Man Feminism

Man Feminist

If the title of this article confuses you…great! This means it’s spot on, because there is really no such thing.

One quick Google search of the word ‘Feminism’ & you’ll get a whole bunch of definitions. However, the overlapping similarity would be advocating for women’s rights on the basis of gender equality.

A movement had to be made in our largely patriarchal society to remind men that a whole other group of people who have been existing for as long as they have deserve rights too.


Now that we have that all sorted out.

Here are some male feminist archetypes; an oxymoron.

The Captain Save A Hoes

How to identify them? It usually goes a little something like this.

“I understand feminism however, I still feel women should…..”



Allies do not deserve hypervisibility. A man feminist like this has somewhat of a messiah complex. He thinks he can save women by telling them what men want. Persons like this typically come from a place of feigned understanding; I love women so much, that’s why I want to tell them what to do in order to live in my misogynistic world.

Captain-Save-A-Hoes believe they are feminists & think they know what’s best for the movement.

Found the problem?

If you still haven’t, we’ll point it out to you.

Ding!!! Ding!!!

They are still ultimately telling women what to do ergo policing their behavior.

The Men Are Trash but Women are Trasher Brigade

These man feminists tend to victim blame all the way to their largely invalid point. They claim to understand the patriachal society & it’s confines but they clearly do not.

“Men are trash”

This man feminist regulates this statement to hetereosexual relationships. The long old boring tale of the bitter woman scorned. They believe women deserve the treatment they receive as long as they let it happen. Here’s the problem with these men, other than the fact that they are requiring the oppressed to do double the work to be equal; do the work because they are oppressed & take double initiative cause they ‘allowed’ it happen.

It also misses the point of the whole movement.

The statement “Men are Trash” isn’t just about sexual or romantic relationships. Although, it could be used appropriately within those confines as well.

The statement above is an expression of all the agony that comes with the patriarchy. It condemns toxic masculinity & it’s snowball effect in our society. Take for example the normalization of violence when it comes to raising boys who will eventually become men.

How is this a woman’s fault? Sure, some women may be complaisant. However, making them comparable is a reach. A false equivalence. It’s simply; just not true.

& then we have;

The Ego Babies

‘Men are trash but I am different so stop saying that because it bothers me & my feelings.’

Ego baby man feminist say they understand why women would make statements alluding to their trash gender counterparts. However, they just can’t seem to get over that uncomfortable hump. They want you to stop because it bothers their fragile ego.

They’re different! & they want you to know that & redesign your whole movement while taking them & their feelings into account.

Self-proclaimed Mr. Nice guys generally tend to be Ego babies. They would like us to make even more allowances for them & their ego.

Who cares that the whole reason of the feminist movement is for equality?


The I am A Feminist but I’d Rather Not Say

‘I am a feminist but I no longer identify as this because I don’t like where the movement has gone’

A lot of women with internalized misogyny are in this boat. As a matter of fact it’s their favorite one. But we digress.

Man feminist like these seem to think their lackluster attempt at identity politics matters in the movement. They really should be seen more than heard. The oppressor can say whatever they want, but they cannot make the rules.

If you ever catch yourself saying anything to the tone of this, you still secretly hate women. Your warped logic tells us you never were truly apart of the resistance, since you can be so easily swayed.

The Sapiosexual Man Feminist

Probably the most vile of the archetypes.

‘I will agree with whatever she says and maybe I’ll get some ass?’

The sapiosexual man feminist only cares about getting in between them cheeks. & yes, this sounds crass, that’s cause it’s meant to be. Sapiosexual man feminists are as crass as they come. Man feminist like these tend to think if they attend enough women empowerment events & agree with women most times like a dim-witted simpleton, they will be paid in return.

Usually, through a sexual relationship or intercourse. They suck the most because sapiosexual man feminists probably can’t even spell feminism.

They don’t know the first thing it stands for. Much like the way society is already set up, the sapiosexual man feminist largely views women as sexual objects.

So we’ll round this conversation off by saying this;

If you can’t be part of the solution, don’t add to the problem. Especially, under the guise of helping or ‘mediating’.

If a man feminist really wanted to help. He’d spend more of his time advocating to his gender. But that would then just make him simply a feminist.

