20’s Tips To Get Your Mind Right

We cannot over emphasize enough how important exercising is for the keys to success. While you can read all the health benefits exercising provides here because this is just simply not that blog post. One very important confounding variable, living an active lifestyle brings that seems to get overlooked a lot is the self discipline it instills in you. This is the real key. Once you have control & discipline of yourself/body it starts to trickle into all aspects of your life. Suddenly all the goals you had set for yourself; you find out that you have finally built up the … Continue reading 20’s Tips To Get Your Mind Right

Fear Of Missing Out

In this new age of social media & big egos; a huge conservation that gets minimized a lot is the real anxiety that is “the fear of missing out“. F.O.M.O. You know the feeling; when you check your home girl’s snap story, & suddenly it seems like all you friends planned an intended meetup/ hangout sesh without you in particular in mind. Or maybe you did get an invite, but the way to the economy was set up by the Baby Bloomers –& adulting– it just simply wasn’t feasible. Breathe & calm down crazy millennial, cause missing out on events is definitely … Continue reading Fear Of Missing Out

You’re The Shit, So Feel That Shit

10 Ways To Troubleshoot Your Confidence   See A Therapist  This is always the easiest path of least resistance. Your confidence is directly proportional to your self-esteem. & a low self-esteem could be a sign of a plethora of other issues that could be easily addressed with the help of a THÉ-RAH-PIST. Preferably one you can relate to; if you get catch our drift. The general lackadaisical approach to mental health is interesting; as many of us don’t mind waiting hours in the emergency room only to be informed that the “deadly disease” –thanks google; everdayhealth & webmd – we thought we had, … Continue reading You’re The Shit, So Feel That Shit


Wanna Know What Grinds My Gears? The fact that African languages aren’t an option in most technology translation boxes. Technology I pay for; should be capable of spelling Chukwuemeka without an annoying red underline or autocorrect trying to teach me how to spell a language it doesn’t even register. You cannot ignore a whole continent of people. Yah weirdos! Hello?? Africa? Population of 1.216 billion people in 2016 Nigeria; a country in west Africa has over 520 languages alone. Representation matters especially when you’re taking my money and there’s an obvious financial market! FOR GOD’S SAKE Did the phenomenal that … Continue reading DID THEY SEND YOU?