Support The Artist: Saucy Santana

And why should you listen?

First of all, how many people get famous off an intro song to a podcast?

How he caught on.

Before then Saucy Santana was a jack of many trades, from makeup, selling weaves to allegedly -weain’tthefeds-selling bricks.

He might be what the City Girls need for that second wave of fame. Also, a cameo on the infamous WAP video would have been truly revolutionary but we digress.

Anyways, Saucy Santana came on our radar with the first hit single; Walk em like a dog

A natural born hitmaker Saucy Santana then released Material Girl

The video has cameos from a couple faves like Tomiee from Love and Hip-Hop, & our favorite trap queen; Sukihana.

The chant “Material Girl” throughout the chorus would have you doing the Jay-Z head bop. The whole aura of the song and video is giving opulence.

Reveling in all the success from the hit singles, Santana went out partying in a strip club in Miami and got shot while exiting the premises on what he believes was a homophobic attack. We believe it.

And while we hate that it happened to him, Saucy Santana proceeded to release the hardest “I got shot but I ain’t dead” rap track we’ve heard in a while. On it he disses everyone, from the loser who shot at him to the people claiming it was a publicity stunt to appear on a show.

You Can’t Kill Me- Saucy Satana , produced by Tre Trax.

That’s when we knew the win was inevitable!

The gworls felt this. What’s so cool about Saucy Santana are the words he decides to emphasize on the beat and the way he inflects his voice.

NBA- Saucy Satana, is a good description of just that, specifically the second verse. We haven’t heard that one before.

Make the chopper sing, go rat-a-ta-ta/ Death to a broke nigga, la la la la
/Cheap hoes, y’all be comical, ha ha ha ha/ I’m the goat, you the sheep, bitch, ba ba bye bye

NBA – Saucy Santana

The way Saucy enunciates on the beat is quite 90s

Two projects later; Imma Celebrity and an album called Pretty Little Gangster.

Let’s dive a little more into (not to be dramatic) the hardest booty-shaking album of the century!

If It’s Up- Saucy Satana

“pimping Niggas like Megan the stallion”

“the truth hurts sis, like my name is lizzo”

“now that’s word to nicki/a kiss with no hickeys pay homage and go take a seat”

P.S: Saucy Santana is on her radar as they both follow each other.

Go follow him!

Love, Too Short – Blow The Whistle?

Then you gon love this.

Money- Saucy Santana (feat.Reni Rucci)

Santana put all the girls on this album. Introducing us to a few like; Reni Rucci.

Nada- Saucy Santana ft. Ivorian Doll is another link up for the girls on the come up. You might have heard of Ivorian Doll from Rumors.

“dance like you fuck/don’t fuck like you dance”

F**k It Up – Saucy Satana

Not him giving us the tools to thrive in this economy!

If you catch it, Santana also winks at one of everyone’s favorite party songs No hands- Waka Flock FT Roscoe Dash and Wale.

“girl the way you movin got me in a trance”

We love when artists we love decide to link!We all know Keisha is a fave as she has been in our support the artist spotlight. One watch of this video and if you still had your doubts, erase them.

Back it Up- Saucy Santana ft LightSkinKeisha

Boy Damn- Saucy Santana ft Tokyo Jet; who is another featured fave, Saucy Santana and Tokyo reply themselves on each verse. Melodic harmony

‘oh you bought that ass?/ bitch you better shake it”

Saucy Santana can out rap most of your faves solely by skill alone. With, lyrics that make you do a double take

can you hear me hoe/crystal/ I want diamonds not crystals

He said keep that Swarovski ish.

Support the artist! Santana has what it takes and you’ll be lying if you denying.

If you’re looking for an energetic, relatable mood booster then he is the artist for you. Plus he comes across as extremely genuine, aware, and down to earth.

It’s hard enough being queer but also Black, and trying to dominate in the hyper-masculine music industry? That must come with it own peculiar struggles.

And Saucy Santana is aware of this, on an interview he states that he is cautious of how raunchy he takes his music so as not to turn people off or just be stuck as a “gay rapper”. He chooses to make his rap tone akin to the “woman’s” perspective.

We hate that, but we understand the strategy. Plus, it brings out all the bad bitches who enjoy shaking their ass and having a good time out, which brings out the fellas ergo more bookings. Know of a fave that had that same trajectory? Megan Thee Stallion.

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