Tech Talk: Hope Emanuel Frank

Ever heard the phrase “flash of genius”?

Flash of Genius Doctrine conveys the idea that an invention must include a flash of creative genius, not merely a skill of the calling.

How does this fit into today’s talk?

Well, let’s explain. But first! Let’s review a concept we have mentioned in previous Tech Talks: The Digital Divide.

A digital divide is any uneven distribution in the access to use of, or impact of information and communication technologies (ICT) between any number of distinct groups

That said we have the pleasure of introducing you to: Fifteen-year-old Nigerian Inventor Hope Emmanuel Frank. Who scoffs at the face of the digital divide.

“When people see me on the street operating my excavator and tipper, they are usually surprised, some of them dash me money.

Hope Emmanuel Frank

Through the use of syringes, various toy parts, and old laptop batteries. Hope was able to create a working model of construction equipment he saw as a youth. What makes this so incredible is the spark of genius required to do so with limited supplies. Globally, kits similar to what Emmanuel has created are sold and used to educate children in STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs. Below is an example of said kits. This is a true to life example of how the resources a population is afforded impacts the overall trajectory of citizens within that population. Better access to information should be the forefront in all Pan-African efforts.

We applaud Emmanuel for the level of dedication necessary to be inventive regardless, of physical location or socioeconomic situation.

We are in awe of a young soul staring in the face of The Digital Divide, to pursue his dream. We are happy to share this story as an inspiration to others innovating in less than ideal circumstances.

Stay tuned for more breaking news in all things Black & Tech.

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