‘Buch, Like Everyone Calls It

Kombucha this! Kombucha that! Really, what’s all the…fizz about? (🥁 Ba dum tss! ) Hahaha, get it? Well, we know someone who knows all about it. He got a kombucha making starter kit for heavens sake, brewing up this sweet drink causing all the buzz! & because he’s so generous! He also decided to write a quick post on how to make it! Now you can get in on the fun! #whotoldyou is all about learning new stuff, while having some fun! 🏄🏿‍♀️ so find out because #wetoldyou

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Cooking Crawfish Étofuée With Fri

Ever see a recipe online & immediately begin to salivate as if it’s a conditioned response? Ever wondered? *Steve Urkel voice*, ‘Could I do thaaat?!’ Well! Fri is about to prove you absolutely can! Watch our bi-weekly ish segment where our cutest chef practices new recipes, learning as she goes & producing RESULTS! All with a beautiful personality to brighten your day! Continue reading Cooking Crawfish Étofuée With Fri