A Week In Color 16/8/2020

Join us as we dive deep into the highlights of Black World News. An informed person is the one who makes better decisions. We want you in the know. Just remember WhoToldYou because we did.



Sparked from the global Black movement #BlackLivesMatter.

Zimbabweans Continue To Speak Up!

Using their voices to condemn the damn near unlivable conditions President Mnangagwa has continued to subject Zimbabweans to, although he campaigned and won on the illusion of change.

Meanwhile, The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Form released a press statement commemorating the Defense Forces day.


Well, if they like, we love it.


One thing about Nigeria is we gon’ be religiously less than smart.

Local Musician Yahaya Sharif Aminu Sentenced To Death On Account Of “Blasphemy”.

We know what you’re thinking, & no this is not the medieval times.

It might be.
Time is a construct…right?

Here’s a link to how these Sharia Courts work.

We would say there should be a division between “church” and state but we all know that is a wish upon a dying star.

Is Lagos Running Out Of Money? Lagos Ti La Go!

If you’re a business taking advantage of technology, Lagos is gon’ take advantage of you.

According to a letter from the Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos state, POS service operators in Lagos State have been issued a notification letter of a mandatory annual payment of N10,000 to Trilling Volant Service.

Before you cry us a river, yes people should pay taxes but here’s the caveat for us: only if it is actually being used to build their communities.

Anyways we did our own likkle research on Trilling Volant Services. It was registered as a business in 2018, with Adetunji Muideen as the ‘Proprietor’ with it’s current status as ‘Unknown’.

  • The payment of the mandatory fees would start in 2021.

The Lagos government is also only giving you 30 days to register all your content so they can “attract the payment of 5% levy on each item

…e be tins

Like we previously stated. Taxes?No, problem.

  • Consistent electricity? Problem.
  • Accessible internet access? Another problem.

There are rumblings that all this random taxation is intended to fuel the upcoming elections in 2023.

More On How the Government Is Letting Us Down

The people below are sounding off.

First starting with allegations against a Chinese company called Inner Galaxy Group, pertaining to their outright mistreatment of Nigerian citizens which includes corporal punishment.

Meanwhile, apparently parody accounts are a punishable offence now.

We wish the government was equally as earnest when it comes to matter of corruption and mismanagement of public funds but hey!

We can’t get everything we want.


Including, a fully functional government?

Here’s a fun history tidbit courtesy of The Republic

C’mon Amotekun !

Western Nigeria Security Network (WNSN)  also know as–no so-codename operation Amotekun; Leopard.

  • They are a security force located within the 6 states of south western, Nigeria created to work in tandem with local police in fighting crime.

Cool Threads!

The US

What The Trump?

President Trump admits he opposed the much-needed funding for United States Postal Service because he doesn’t want to see it used for mail-in voting in November. Giving credence to what –we believe– is his attempt to manipulate the postal system for his own political gain. S.O.S.

While simultaneously sending out absentee ballot request forms with his face on them.

It’s important to note this is NOT an actual ballot simply a request form for one, but still?

What the Trump?

He won’t even play fair.

Here’s all you need to know about how mail-in voting works.

Joe Biden Announces His Running Mate For The Upcoming United States Presidential Elections on November 3rd.

Here’s a video below of Trevor Noah diving into who the controversial candidate; Kamala Harris is.

Draw your own conclusions if you’re still stuck in the dark.

Your Weekly Reminder That There Are Ongoing Protests Albeit Being Ignored By The Mainstream

Meanwhile, In Ireland

Some Go Fund Mes To Throw Some Money At

Rounding Up with Some Positivity Like We Always Do

Vote for Lisa Hanna if you live in Jamaica

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