There is no wrong or right way to be woman. Women aren’t monolithic & therefore we should be able to safely choose how we wish to express ourselves. Every expression of woman is valid –except they are comitting crimes or physically harming anyone– you get the drift.

The idea that a certain type of expression of woman is more valid than another is the antithesis of the feminist movement.


Because the ‘lesser’ valid expression could & will always be weaponized against women. Then used as a tool to control them.

Look around. This is already the society we live in.

The future, is woman.

A Week In Color 20

Your Afro-Negro Weekly Newsletter

Here’s a brief rundown on some interesting developments that have been happening leading up to this week.

American Flag

The United States will now require all visa applicants to provide their social media usernames.

Yes, it is as bad as is sounds like & no you won’t be able skate your way through it If you’re planning to travel to the US. Time after time again, America goes against its own marketing of being a country that values freedom.

A civil rights group; the American Civil Liberties Union made a statement saying there is; “no evidence that such social media monitoring is effective or fair“. They believe it will cause self-censorship online.


We are guessing the American President is more sensitive than he lets on.

  • The new State Department regulations say people will have to submit social media names.
  • Visa applicants would have to provide 5 years’ worth of email addresses & phone numbers.
  • This includes people coming into the country to work or study. Only certain diplomatic & official visa applicants will be exempt from these new strict measures.

The State Department reportedly made a statement saying; “We are constantly working to find mechanisms to improve our screening processes to protect US citizens, while supporting legitimate travel to the United States,

Previously, only applicants who had been to parts of the world controlled by terrorists groups were required to provide this extra information.

An official spoke to The Hill threatening that; “Anyone who lies about their social media use could face “serious immigration consequences

& so it begins…

Make a difference cause you can.

Organizers in Washington D.C pushed to introduce a new bill decriminalizing sexwork in their state.

This event took place on June 3rd.

Most people think sex work is morally wrong. However, considering the fact that morals are widely subjective, does this mean these individuals do not deserve the right to protection?

The criminalization of sex work does more harm than good.

  • According to researchers, 80% of street-based sex workers experience violence in their course of work.
  • Criminal penalties on sex workers only make them more vulnerable to violence & police abuse.
  • 1 in 5 sex workers have been solicited police for sex.

This legislation seeks to remove the criminal penalties of sex workers which would in turn curb the exploitation & violence they experience in their line of work.

It also seeks to promote public health by improving access to service & help address human trafficking.

Does President Donald Trump care about the people who voted him in?

  • Trump’s 2017 tax law already wiped out all but $100 off the average American household benefit. & this last $100 in tax-cut gains is in danger to some additional tariffs the President has announced or is considering.
  • The President has made threats to impose levies on all imports from Mexico & China.
  • These tariffs would most affect middle-earning households who could allegedly pay up to $4000 more for a number of goods; from produce to smart phones.

President Trump also proposed additional tariffs in May on $300 billion worth of Chinese goods. According to “Tariffs Hurt the Heartland; a coalition of business groups, this would increase the cost for an average family of 4 in the US to about $2,294 annually. The president has made good on his threats to Mexico starting with a 5% tax which began Monday; June 10. He has promised this would continue to increase to 25% in October unless Mexico curbs illegal migration to President Trump’s satisfaction.

  • Research done by the Tax Foundation says that only the top 5% of earners would continue to see a net tax cut of more that 1%.
  • The tariff would also depress wages by about 0.5%. Subsequently leading to a loss of nearly 610,000 full-time jobs. Hello unemployment line!

The American president’s decision seems to be bringing about turmoil in his political party, but what’s new?

The tax cuts “vaulted America back into the most competitive economy,” said Representative Kevin Brady, the Texas Republican who led the passage of the tax cut legislation in the House. “Higher tariffs and the uncertainty that comes with trade disputes hurt the economy,” he said.

  • Mitch McConnell; the Senate Majority Leader, encouraged the administration to delay imposing the tariffs on Mexico until Republicans in Congress could plead their case to the American president.
  • Representative Hakeem Jeffries, a Democrat said “This is a man-made disaster, because Donald Trump is not focused in any way on advancing a well-thought-out doctrine“. “He seems to be carrying out at times personal vendettas, at other times political objectives and sometimes an effort to distract from the news of the day” Jeffries said.

