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Special Edition: #SudanUprising


On June 27th, the Sudanese movement protesting for the military to handover to civilian rule received a new proposal for a transition drafted by Ethiopia & the African Union (AU).

Yay! Here’s to the AU actually doing work.

Although, this move did happen after Sudan’s ruling generals appealed to mediators from the AU & Ethiopia to assist Sudan with unifying their efforts.

  • The Alliance for change announced their acceptance of Ethiopia’s initial formulated proposal while the Transition Military Council (TMC) rejected it. It called for a designated transitional parliament of 300 lawmakers with 67% of them from the Alliance for Freedom & change. The 33% remaining were to be from other political groups excluding the National Congress Party of deposed President-Dictator Omar al-Bashir.

The new joint proposal includes a sovereign council made up of 7 civilians & 7 members of the military. One additional seat is reserved for an independent member. However, it lacks specific required details to carry it out. For instance, the exact makeup of a legislative council.

As covered in previous In Colors’, the discussions between the TMC & protestors; the opposing coalition, collapsed when security forces stormed a peaceful protest sit-in outside the defense ministry on June 3rd, turning it bloody by killing demonstrators.

  • Atleast, 128 people have been killed since the crisis ensued. The Health Ministry, in bed with TMC, put the overall death toll on June 3rd at 61 people nationwide.

Other players on the chess board;

Montreal-based firm, Dickens & Madson Inc. signed a lobbying contract on May 2019 with Sudan’s military council.

  • The Canadian firm signed a $6m deal to campaign on behalf of the TMC to foreign governments.
  • The contract states that the company will assist with lobbying the governments of the US, Russia, Saudi Arabia & others “the beneficial development of your political aims“.

We shall use our best efforts to ensure favourable international as well as Sudanese media coverage for you and we shall further undertake to obtain financing for you from the United States, the Russian Federation and other countries,” the document said.

We shall also strive to obtain funding and equipment for the Sudanese military.” 

The document was signed by Rapid Support Forces commander Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo.

Egypt has voiced their support for the military council, pressing the African Union not to suspend Sudan’s activities in the regional block.

Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates have pledged $3bn in aid to bolster Sudan’s economy.

We all can’t collectively think of a reason he would be biased & inclined to say that, right?

Sudanese activists fear these 3 countries may be in cahoots; playing a dubious game to push the military to cling on to power rather than help the country move with democratic change. Valid concerns, considering the history of the 3 states & their leaders who have suppressed political freedoms in their countries.

TMC spokesperson, Lieutenant Kabashi said the new AU-Ethiopia proposal was “a suitable proposal for negotiations to reach a final agreement leading to the establishment of the institutions of transitional rule” adding that the TMC was ready to continue “immediate serious & honest negotiations“.

With emphasis on the “honest“?

On Sunday, June 30th, tens of thousands of protestors flooded Khartoum & Omdurman; along with cities across country.

This is the 1st protest since the June 3rd massacre; sit-in protest in Khartoum.

  • It was dubbed the “millions march”.

3 bodies with bullet holes were found in Omdurman city on Monday.

  • This brought the death toll of Sunday’s anti-military to 11.
  • The Transitional Military Council blames the protest leaders for the deaths.


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