A Week In Color 9/8/2020

Join us as we dive deep into the highlights of Black World News. An informed person is the one who makes better decisions. We want you in the know. Just remember WhoToldYou because we did.

Prays up for Beirut



Zimbabweans continue to fight for their freedom with grassroots campaigns against President Emmerson Mnangawa’s oppressive government and human rights violations.

It seems to be working.

Yay! We love the positive aspects of social media

The government’s reaction?

Further criminalizing their citizens in an attempt to stifle their growing voice.

Ivory coast

Happy Independence Day to the Ivory Coast also known as Cote D’ivoire

She celebrated her independence on August 7th.

Here’s a fun fact!


Dizzy Diezani

Former Minister of Petroleum Alison-Madueke who is wanted for multiple counts of corruption and embezzlement, gives a heartfelt speech during a virtual event organized by the Ijaw National Development Group. In her spiel, Diezani shamed depleted societal values and the glorification of internet fraudsters A.K.A ‘Yahoo Boys’.

Albeit somewhat empowering, as she did touch on gender disparities in Nigeria and artfully references orphanages as ‘Fatherless Baby Homes’; as spin on the cultural norm of such establishments colloquially called ‘Motherless Baby Homes’, it’s quite interesting considering the messenger.

So, What’s So Awful About The Messenger? & Why Should We -figuratively speaking of course-Shoot Her?

  • Diezanni is alleged to have committed offences skirting on abuse of office, bribery and money laundering during her time in office between 2011-2015.
  • Diezanni, with the hopes of skewing Nigeria’s 2015 general election in Former President Goodluck Jonathan’s favor, ‘allegedly’ stashed 115 Million USD ~44 Billion Naira in a bank with instructions to distribute the funds to electoral officials in the 36 states.
  • Two of the many beneficiaries of these illicit gifts, including a Deputy Director of the Independent National Electoral Commission have been sentenced to 6 years imprisonment.
  • In 2015 Diezanni fled to the UK on medical grounds and she is currently being investigated for money laundering in the UK.
  • Diezanni has been ordered to appear in court in October by a Federal High Court in Abuja pertaining to the money laundering charges brought up against her by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commissions (EFCC) .

Rest In Peace To Senator Esho Jinadu Popularly Known As Buruji Kashamu

  • He was a member of the 8th senate and died due to complications from COVID-19.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo decided to show how uncouth he truly is in a typo-riddled publicly released letter of ‘condolence’.

Although, OBJ wasn’t lying about some of the allegations placed on the Senator, we think there’s always a time and a place, considering the fact that Obasanjo himself is no saint by any definition of the word.

Meanwhile, more Political Shenanigans.

Who Is The Nigerian Police Working For?

Is President Buhari Coherent Enough to Lead?

….well if US Presidential Candidate Joe Biden can, Yes?

Okay, Where Is The Good News?

Lagos Revokes 2018 Land Use Charge.

  • This decision was made to reduce the financial pressure on Lagosians as it relates to land use.

Feel Good Cultural Ish.

The US

Ever feel inadequate and unqualified for your job?

Well! Here’s some inspiration for you!

The American President Trump.

What The…Trump?

The President says ‘it is what it is’ to the number of people dying for COVID-19 in an interview with journalist Jonathan Swan.

Speaking of COVID-19;

Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis signed an executive order Wednesday relaxing requirements for restaurant employees returning to work after testing positive for COVID-19.

Restaurant workers will no longer need to provide negative COVID test results to work.

New York Attorney General Letitia James has filed a lawsuit alleging financial crimes by high-ranking executives at the National Rifle Association (NRA).

We personally, love to see it. Although we doubt the NRA would go down without a -gun?- fight….get it? Lol. No, the story isn’t funny.

Notorious Murderer Cop Amber Guyger Files Appeal Against Murder Conviction.

  • In 2018 Amber Guyger was convicted of the murder 26-year-old Botham Jean in his own apartment.
  • Guyger was given a lenient sentence of 10 years in prison. Her attorneys are requesting Guyger be completely acquitted of all charges or charged with a lesser crime.

“Her mistaken belief negated the culpability for murder because although she intentionally and knowingly caused Jean’s death, she had the right to act in deadly force in self-defense since her belief that deadly force was immediately necessary was reasonable under the circumstances,” the appeal reads.

Guyger’s attorney argue in the appeal that the evidence submitted in the case was ‘insufficient’. They also argue Guyger was confused about her location because the third and fourth floors, where her and Jean’s apartments were located, look identical.

We would like to argue; what’s more ‘sufficient’ than a gunshot wound to the heart which subsequently lead to the death of an unarmed man in his house?

Food For Thought.

The UK

Piling On Wiley ?

Is the media scapegoating Wiley and is race a huge factor in play? You tell us.

Interesting turn of events since BBC News had a journalist say the hard N-word on national tv with BBC yet to issue statement of a formal apology despite multiple complaints.

Here Are Some Important GoFundMes To Throw Some Money At, If You Can.


This Segment is called;

What In The White Savior Complex During A Pandemic?

Your weekly reminder that protests against police brutality are still ongoing.

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