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The Men’s Club : TV show

Location: REDtv / Youtube

Alright, so we stumbled upon The Men’s Club tv show on a trip with a bunch of dear friends. It was at the point of the interaction were we had completed our various catch-ups, tuning into whatever anyone would like to share about their lives giving advice or support where necessary.

Then, someone tuned in; The Men’s Club.

Written by Dami Elebe & produced by Tola Odunsi, The Men’s Club follows the lives of four far from veracious Nigerian men & how they navigate their mainly drama-filled tumultuous love lives.

Season 1 was jammed packed with some of your known faves like Youtuber; Grace Ajilore starring as “Naomi” , Sharon Ooja “Jasmine” , & tall dark & handsome; Ayo Ayoola starring as the wealthy “Aminu Garba” located in Lagos.

It’s important to note that albeit somewhat an accurate depiction of life in Lagos, The Men’s Club is just a bird’s-eye view into a very specific niche; the Nigerian elite. Upper middle class & above.

After you watch season 1 on Youtube, you’d get the exact picture we are trying to paint. However, one thing that is similar & accepted amongst all the socioeconomic classes in Nigeria seems to be infidelity in marriage. Pushing the scamming & dangerous boys will be boys agenda, as women found in this boat are quickly castigated & branded with the scarlet letter A.

Season 2 touches on some marriage customs observed around the world like, the marriage of convenience “keeping the money within prominent families, defunct of love & passion. Simply, an arrangement of commerce & how the women usually end up with the shorter end of the stick in these agreements.

You can catch-up on both seasons of The Men’s Club on REDtv or YouTube. It is sponsored by UBA & they aren’t afraid to plug this all throughout the episode. Just remember; WhoToldYou because; we did!

Have some fun! Entertain yourself!

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