine for more. LeiKeli takes her craft seriously. One listen to any song off her released projects like; Wash & Set or Newly released album; Acrylic will immediately have you sold. & she doesn’t let the pressure of these new age microwave artists get to her. Leikeli still believes in the good ol’ days where fans marinated for a while with the music created by their favorite artists. Braids tuh’da flo(w) can be an alternative girl gang anthem, with heavy electronic influences on the beat. LK-47 grew up in Brookyln New, York where she was able to experience the Caribbean diaspora. Her song “Bubblegum” is a Dancehall tune that would have you bust a whine while making a mean face. All we need is a remix featuring the Queen of the Dancehall; Spice. “MoneyLeiKelis breakout song; is like a throwback to an old school hiphop bop that’s is revelvant now, with a Salt-N-Pepa -esque flow. A gangster’s paradise. Leikeli47 gives fellow rapsongstress Lauryn Hill a run for her money on; “Hoyt and Schermerhorn” singing on the hook & rapping over a revised old school reggae beat. Switching it up effortlessly on the track. Trust us when we say she is literally TALENT. The word was simply made with her in mind. But if you aren’t convinced, tell us, what other rapper do you know can attempt & actually succeed in rapping the blues on a beat? “Ciaa” shows Leikeli’s fresh take on everything old making it new. It’s a gangstresses lament song. l47
It shows she’s truly an artist that appreciates the art of looking back to go forward. “
Roll call” is a shoutout to all the black greek life. Her song “Top Down” shows off Leikeli‘s vocal capabilities & no. She doesn’t rely on autotune. “Tic Boom” –a personal favorite– is another tune that shows how dancehall influences Leikeli’s sound. Play this track to put yourself in a good mood or pump-out that work-out! Honestly, we would love to hear a collaboration between Leikeli47 & Azealia Banks. Atlas… We can’t always get what we want. “Droppin” may be the closest thing to a “mainstream” track Leikeli has released. In it she raps about her family & her glow up to an even-keeled beat, riding the wave with her flow. For straight bars & harmonizing refer to “In My Eyes” You will become a believer of her skill & pen. Leikeli views her mask as a cape, she records in it, sleeps in it, chills in it. Seldom taking it off as she feels that would be cheating her fans. In the sick & unbrand visuals she creates to her music she appears with it on. To her, when you walk into a place, everyone deserves the same level or respect & diginity. Including the custodian, we have to say we agree. Leikeli47 is an artist that cannot be put in a particular box, so don’t even try.

Hot Bonuses

Bana – Niniola

Rewind – Showdemcamp & Bankyourbeatz

Maintain – Belly Ft Nav

Put It On Me (Remix) – Ja Rule Ft. Lil’ Mo & Vita

Eight (8) Lessons I Learnt Transiting Through an African Country – The Ivorian Edition

Lesson Numero Uno 

– Verify the length of your layover for transit flights

I got my tickets for a random trip to the USA for less than $750!


there was no way I was passing up that kind of deal.

(LagosAbidjan *operated by Air cote de voire* – Newark *operated by Ethiopian Air*)

I’m the girl who gets to her transit –already in the airport– and only then realizes that she has an 11 hour layover.  

So this time?

I made sure to check the length of my layovers. And they were less than 3 hours in total. I was geeked. I had definitely found good deal.


in-between booking and ticketing.  

And because Nigerian banks are basically synonymous with payment challenges when banking abroad,

*insert rolling eyes emoji*

the ticket I finally got had a layover of about 23 hours in Abidjan.

Imagine my initial shock,

I was shook!

I tried everything to change my ticket to one with a better layover time. But to my chagrin; it was going to cost me an extra $250.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

There was NO way I was going to cough up money I didn’t budget for when the trip was already sporadic for my bank account.

Lesson Number 2

– Always check for the country’s specific requirements 

I got to Nigeria’s International Airport; Murtala Muhammed (MMIA) at about 3:30pm. Only to realize that I needed to present a yellow fever vaccination card.

Apparently, Cote D’voire is also considered a West African country –I really didn’t know this then– and all African countries require this evidence of vaccination

*annoyed/confused emoji*.

I had been to South Africa earlier in the year, and I had gotten a yellow fever vaccination card for the trip, I was familiar with the requirement. But unfortunately, because I didn’t know it would be necessary for this trip; I had left my card at home.

To cut a long story short.

Leave your Yellow fever vaccination card in your passport

If not,

it’s going to cost yah!


Lesson Number 3

– If you’re going to a new country, make sure you; research, research & more research!!!!

I knew I needed a hotel for my overnight stay over, so I looked to the reviews on Expedia for some sort of direction.

There were some things I wasn’t willing to compromise on, like complementary airport pickup and drop off. Complimentary breakfast –“continental” hello! 

And lastly,

WiFi; this might seem odd, but you’d be surprised at the number of  budget hotels that don’t offer connectivity services as an add on.  

It was a bit tedious for me. I eventually settled for a budget friendly hotel that claimed to provide all three of my requirements.

Fake News !

The only thing I got for free was the Wi-Fi.

That barely worked.

In my room.

From of my personal experience, I’d advise you just go bougie or go home.

The amount I paid commuting to and from the airport to the hotel would have been enough for a 5 star hotel in Abidjan

I essentially didn’t save much.

So just stick to the airport, or brand named hotels. In Abidjan, those would be, the Hilton, hotel Ibis, or the other airport hotels. No point wanting to have the local experience if so much discomfort would be involved.

Lesson Number 4

– If you live in West Africa, Learn to speak French

On arriving at the airport in Abidjan, I was hit with a rude awakenening; my French was just not going to cut it.

Okay, to be fair, I wasn’t the most attentive in my secondary school French classes. Thankfully I had done some research on how to get around in Abidjan. I wanted to get my Dora on and explore a few parts of Abidjan before catching my flight later on the next day.