It’s June. So you know what that means??!!

It’s Pride month!

WhoToldYou is all about all negroes living their best possible lives while being safe. We love all the negroes regardless. If you have a problem with the LGBTQ based on the grounds of “religion”? We suggest you shove your hate up somewhere, educate yourself & explore why you weaponize your beliefs as a tool to spread hate.

Happy Pride! & thank you for being brave enough to live in your truth. You make the world a better place.

Now some Black girl magic in case you ever forgot Black women are the most valid beings on this earth.

Nigerian Flag

Let’s start with some humor…before we dive into the precarious situations.

Nigerians react to the new requirements implemented by the United States to now obtain a visa.

The Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari is yet to address the Nigerian people since his suspicious-to say the least-re-election. However, he is making sure his impact is being felt…dictator-style.

Everyone knows the first order of a budding dictator is to stifle the media. How else would they commit various atrocities with little to no world attention on their actions? Just ask the internet shutdowns across the continent, most recently Sudan.

On Tuesday; June 6th the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), under the orders of the President, made the decision to indefinitely suspend the broadcasting & media licence of Daar Communications PLC.

Daar Communications is home to legendary Nigerian broadcasting station; Africa Independent Television (A.I.T) & Raypower.

  • Kakaaki a political show which airs on A.I.T seems to be the main point of contention.
  • The NBC claims Daar Communications is in violation of the NBC Act Cap N11. Laws of the Federation of Nigeria & the Nigeria Broadcasting Code.
  • The NBC claims AIT has been pushing out hate speeches & divisive rhetoric. Examples they listed were comments made in a segement of the political show; Kakaaki Social. “Nigeria is cursed, we declare independent state of Niger Delta” “Nigeria irritates me” .

One deep look into the state of the Nigerian economy can give incite to why there might be some truth to at least the latter statement. But, that’s our opinion. Ignore it.

  • NBC says it has held multiple meetings with Daar Communications & letters of caution expressing the commission’s concern for the company’s violation.
  • NBC claims Daar Communications responded with a smear campaign because they posted said letters on the company’s social media.

We would have just assumed they were doing their job…telling the news. But, again, please,

Ignore us.

Below is the alleged video that broke the dictatorial camel’s back.

  • The NBC claims Daar Communications is partisan & biased.
  • Daar Communications has been suspended until further notice.

Nigerians react.

Speaking of dictators; present & past, General Sani Abacha seems to be the evil gift to Nigeria that keeps on giving.

On Tuesday, June 4th, money to the value of £211,000,000 ~ 86,243,183,689.46 NGN belonging to the late dictator, was seized from a Jersey bank account held by Doraville Properties Corporation, a British Virgin Islands .

  • General Sani Abacha was a Nigerian army officer & de facto president between 1993 until his death in 1998.
  • He laundered money through the US into the Channel Islands & now that money is being recovered.
  • The money is currently being held by the government until authorities in Jersey, Nigeria & the US can come to an agreement on how it should be distributed.

Any money Jersey does keep would be alloted into the Criminal Confiscation Fund to be used to pay for a variety of projects. The fund has been used in the past at La Moye Prison to build a new police station & more developments.

  • More money held by Doraville is expected to be confiscated & paid into the Civil Asset Recovery Fund in the future.

Some Nigerians sound off on it.

Below is a young man’s detailed experience in the Northeast region of Nigeria.

  • It is no secret that the insurgent terrorist group; Boko Haram has been active in Northeastern Nigeria, Chad, Niger & Northern Cameroon.
  • Nigerians in other states are particularly apathetic to the situation. Shrouded by the illusion of a false sense of security perhaps.
  • A quick skim through this young man’s thread (above) will give another perspective.

A man in Abuja, FCT laments about the incompetence of the Nigerian police after his car was burglarized in less that 12 minutes while he made an ATM stop.

Nigeria irritates me” word to A.I.T

As frustrating as the country is, despite the odds stacked up against them, the Nigerian people remain the center for excellency.

