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She is Atlanta. However, is she the queen?

Hahaha! Controversy sells.

Whatever you do, make sure you judge her by her bars and not by her choice stage name. Get to know her backstory. LightskinKeisha was inspired by the movie Belly.

Hit me on the celly, watching Belly

Nicki Minaj, Four Door Aventador.

The legendary movie debuted in 1998 & features some of your faves, including then 24 year-old actress Taral Hicks playing the role of Keisha; a boss bitch baddie.

The fictional character is still so culturally relevant she received a shoutout from Cardi B on Invasion of Privacy.

I wanna get married, like the Currys, Steph and Ayesha shit
But we more like Belly, Tommy and Keisha shit

Cardi B, Be Careful.
The breathtaking Keisha

LightskinKeisha connected with Keisha, but she observed she was fairer in complexion and decided to include this descriptor for her brand. If you watch Love & Hiphop ATL, then you know there is much controversy about who the ‘queen’ of Atlanta is. One thing is for certain tho, Keisha has bars, and is not afraid to say so. The city knows too, it shows her love.

Speaking to the Fader, LighskinKeisha says she was the first female rapper out of Atlanta to get a stamp of approval from the iconic Magic city, as she was allowed to shoot a music video with some of the performers.

Here at WhoToldYou we never judge a book by whatever wrapping it chooses to show up in and due to this, we always win!

Keisha, initially a social media personality, has been through her fairshare of life storms before success, including experiencing homelessness. The dark place everyone is afraid of; where you have to pick yourself up and get it, no matter what life is handing you.

Weather was her first real song to garner traction outside of her personal popularity, since then Keisha has grown to do even better musically with visuals for her music getting even more creative.

SMD – LightskinKeisha

SMD is an example of just that. Switching up her flow on this piece, to one reminiscent of old skool LA, with a hat nod to the rap god Eazy-E. Keisha incorporates black girl magic, drawing inspiration from the cult classic B.A.P.S with her choice of hair and makeup. Ironically enough, albeit it may be purposefully done, the movie was based in Decatur, GA, where Keisha was born.

Although LightskinKeisha shys away from this box , she insists she makes good music in general, including sexy slow R&B —to be fair her numbers on Ride Good ft B.Smyth could speak for something, we think she is a strong contender for the queen of twerk music. Here’s to women making money off talking about ourselves and what we like to do for fun, without having to wait for it to be repackaged for our consumption by the likes of some of your male faves.

Spend Sum Cash – LightskinKeisha will literally make your ass throw you! You will no longer be in control. And if for some reason you need more convincing or you doubt the IT Factor you’re clearly witnessing; Talk That Talk (Rich Bitch) – LightskinKeisha will make you do the bunnyhop.

Watch her interview on Hoodrich Radio (one of our faves with their fingers on the pulse of the culture, occasional problematic questions aside. S.O.S) to get even more intimate with the shooting star.

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