WhoToldYou is an all inclusive positive space sans trauma. A space for you to simply exist in your Black skin. We project the thought that Blackness is enough.

Black women are the least funded in technology despite their incredible ideas. Due to this a lot of our innovation often falls on the wayside i.e Black Planet. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to amplify the voices of anyone bridging the gap for our skin-but really-kinfolk in the tech industry. We have so much history to empower and re-energize us; we highlight people who remind us why Blackness has a purpose, by featuring cool stories you may have missed in your history class.

Since our culture encompasses everything; and the peoples culture is in their art and food, WhoToldYou highlights all your soon to be favorite artists. We never miss. Music, fashion or visual. Just read the material! Check the dates! We also bring reviews for new restaurants we find right to your desktop. Now you can try some new foods for your palate or get that well-known dish which reminds you of home.

Basically, we crowdsource information to make your life feel easier and more colorful in color. From cultured food to the best app for sending money back home, we’ve got you covered.

We encourage feedback because we believe the community makes the people. We learn. You learn.  Just remember WhoToldYou, because we did.