A Week In Color 26/7/2020

Join us as we dive deep into the highlights of Black World News. An informed person is the one who makes better decisions. We want you in the know. Just remember WhoToldYou because we did.


Happy Independence Day Liberia! 173 years of independence!

  • President Weah gave a heartfelt speech to commemorate the wonderful occasion and laud the resilient people.


Scammed by the Prime Minister?

  • Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed took the world by storm with what seemed like dedication to quell ethnic tensions within his nation and its surrounding counterparts. So much so that he won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2019 for his work.
  • Unfortunately, for us… or him, the Prime Minister’s legacy is taking a swift turn back onto the wrong road. Accusations of suppressing the press by arresting journalist and protesting civilians could have something to do with it.
  • The murder of Hachalu Hundessa; a well-known Oromo singer and activist, could be said to be the spark which ignited the flame. Since then at least 177 lives have been lost, an internet shut down (who is surprised by this? Not us) with many detained and widespread loss of property only increasing ethnic tensions.

Now, the Prime Minister has indefinitely suspended nationwide elections initially scheduled for August 2020 “as a result of COVID-19”.

We will be watching Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. If you say you’re about change, really be about it.


Museveni does not play fair.

We know that, it’s how he’s maintained his position as king in an allegedly democratic society.

  • The ‘President’ for four decades is seeking to run for re-election in next year’s presidential election. No date has been set for the 2021 vote however, it is typically held in February. Bobi Wine, a presidential aspirant and lawmaker/musical artist is currently the president’s strongest opposition. President Museveni has been ‘re-elected’ five times prior to this.
  • Rumblings of President Museveni using anti-coronavirus measures to skew the odds in his favour have bubbled to the the surface, with the president mandating all campaigning be done strictly online to prevent large gatherings.
Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni attends his swearing-in ceremony at the Independance grounds in Uganda’s capital Kampala, May 12, 2016. REUTERS/Edward Echwalu – RTX2E18C

Seems reasonable enough right? Wrong!

The caveat?

President Museveni implemented a tax on the use of the internet.

In other coronavirus news;

Uganda to determine whether or not school’s would be reopening by September.


Acting Managing Director of NDDC decides to give us an act

Acting managing director of NDDC (Niger Delta Development Commission); Professor Daniel Pondei, collapses in an ongoing house committee public hearing on NDDC spending.

We think he’s acting, just like his title. But please, don’t take our word for it.

You be the judge.

Subsequently after being probed for the alleged misappropriation of 1.5billion Naira ~3,918,177.00 usd. The good professor decides theatre would be his first response as opposed to a simple reply.

  • Efforts to resuscitate him were successful and he eventually ‘regained’ consciousness.
  • Representative Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo has also stepped aside as the head of the panel investigating the alleged corruption of the NDDC.

Here’s a video of news reporter Adeola Fayehun explaining the whole ordeal with a lot more grace and detail than we could ever muster for this absolutely nonsensical situation.

Here’s to women doing the necessary work.

Kaduna women protest in the nude against the ethno-religious killings taking place in the north of Nigeria.

The U.S

President Trump gets owned!

On Fox news, in a one-on-one interview with Chris Wallace. It’s extremely weird to watch considering the platform. However, the interview included the president’s achilles heel; fact checking.

Albeit entertaining to watch an orange squirm, here are some important things to note.

  • President Trump might not be as exceptional as he would like us to think.
  • The President openly expressed he would not concede in the event that he is defeated at the polls in the coming November 2020 elections.

When we say protect Black women this is what we mean.

Something for the soul.

Do you write? Are creative? Apply for this.

Rest in peace to Congressman John Lewis.

Your weekly reminder that protest against police brutality towards Black lives are still on-going although now being ignored by mainstream media.

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