On Monday; June 3, paramilitaries in Khartoum threw dozens of bodies into the Nile in an attempt to hide the number of casualties they inflicted during a pro-democracy protest at the capital.

According to doctors & activists, more than 100 people have been killed in the crackdown against demonstrators by Rapid Support Forces (RSF) across Sudan.

As covered in previous Week’s In Color; Sudan has been under military rule since President-dictator Omar al-Bashir was knocked off his 30-year reign.

It was suggested that a military-led transitional government would lead the country to democracy.

The Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) has been the leading opposition to military rule & one of the forefronts in the demonstrations.

The Sudan Doctors’ Committee; the medical arm of the SPA, said security forces retrieved more than 40 bodies from the Nile.

  • This contradicts previous estimates on Monday’s attack in the central Khartoum, which puts the death toll at 20 people.

Eye-witnesses beg to differ. According to the Guardian, images passed by opposition organizations showed multiple corpses with concrete blocks tied to their feet after residents & activists retrieved nine bodies from the Nile on Wednesday.

The RSF led by Mohamed Hassan Dagalo, popularly known as Hemedti, is made up of militia who have already been accused of systematic human rights abuses during the war in Darfur. Hemedti is also the deputy head of the Transitional Military Council (TMC).

On Wednesday; the week of the attack, Hassan Dagolo said in a televised address that Sudan would not be allowed to slip into chaos. “We must impose the authority of the state through law.

Details of rapes by the RSF are also coming to light.

Weam Shawga, a women’s rights activist, said she was threatened with rape when the RSF attacked the sit-in.

I was beaten with sticks and they told me: ‘We could’ve raped you as we did with other women … We know that you are here because you want to have sex,’” she said.

Lt Gen Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, the leader of the TMC said on Tuesday; June 4th, elections were projected to be held within 9 months. However, his attempt to reach protest organisers to resume talks were dismissed.

A spokesman for the Sudanese Professionals Association, Mohammed Yousef al-Mustafa said the proposal couldn’t be taken seriously.

Burhan and those under him have killed the Sudanese and are still doing it. Their vehicles patrol the streets, firing at people“. “We will continue in our protests, resistance, strike and total civil disobedience” he said.

  • Burhan claims the violence is due to impostors wearing RSF uniforms & promised to inquire about it.

Sudan has been suspended from the African Union as a consequence of the ongoing chaos.

The union; comprising of 54 other member states issued a strongly worded statement denouncing the wasteful loss of innocent lives in recent days in Sudan. The statement also called for the military & security forces to ensure the full protection of civilians & respect for human rights.

The break down of possible negotiations between the military & protest leaders began due to disagreements over military or civilian leadership of a transitional body.

  • The internet has been shutdown in Sudan.

Tech Talk: Floating Cities of the Future

When you search the most populated cities in the world, you will find Tokyo, in first place. With Japan ranked at a population of 37 million. Delhi, India; Shanghai, China; and São Paulo, Brazil in second, third and fourth place. Now; Lagos -a city located in West Africa-, Nigeria with an estimated population of anywhere between 9- 15 million, is currently ranked the 16th most populous city in the world.

With The United Nations publishing headlines reading: 68% of the world population projected to live in urban areas by 2050; & The World Economic Forum predicting a Lagos population of 24 million by 2035. The question comes to mind. What is being done to prep for a rapidly urbanizing population? No need to panic, our designers are hard at work crafting culturally appropriate solutions for an ever expanding population.

We are proud to introduce to you: Kunle Adeyemi, Founder|Principal at NLE, and the Makoko Floating School.

Kunle Adeyemi, is an Architect, designer and Urban researcher. A quick Google search will expose you to the Pan-African Architect with an understanding of urbanization and passion for Africa Centered Design.

