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Of the diaspora that is.

Just call us the connectors, because we be connecting the dots; literally and quite figuratively because nobody wins when the family feuds. 
​We are the plug!

For all things Black, taking it upon ourselves to point the community to exactly what they’re looking for, by relaying all the info you need through music, technology, food and culture. 

​WhoToldYou believes every single kind of Black voice is valid and relevant, so we treat each as such. Always wanted to try Nigerian food but don’t know where to start? WhoToldYou has the unsponsored  hook up, wondering the easiest way to send money back home? We got you. Wow, you’re getting out of touch who is the coolest next underground artist on the come-up? We can give you an insight on that as well! Just check our writeups, we never miss! 

​Just remember, WhoToldYou cause we told you. 

Let’s build something together.