Book Club Review in Conjunction with Wine and Buks: New York Times Bestseller The Girl With The Louding Voice

This is a book club hosted by our personal favorite Bukunmi!

Nine women with the help of wine, come together to discuss; The Girl With The Louding Voice by Abi Dare.

Out of ten, we individually rated the book, in numbers ranging between five and eight. With a mode of 7.

Highlighted Themes We Discussed Were:

  • Women marry for a false sense of security.
  • Nigerian culture forces women to believe a no good man is better than no man and that men are a tool to acquire proximity to “success” for many. (Daré p.98).
  • A promise could change depending on new context surrounding the situation.
  • Nigerians are generally always unsafe.
  • The ugly truth behind the House-help industry.
  • Sometimes “bad” things happen to welcome the inevitable good.

Some cool observations we noticed were:

  • Abi Daré inserts facts about Nigeria in the beginning of each chapter, starting from Chapter 28.
  • The book is based off of a true story.
  • Kofi seemed to be most people’s favorite character besides the narrator; Adunni. Khadija being a close second.
  • The book touched on the importance of manifestation (Daré p.99).
  • Adunni’s mum was always an underlying presence throughout the book.

The general critique was?

Most of us would have preferred to not read in broken English for the most part when the narrator “spoke” or thought.

Although, we could all agree it was an extremely creative take. It wasn’t colloquial Pidgin, so we grappled with it. The only person who didn’t, listened to the book, and coincidentally was our only “8” rating. So maybe listen to the book for an all round more enjoyable experience?

Some people wanted more from the ending, most people were pleased it was a happy one.

Each woman took turns in saying what a louding voice meant to them.

  • To think out loud about equality.
  • Speaking your mind no matter the circumstance.
  • Unlearning things. Pushing back against pressure from society.
  • Refusing to conform to societal norms and speaking up when you have an opinion.
  • To be fearless. “we are not fearless enough”
  • “She was Adunni from start to finish”. Make sure you retain self regardless of what the world throws at you.
  • Knowing that no matter your circumstance in life & no matter your experience, your voice is valid.
  • It means to keep dreaming.
  • To not lose the child within you and remembering it’s the simple things that bring you joy!

The Girl with The Louding Voice Trivia Questions

  1. What’s the name of Big Madam’s clothing store?
  2. What’s the name of Big Madam’s rich neighborhood women’s group?
  3. Why is Big Madam especially happy when she returns from her trip abroad?
  4. What university did Ms. Tia attend?
  5. What is the name of the spiritual ground Ms. Tia was taken for her “fertility-bringing?”
  6. What is the name of Adunni’s village?

Answers Below

  1. Kayla’s Fabric Store.  2. The Wellington Road Wives Association 3. Her daughter got engaged 4. Hahaha. Read the book 5. The Miracle Center 6. Ikate

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