“Whether a chair for charity in South Africa, a revolutionary rotating art space for Prada in Seoul or the visionary plan to eliminate traffic paralysis in Lagos with the 4th Mainland Bridge, in each project the essential needs of performance, value and identity – critical for success – are fundamentally the same for me. Although quantitatively different from place to place, the responsibility of achieving these needs at maximum, with minimum means, remains the same globally. I am constantly inspired by solutions we discover in everyday life in the world’s developing cities”

Kunlé Adeyemi, 2010

Kunle is 2017 Aag Khan Design Critic in Architecture at Harvard University Graduate school of Design. Previously, an Adjunct Associate Professor at Colombia Graduate School of Architecture, 2015 Gensler Visiting Critic & 2014 Baird Distinguished Visiting Critic of Cornell University, these are a just a few of his many accolades. Adekunle Adeyemi’s main focus in academia is; developing cities of the global south. His educational pursuits include a post-professional degree from Princeton University, investigating rapid urbanization, and the role of marketing economies of the global south with a concentration on Lagos, Nigeria.

Culturally Appropriate Solution: Makoko Floating School.

Lagos, Nigeria is one of the world’s fastest growing cities. It’s a beacon representing hope & opportunity, not only to Nigerians, but many West African migrants with dreams of a better life. International developers are aware of this opportunity and have began investing into projects like Eko Atlantic. Eko Atlantic is a planned city constructed on reclaimed land from the Atlantic ocean. The new land is expected to be home to at least 250,000 residents and have a daily flow of 150,000 commuters. This project is being carried out as a semi public, semi private partnership between the Lagos State Government, Federal Government, and The China Communications Construction Group. Hopefully, this project is bringing employment and training opportunities to Lagos locals.

The Eko Atlantic project is one way the future mega-city is preparing for a growing population. However; is this a culturally appropriate solution?

Lets take a dive into the Makoko Floating School.

Makoko is an informal community located in the Lagos, Lagoon. With an estimated population of 85,000, Makoko is referred to as the world’s largest floating slum. A quick glimpse of the video below till expose you to the neighborhood build on stilts that is home to a community of people ever so adjusted to life on the water, with a constant threat of eviction.

Makoko Floating school was designed specifically for the community.

Being an informal community, there is absolutely no support from the government. Therefore no public services. No public services, no schools.

Education is Freedom

Something interesting about the rapid growth in population throughout Africa the demographic of the population. Africa has a very large, young population.

Africa has a young age structure, with about 40 per cent of its population in the 0-14 age bracket and nearly one fifth (19 per cent) in the 15-24 age bracket (see table 5 and figure 12). The population pyramid for the continent for 2015 reveals the effects of high fertility manifesting itself in a population pyramid with a broad base. Every successive bar of the population pyramid is narrower, suggesting fertility levels above replacement. A higher proportion of females in the 65 and above age group is a result of the higher life expectancy at birth for women.

A critical task for the leaders of Africa today, is educating the Africans of tomorrow. Ghana has been doing a remarkable job at this with the Ghana TVET Voucher Project. Kunle Adeyemi does it again with: Makoko Floating School.

Makoko Floating School is a prototype floating structure, built for the historic water community of Makoko, located on the lagoon heart of Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos. As a pilot project, it has taken an innovative approach to address the community’s social and physical needs in view of the impact of climate change and a rapidly urbanizing African context. Its main aim is to generate sustainable, ecological, alternative building systems and urban water cultures for the teeming population of Africa’s coastal regions.

Kunle Adeyemi’s design solution is simply genius. Given limited resources and water as the environment to design for, the solution that has emerged is minimal in practical, environmentally friendly in a culturally appropriate way. A floating school for a underserved community of people who live on the water. Thus, allowing education and opportunities to those are ignored by their government. This design solution presents a design foundation for the floating city of the future. Imagine what could happen when a fleet of floating buildings, community spaces, like markets and public utilities like water and waste management is available to such a community?

Kunle and his team did not stop at their first iteration. They are currently on their fourth prototype and third iteration of the Makoko Floating School.

Makoko Floating school has brought about many awards. It is the perfect example of an African centered design.

Below are links with related information:

Cities built on water | Kunle Adeyemi | TEDxEustonSalon

Lagos Water Communites Porjcet

Makoko Research – Heinrich Böll Stiftung – 2012

Be Inspired.
remember, #WETOLDYOU

Vera Mlangazua Chirwa (1932-Present)


Maybe I looked like a girl, but I was a 27-year-old mother of three, and I spoke my mind. I think that must have shaken them a bit: an African woman who could understand things, talk sense and find words and reasons for the resentment she felt when confronted by injustice.