From my research I  knew Uber rides weren’t a thing.

Apparently, Uber has been struggling to penetrate the Francophone market in Africa for a while now.

They have their own ride sharing app,

and obviously,

it was in French.

A language I can barely comprehend.

*what a downer*

(if I had a better level of understanding French.  I’d have saved so much money).

I walked straight to the information desk asking for help with directions to my hotel.

My hotel had already called me earlier before I had arrivedto inform me that they would, in fact not be picking me up to and from the airport. So much for the paid for complementary airport pickup and drop off.

I showed someone at the help desk my hotel address and an airport taxi man was called for me.

Lesson Number 5

– When it comes to haggling prices in Africa, it’s all the same, haggle!!!

In Africa, prices are not set in stone, be like your Yoruba mum, for every price you’re given, divide it into 2, then take one half and split into 2 again, that’s your starting price. Basically, split it into 4 and start haggling from one portion or potentially get scammed.

In my prior research I had learnt that  airport taxi’s in Abidjan are expensive. Beating and haggling the price down was essential for a budjet friendly trip. One of the articles I read talked about a new bridge with a toll cost of 50/500 francs, which would have been N32.4/N324 or $0.089/$0.89.

*this little detail came in handy later*

The taxi man could only speak French so I had the lady at the help desk translate for me. I know a few French words but not enough to have a full on conversation.

He told me the hotel was a far distance from the airport, making my ride an expensive one that would cost me 20,000CFA  roughly N12,960.58 or $35.70. My quick-witted Yoruba brain immediately kicked in and I retorted with 10,000CFA  roughly N6,480 or $17.85. The Taxi driver kept stressing the distance, and he brings up an expensive toll gate he has to pass.

I had him where I wanted him!  

And I said;

 “I know that toll gate now, its 500CFA” 

At this point he knows i’m on to him.

He smiles and says 15,000CFA. 

I don’t budge.

He keeps taking it down, and I continue to stand my ground.

And then he finally agreed to 10,000CFA.


I had won….

Or so I thought.

Lesson Number 6

– Observe everything! Africa is beautiful and unique!!! (Take pictures)

On the drive to the hotel, I noticed everything. There were beautiful trees lined up, like I had seen in Calabar and in Cape Town. The hustle and bustle in downtown Abidjan were very similar to the sounds you’d hear in Asaba. And the business district reminded me of inner Marina in Lagos Island. All the sights were amazing to behold the breathtakening scenery was a joy to see. 

I was so stuck in the sights that I forgot take any real pictures

*insert crying emoji*.

None would have done it justice. But I promise you,  Abidjan is a beautiful city.

Lesson Number 7

– lesson 3 again – research, SPEND MONEY ON YOUR HOTEL!!!

The Hotel was trash.

It was trash!

Not because the bed wasn’t comfortable. Or because the room wasn’t nice. It was trash because they didn’t deliver on their promises.

I just can’t.

I became friendly with a guest at the hotel, an English-speaking Sweetie.  She became my unoffical Abidjan translator and was extremely helpful when I needed to communicate with the hotel staff.

  • Another reason why the hotel was so trash – no resident staff could communicate with me or translate  They all spoke. French. 

Apparently, she met this local Ivorian man online. They fell in love, so she came to Abidjan to see him. Seeing the dynamic between them, I couldn’t help but think home girl was about to get scammed.

I did what I could.  I sha told her to be weary.

The next day, I woke up ready to explore the city. However, for some reason,  I didn’t think to get a Sim card.  I had initially planned on roaming my phone like I usually do when I leave Nigeria to travel abroad.

On stepping out, I realized I needed google translate to effectively communicate and my internet service provider wasn’t working in Abidjan.  

That really put a damper on my ability to explore.

Lesson Number 8

– Explore your new city!!!

I asked that a taxi be called to take me to the airport, and the agreed fare was

*drumroll please*

3,000CFA, but I paid 4,000CFA, that is N2,592.12 or $7.14.

(Flashback: OMG!  I was definitely tourist scammed at the airport). This fare covered exploring sites on the way to the airport and I took full advantage. 

All the Ivorians I met –save the airport driver– were all nice and helpful, and I really did enjoy the trip.

I learnt that Cote D’voire is such a beautiful country and I’d definitely be back for a longer layover *wink Wink*


Lady Voyage


Dideir Drogba’s face is plastered on almost every ad in the city.

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Sure, you’re main stream but we want you in the know.

Meet Teniola

Apata (Teni)

Teni’s forte is Hi-life juju beats known popularly a Afro-beats. Hailing from Ondo, Nigeria; her Yoruba roots are a
huge influence on her music.24-year old Teni, is famous in her own right; frequently sharing snippets
of her freestyles with fans on twitter -& based on fan interaction- it could become a full fledged song.
A note able banger Fake jersey; was inspired by a twitter freestyle about the all unattainable but highly coveted World
Cup Nigerian jersey. Her latest hit “askamaya would have you instinctively bopping or sha-kuing to the beat.
Teni is original and fresh, old heads would call her a weird mc.


Meet Teirra


this 23-year old north Philly native would rock your ears with raw talent. Endorsed by Meek mill, Tierra’s
visual album titled “whack world” takes you on a 15 minute tour of mind-blowing versatility and creativity.

Teirra has something for everyone; her flow on bugs life hints on heavy influence by Kendrick -formerly know as K-dot- juxtaposed with Tylerthecreator-esque visuals.
If you crave old Drake 4 wings is a 59 second interlude that would satiate your appetite but her song pet cemetery
might has well be a Katy Perry bop.
Only have the time for one song? Her cool delivery & swank on the song hungry hippo would have you
feeling like the one when you walk through. Your only complaint? More music!