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Just look at her, this is one of those situations where you can tell what an artist will produce by just paying attention to the aesthetics.

Our green-haired songbird with the ability to make anyone envious of her vocal chords.

Meet Alex Mali; she’s a vibe. Born to immigrant parents; a Jamaican mother and a Trini dad, Alex literally epitomizes the meaning of ‘diaspora’ and we love that for her. This is the essence of our brand. However, it’s not about us so back to the star.

On an interview with Snobette down below, Alex explains the complexities most first-gen children experience. Having attended middle and high school in Brooklyn, she had a hard time figuring out what her identity was. It was especially tasking given the fact that she choose to pursue a career in the creative arts. Heavy stuff! Discovering self is already strenuous for anyone without any added curve balls.

Sidenote: Alex thinks she makes mean ass mashed potatoes. And her favorite Trini dish, made by her dad, is Callaloo. She also plugged Baken Tings in Brooklyn for yummy Trini food.

Alex Mali believes she’s an artist that can connect with first generation immigrants to show them they can be whoever they want to be. And we have to say, we are inclined to believe her.

She just recently dropped her first mixtape Sweet & Sour. Mali has been described as electric and her hair could be a slight indication to why. She reminds us of a young Kelis; super cool with a calm exterior.

Below is a live performance of Crazy Eyes – Alex Mali

Crazy Eyes–the song above, is when we fell in love with the green-haired goddess. The lyrics are captivating. Powerful words speaking on what could be Alex’s melodic take on mental health and her (or someone she is channeling) struggle with daily activities in mundane life however never giving up! She makes lemonade.

‘My head don’t work right/ And my body always telling me something is missing/ My  demons say/ “What’s up” to me, I can’t outrun ’em/ Do  everything I can to say fuck ’em/ But they know/ That  I’m a little crazy/ I like to get a little wavy/ To get away, get away from here’

Start It Up – Alex Mali is probably her “radio” hit as it has accumulated the most visibility. It’s fun and upbeat, chilling with your girlfriends type vibe while discussing your feelings about your love life. Or having the ‘what are we talk’ with a potential significant other.

‘I’m being honest/ I don’t wanna play no games boy/ I don’t wanna be your gameboy/ Or a temporary love toy’

Why should you give it a listen? Who doesn’t love good vibes—notwithstanding the circumstances, especially in these times. We need all the positivity we can get.

Evidently Alex is a lover, or at least someone who feels intensely-we don’t have reason to think she doesn’t write her own music.

Benjamin – Alex Mali, is a different perspective from the artist. It shows she can switch it up! Versatility! Although she generally stays within the scope of writing about interpersonal interactions and why not? We think it’s entertaining. Plus, it’s always raw! Alex Mali is unapologetically sexy and in control.

‘You know I only dance for you/ I only take demands from you/ You make me feel/ Dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty’

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