 Her journey started in 1932. In Nyasaland. Modern day Malawi. Vera was born to the Ngoni ethnic group. Her middle name “Mlangazua’ roughly translates to truth. She paid dearly for this self fulfilling prophecy, later. Both of Vera’s grandparents were reverends. Her paternal grandparent was the first ordained reverend in the land. Her father was a ‘medical officer’. Vera was always said to have an assertive spirit, her first documented inkling of it was when she refused to be relegated to the position of dishwasher as a child, opposing her grandmother.
In 1951, Vera fell in love with Orton Chirwa. Orton was a teacher & a political activist, although he was 13-years older, the couple got hitched. Orton also established the first Black law practice in Nyasaland. Around this time too Vera Chirwa joined forces with Rose Chibambo forming the Nyasaland African Women’s League. This congress helped Nyasaland gain separation from the unpopular Federation of Rhodesia & Nyasaland; which were described as ‘self-governing’ British colonies. In 1959, Vera Chirwa became the first woman lawyer in Nyasaland & a founding member of the Malawi Congress Party. Nyasaland gained self-government in 1961, 2 years later it became the independent state of Malawi with Orton Chirwa as Minister of Justice & Attorney General in the new government. All sounds great right? Wrong! This was when the sticky situation commenced. You see, Kumuzu Banda was President of Malawi. After a while he began to proclaim himself as the “president for life” an authoritarian. The Chirwas wanted nothing to do with this, demanding a real democratic government because of this they were dubbed enemies of the state, forced into exile in Tanzania.They lived there for a while, traveling abroad & to neighboring countries. Unfortunately, in 1981, on Christmas eve Vera & Orton Chirwa were kidnapped by Malawian security forces in the East of Zambia. They were taken back to Malawi to face charges of high treason. Continuing the unjust theme the Chirwas were not given any due process & were tried by a “traditional’ court, in which the both lawyers had to defend themselves as defense lawyers weren’t admissible in traditional court. The trial lasted for 2 months with the judges appointed by Kumuzu Banda. Despite the uncanny lack of evidence the Chirwas were both sentenced to death. The Chirwas tried to appeal their case, citing lack of evidence & the tampering with Orton Chirwa’s statement by the police however their efforts were shot down. Vera Chirwa spent 12 years in prison & her husband; Orton died in it. She only saw him once, 8 years into their sentence in 1992, when a delegation of British legal experts were allowed to pay them a visit. Orton died 3 weeks later, in his cell at the age of 73. Vera was not allowed to attend his funeral. On January 24, 1993 Kumuzu Banda pardoned Chirwa for “humanitarian reasons”. Malawi was transitioning to a multi-party state & his long rule had come to an end. Being a political prisoner only stocked Vera Chirwa’s passion for activism. In 2000, she was made the Special Reporter for Prisons in Africa. She founded 2 NGOs called Women’s voice & the Malawi Centre for Advice, Research & Education on Rights. She is also Malawi’s first woman presidential candidate. Vera Chirwa suffered many hardships in the span of her unlawful imprisonment, this included torture, sleeping on the cement floor & even being denied the right to go outside. She didn’t let it break her spirit though & because of this, neither can ours. She inspires. 

Tales of An African; American

Writing this recently after attending an event many Africans; well at the very least Nigerians are familiar with.

Short Stories by Anonymous

A celebration of life, the quintessential 40th birthday party of some relative.

To my best knowledge, it doesn’t really have to be on your 40th per say. Nigerians love to party, the older ones?

They go even harder.

The party was supposed to start at 4:00pm. But we are Sub-Saharan; Black.

African Standard Time factors in at least a 1.5hr delay.

Okay, sure.

It’s terrible that we collectively make excuses for our tardiness. Worse even that we use our race as an excuse…but this isn’t that type of story.

Nevertheless, my African-American ass had me early & in there at 5pm.

Now, those of us who have been previously strong armed into assisting with the setup to an event like this, may be familiar with the setting I am trying to describe.

Setting up church related events are also sometimes parallel to it. It goes a little something like this.

The DJ is setting up.

Aluminum trays packed with steaming jollof rice are being brought in & placed in food chafers while some one tries to locate a lighter.

