‘Buch, Like Everyone Calls It

Kombucha this! Kombucha that! Really, what’s all the…fizz about? (🥁 Ba dum tss! ) Hahaha, get it? Well, we know someone who knows all about it. He got a kombucha making starter kit for heavens sake, brewing up this sweet drink causing all the buzz! & because he’s so generous! He also decided to write a quick post on how to make it! Now you can get in on the fun! #whotoldyou is all about learning new stuff, while having some fun! 🏄🏿‍♀️ so find out because #wetoldyou

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Cooking Crawfish Étofuée With Fri

Ever see a recipe online & immediately begin to salivate as if it’s a conditioned response? Ever wondered? *Steve Urkel voice*, ‘Could I do thaaat?!’ Well! Fri is about to prove you absolutely can! Watch our bi-weekly ish segment where our cutest chef practices new recipes, learning as she goes & producing RESULTS! All with a beautiful personality to brighten your day! Continue reading Cooking Crawfish Étofuée With Fri

Failing Hard!

We’ve been socialized by society to reject failure.  This is an attempt at breeding a one-sided view of excellence. At its most innocent, it is taught to demotivate, ergo making us quickly accept our shape in the mold that is society. And, it’s most sinister? Make us the best capitalist work hamsters in love with the wheel.
But failing is a part of life’s ebbs & flows. How bulletproof could we become if we truly embraced this, & count our failures for what they truly can be; life wins! 
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