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Meet Tọlaní

Our reclusive talent-filled and reserved fave. She seems to take humility extremely seriously, it’s great thing we aren’t as classy because we are not afraid to brag on clear concentrated and unadulterated pure talent.

It’s the reason we exist.

In fact, it’s a personal pleasure.

We cannot get enough of Tọlaní, the more we hear, the more we need to listen to more.

Upon stumbling on her latest hit pop song MaybeBaby , we were immediately captivated. We can vouch for ourselves that we singlehanded contributed to a huge number of streams–unsponsored of course.

Tọlaní with the voice of a nightingale, makes dance-like-no-one’s-watching-while-singing-along-at-the-top-of-your-lungs kind of music. Listening to her makes you feel included, she engulfs you in her very distinctive voice. Maybe Baby -Tọlaní could be heard to have some Marvin Gaye- Sexual Healing influences. Which is no surprise to us, through further investigation we discovered our fave is no stranger to the classics; this includes Patra, Prince, Tracey Chapman, Bob Marley and our very own 2face Idibia. Her dad is also a huge fan of Snoop Dogg so Tọlaní also listened to him growing up too.

Liar- Tọlaní, is another masterpiece by this young poet and songbird. You can tell when an artist seems to somewhat have a clear understanding of self and the direction they would like to take as a creator. Tọlaní demonstrates this beautifully; and we ain’t no fking liars. Although, we might fess up to sugar lips, but who doesn’t love sweet thing? We sure do!

Tọlaní believes the concept of an artist boxing themself into a definitive genre is archaic but she would call herself ‘Afropop’. A listen to some of her older material would give you an insight on why.

Tenderoni ft. Skales, debuts a young artist finding her way into how she wanted to be. It sounds a lot more experimental, heavy on the afrobeats notes. Tọlaní puts thought towards her music videos and we love this. A true daughter of the soil, she shows us versatility in Ba Mi Lo Ft. Reekado Banks, and though their acting was up to par, our fave was quick to dispel the rumors of these two possibly being clouded in love.

Watch a live performance of Ba Mi Lo down below.

What more can we say?

We are huge fans.

We prefer a Tọlaní who leans into her pop side and sings alone sans features; *whispers* as we haven’t heard a specific enough voice in a feature close to matching hers. But like our fave once said, opinions are just that; opinions and they shouldn’t matter in her world. So ultimately, we hope she ignores us and just does Tọlaní, cause it’s what we love.

She said music chose her, we believe it, we think and she will be a household name.

Hey! She’s already a staple in ours.

We await the ep! But no pressure. Albeit they say it creates diamonds.

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Just remember WhoToldYou, because we did.

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