Usually, from the Uncle allegedly “quitting” smoking.

Cultural disclaimer!!!

Showing up early -or really on time- for an African event is tantamount to volunteering to help.

Women are automatic servers & the men lift things that need to be moved.


New faces get a guest pass. However, that quickly wears out the more familiar & acquainted you get.

At this point in my life, my hair is grown out & in braids; my favorite protective style. Also, a taboo to my parents & their Nigerian culture.

Since doing so, Nigerians have began to assume I am African American.

Which I am.

Catch my drift though.

They react to me as such.

Saying hello in an American accent. Shooting me the weird tight lipped foreigner smile & then proceeding to joke me in Yoruba to the nearest person that will listen.

This speaks to a bigger issue on Blackness & how we interact with one another within our own community. I can’t say the animosity shrouded in ‘jokes’ are strictly one-sided.

But this isn’t that type of story.

Since then I have realized how rude Nigerians naturally are.

As if growing up around them wasn’t enough of a longitudinal case study.


Anyways, upon arriving to the party, the hired photographer was; doing his job. Taking pictures behind me, he did not fail to say something slick in Yoruba about my ‘Akata’ hairstyle.

The word ‘Akata’ is vile. It has done so much damage within our community, affecting inter-cultural relations & it needs to die.

Talk-less of the fact that Nigerians don’t know their own history because before colonization we braided our hair regardless of gender.

Ah! Good ole western brainwashing.

I mean, ‘education’.

What’s even more absurd?

Sometimes, the jokes are so funny I laugh. Then they realize I understand my language; Yoruba & they begin to stare at me like I grew a third head.

Who are the parents of this miscreant?

How come they let him out into a public like this?

You can see the thoughts spinning in their puny minds.

Who cares though?

I’m grown.

Besides, my favorite part of the party has already commenced.

The prayer over the food which means it’s almost time to chow down!

& with that, mo lo jeun mehn!

Review For You: Fever

Megan Thee Stallion

Real Hot girl shit!!!

Thee Stallion

Quotables! Quotables ! Quotables!

Usually, we listen to the music we write about as we write. However, Megan is too much of a problem! Immediately you play this mixtape, one just starts to throw some ass & throw whatever you were doing away!

Seriously, try it !

We tried it thrice.

Same results; throwing ass & rapping at the top of our lungs!

Megan won 1st place.


Yes, you’ve seen or read other Fever mixtape reviews from bigger publications, but considering the fact that THEE hot girl just released her mixtape on May 17th; we wonder, did those other guys really have the time to digest the art?

Who knows?

One thing we do know is, we know every single lyric by heart. If that ain’t digestion then we couldn’t tell you what is.

The first song on her mixtape; as Megan politely clarified, is


Now. This is how you introduce a body of work!

Immediately Megan introducing us to the Hot Girl, another alter ego of hers, not to be confused with young Tina Snow.

They both go hard on a hoe though!

From the beginning of Realer the listener already knows what energy & vibe the whole mixtape is about to be on. Hard, heavy, bars with an upbeat sound.

I am not signing for less than a mill/ if you don’t like it then fuck how you feel

The aura of the mixtape is a bad bitch that knows who she is & would like to be compensated accordingly for her work. Megan is braggadocious & she takes no prisoners nor does she apologize for it.

Sadly, Megan lost her ride or die & right hand man, her mother; Ms. Holly to brain cancer this year. Ms. Holly was Megan’s manager before passing. May her soul Rest In Peace.

Here is a video below courtesy of The FADER of Ms. Holly coaching Megan on her delivery to the lyric above.

Hood Rat Shit

Before you get the opportunity to gather your edges… cause they’ve probably been burnt up by the Hot Girl’s bars, she blesses us with a group banger! Megan is in touch with the culture. The song begins with a famous video turned meme.

‘I wanna do it cause it’s fun, it’s fun to do bad things’ then you hear the Hot Girl in the background coming with the delivery, chanting;

hood rat shit/ with my hood rat friends

& if you’re not shaking your ass or something at this point??!

You’re probably a corpse. Oh & Megan’s mixtape doubles as a pre-workout for the gym.


