Review for You: Everything Pretty

Prettyboydo’s highly anticipated new album Everything Pretty begins with a heartfelt prayer from his mom. You can literally hear the love. Feel the passion most mothers have for their child, especially as it relates to when Nigerian offsprings decide to pursue an unconventional life path.

What is unconventional to them?

Well if you are Nigerian and you are not a doctor, nurse, accountant, engineer or lawyer, then what the actual fuck are you doing???! We don’t think so…obviously.

But this is how you are made to feel. That said we hear the prayer fueled by the unconditional love a mother has for her child & her desire to see her offspring happy and successful.

“Pretty boy, ladies & gentleman understand, Pra Pra, Prim Prim, they can never get us, they can never stop us, you understand. No be by rolly no be by G-Wagon, Fuck anybody”

DO quickly picks off of where his mother left of with some prophecies of his own. This album slaps in your car speakers or with headphones. You can feel the energy DO is radiating.

“because your papa give you fine car, when you see us now you don’t us to well”

DO has a unique way of expressing a thoughtfully conscious narrative throughout the album. His critiques of the Nigerian government and the dystopian social structure are down to earth & relatable. Prettyboydo voices the thoughts of millennial Nigerians living diaspora & at home. The verse then slips into DO’s signature melody, as he flexes his vocal prowess.

“Trying to get my mother motor”

The number of flows on display in this intro is simply a bold display of mastery, 10,000+ hours spent perfecting his trade. The transitions from rapping to singing to rapping are flawless. The development of DO’s sound has taken a new sonic frequency.

Production is distinct, DO has crafted his own lane, and is not scared to let the beat ride. On the Motto alone he has no features but when you listen to it, you make think you heard one . You didn’t, that’s just how good he’s mastered his voice inflections.

Shawn Micheal

The track begins with some inspiration from legendary soca & dancehall artist; Kevin Lyttle “Turn Me On“. DO, ever the witty lyricist used many WWE wrestling references. He mentions several wrestlers specifically the emotional archetype each fictional character embodied. Giving us relevant lyrics with a hit of nostalgia. Prettyboydo sings to his love interest about how he desires to take her down the way the undertaker would, an unconventional yet effective expression that is tastefully relevant. With consent though!


Bad vibes we terminate!

DO & Sugarbone team up on this track to co-create vibrant vibes the way only diaspora can. This track needs no commentary, checkout the video below.

This visual gives the world a peek into the life and times of the rapidly evolving counter culture. They say pictures are worth 1000 words. The vibez in this video leave us speechless.

Pata Pata

“I do my thing, yeah I do my thing Pata Pata”

Prettyboydo starts off again showcasing his signature sing song flow. Makes you want to throw up some finger guns & bust a whine!

The song has a smooth transition into his signature gidi rap flow. & yes! Most things are signature for DO because he puts in a lot of effort towards being different. It’s nothing you’ve heard before. Trust us. “Boom Boom Pow she want the realest G in town” (No Drama) presents duality, and versatility. This is an artist with multiple well developed flows.


In no hurry to place his rap persona on the shelf, Jarogn is another display of DO’s musical prowess. He is the singular artist on this song, yet there is ample space for his multiple flows to support, overtake, & compliment each other.

Pull Up

“Only man I fear is when I am looking in the mirror”

Here we have another standout track with a feature from the Alte Godson himself, Santi. Down below is the music video, and the emotions on display are raw. Prettyboydo’s videos always tell a story, all while staying culturally relevant.

Rabba Man

We love to hear DO’s freestyle flow. The track is supplied with assistance from Esojay Luciano. Bars. Bars. Bars. In a way only DO can deliver.

Awilo (Meow Interlude)

“And all the neighbors they can hear us through the window, & now she screaming so I make her bite a pillow”

To be honest this song would quickly made its way up unto anyone’s “Adult Activities” playlist….if you catch our drift. It is quite tastefully vulgar. The balance between that & Prettyboydo’s lyricism is splendid. Unmatched.

DO’s use of onomatopoeia throughout this track is a trademark of his sound. Here we have yet another song in which we hear a transition in the beat & lyrical flow. It’s steamy, it’s loud, it’s passionate.

“if you wanna get some good daggering; her father called said she not answering, her kitty wet I said she start stammering, I give her good, now she start staggering”

About two thirds of the way through the song it happens. The atmosphere has changed.

“Girl you make a man mad for you matter”

DO is now ever so gently conversing to his lover’s kitty cat. The story captured & reproduced in this track is truly a capsule of reality. Many can relate to it! & it’s all conveyed by an artist confidently painting a picture with his voice & cadence. Prettyboydo is a storyteller.

No Wahala

“How you say you wanna be my hommie, go behind my back & you be snitching on me”

DO is making clear statements. He is not here for the drama. His primary focus is on amassing funds. He is aware of people’s shifty loyalties. He does not trust lightly. He prefers to avoid problems. A.K.A Wahala & we can all relate.

Chop Elbow

A traffic stop inspired freestyle that is full of grievances & vexations with the Nigerian society & government. DO recorded this song right after he was unlawfully targeted by the Nigerian police due to his expression of self. Prettyboydo seems to have fun with his music. He seems to prefer to express himself with witty intelligence & humor.

Check out the visuals down below!

Itty Bitty

Here we have yet another display of the intimate side of DO’s artistry. This song is comparable to his song; Meow Interlude.

Mi Mother

The production throughout this album has been a new take on West African Hip-Hop sound. Afrobeats the incumbent genre has now given rise to a new alternative scene of the culture. A new interpretation of the atlantic breeze on West Africa’s shores. Mi Mother is a simple carol jam packed with vibez. A promise of love. Macking! the way on Prettyboydo can.


“Im a lover man & not a fighter”

We can hear dancehall & reggae influences in DO’s flow. It’s quite pleasurable -to say the least- hearing the cross collaboration of cultures within diaspora. The music would unite the people!

Footwork is a fantastic example of the genre DO titles his art: World

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