Damn I want some head but I choose the dough instead

A sexually liberated queen, who is very clear she is all about her paper.

The Houston Hottie could have been inspired by everyone’s H-Town O.G the queen Bey on this track.

Diva- Beyoncé

What do you think?

Queens inspire queens.

Cash Shit feat. DaBaby

He say he hungry this pussy the kitchen/ Yeah that’s my dwag he gon sit down & listen/Call him a trick & he don’t get offended

Megan is the double entendre mavin! Did you catch all of it?

It’s one of the fan favorites on the mixtape. Sure, having one of the most famous artist out of North Carolina; DaBaby on the the verse don’t hurt. All of Megan’s lyrics scream a woman in charge, she knows she’s sexy & the shit. She wants her love interests to show her why they are worthy of her time.

Hey! She’s in her bag & his too.

Also, let’s talk about the water splash effect on the production. Straight eargasm!

Weak Azz Bitch (W.A.B)

This could be the new age Knuck If You Buck – Crime Mob. Not because of any direct lyrical comparison. Not that we would ever pit two bad bitches against each other, but maybe with energy? It’s crunk.

Do y’all think sonically T.I – 24s ? A reach? We don’t know. We had in house debates about it. You tell us.

We just love to follow the music.

Best You Ever Had

Megan can also hold a note, sort of the way Drake sings on a conventional rap beat, so it’s not exactly RnB but it slaps all the same. It’s a vulnerable side of the Hot Girl. Through the lyrics she depicts a woman who can be a ‘down’ partner if you show her why you are worthy. A queen knows her worth.

Simon Says feat. Juicy J

Probably the most controversial song on the mixtape & this is because of the social media shenanigans about who wrote the hook. Let’s be clear. Megan writes all her raps; it what she takes pride in. Regardless, Simon Says featuring Juicy J was a match made in heaven. Juicy even dubbed Thee Stallion, the verse killer. Both rappers make lyrical raw booty shaking music. It was also a homage to Three3 Six6 Mafia -a group Juicy J was a part of-‘s Slob On My Knob

A$AP Ferg took inspiration from the legendary group on his song Plain Jane:

Shake That

More bangers for the club or the gym! But real ones know these places are basically the same. To be honest, there was some slight body shaming lyrics embedded in this. ‘We teach girls to be in competition with each other’. However, the general vibe of the Hot Girl is positivity & girl power, so we are gonna one-off the questionable lyric on grounds of creativity & making art.

Money Good

Is Megan talking her shit, she’s a hustler, with or without anyone she is financial stable & you can suck it. More of the unapologetic attitude.


We wanna hear this in a strip club that sells fire chicken wings. Someone set that up!! That’s all we have to say. Straight fire.

Running Up Freestyle

If you are real Hottie then you know Megan can go toe-to-toe with anyone free-styling. She does this on a regular inside or out her car with the music blasting. Her lyrics are witty, dominant & sexy. Running up was one of her many iconic freestyles that made its way onto the mixtape. You can literally dedicate your day to listen to Megan’s whole freestyle catalogue & remain fully entertained.

Big Drank

Megan comes in with her sing-song flow, heavy on her southern drawl in her delivery. This isn’t quite about the Cognac, neither is she the one consuming said beverage but the vibe is nearly synonymous.


If you listened to Megan’s last mixtape Tina Snow , then you know, Megan has an affinity for Cognac. You might also realize that she dedicates at least one song on her projects to her love for the brown liquor & the mood it puts her in. This time the cognac puts her in an upbeat vibe.

drinking Henny out the bottle/ let’s get ratchet

Sex Talk

Bitch I got green like I’m Buttercup

This was the single from the mixtape, & all the Hotties were able to call in to get a snippet of the track prior to its release. A glimpse into Megan’s marketing genius. As pledged Hotties we signed up too, only a few people were more hype for the mixtape drop than we were.

Double entendre queen; green for money & the color of the green Powerpuff girl; Buttercup. Her references are on point & super relatable.

Megan is not afraid to talk from a dominant perspective belittling the opposite sex at any chance she gets, lyrically. She is that girl! Thee Hot girl. She also got the inspiration for her mixtape cover from blaxploitation movies.