Man Feminism

Man Feminist

If the title of this article confuses you…great! This means it’s spot on, because there is really no such thing.

One quick Google search of the word ‘Feminism’ & you’ll get a whole bunch of definitions. However, the overlapping similarity would be advocating for women’s rights on the basis of gender equality.

A movement had to be made in our largely patriarchal society to remind men that a whole other group of people who have been existing for as long as they have deserve rights too.


Now that we have that all sorted out.

Here are some male feminist archetypes; an oxymoron.

The Captain Save A Hoes

How to identify them? It usually goes a little something like this.

“I understand feminism however, I still feel women should…..”



Allies do not deserve hypervisibility. A man feminist like this has somewhat of a messiah complex. He thinks he can save women by telling them what men want. Persons like this typically come from a place of feigned understanding; I love women so much, that’s why I want to tell them what to do in order to live in my misogynistic world.

Captain-Save-A-Hoes believe they are feminists & think they know what’s best for the movement.

Found the problem?

If you still haven’t, we’ll point it out to you.

Ding!!! Ding!!!

They are still ultimately telling women what to do ergo policing their behavior.

The Men Are Trash but Women are Trasher Brigade

These man feminists tend to victim blame all the way to their largely invalid point. They claim to understand the patriachal society & it’s confines but they clearly do not.

“Men are trash”

This man feminist regulates this statement to hetereosexual relationships. The long old boring tale of the bitter woman scorned. They believe women deserve the treatment they receive as long as they let it happen. Here’s the problem with these men, other than the fact that they are requiring the oppressed to do double the work to be equal; do the work because they are oppressed & take double initiative cause they ‘allowed’ it happen.

It also misses the point of the whole movement.

The statement “Men are Trash” isn’t just about sexual or romantic relationships. Although, it could be used appropriately within those confines as well.

The statement above is an expression of all the agony that comes with the patriarchy. It condemns toxic masculinity & it’s snowball effect in our society. Take for example the normalization of violence when it comes to raising boys who will eventually become men.

How is this a woman’s fault? Sure, some women may be complaisant. However, making them comparable is a reach. A false equivalence. It’s simply; just not true.

& then we have;

The Ego Babies

‘Men are trash but I am different so stop saying that because it bothers me & my feelings.’

Ego baby man feminist say they understand why women would make statements alluding to their trash gender counterparts. However, they just can’t seem to get over that uncomfortable hump. They want you to stop because it bothers their fragile ego.

They’re different! & they want you to know that & redesign your whole movement while taking them & their feelings into account.

Self-proclaimed Mr. Nice guys generally tend to be Ego babies. They would like us to make even more allowances for them & their ego.

Who cares that the whole reason of the feminist movement is for equality?


The I am A Feminist but I’d Rather Not Say

‘I am a feminist but I no longer identify as this because I don’t like where the movement has gone’

A lot of women with internalized misogyny are in this boat. As a matter of fact it’s their favorite one. But we digress.

Man feminist like these seem to think their lackluster attempt at identity politics matters in the movement. They really should be seen more than heard. The oppressor can say whatever they want, but they cannot make the rules.

If you ever catch yourself saying anything to the tone of this, you still secretly hate women. Your warped logic tells us you never were truly apart of the resistance, since you can be so easily swayed.

The Sapiosexual Man Feminist

Probably the most vile of the archetypes.

‘I will agree with whatever she says and maybe I’ll get some ass?’

The sapiosexual man feminist only cares about getting in between them cheeks. & yes, this sounds crass, that’s cause it’s meant to be. Sapiosexual man feminists are as crass as they come. Man feminist like these tend to think if they attend enough women empowerment events & agree with women most times like a dim-witted simpleton, they will be paid in return.

Usually, through a sexual relationship or intercourse. They suck the most because sapiosexual man feminists probably can’t even spell feminism.

They don’t know the first thing it stands for. Much like the way society is already set up, the sapiosexual man feminist largely views women as sexual objects.

So we’ll round this conversation off by saying this;

If you can’t be part of the solution, don’t add to the problem. Especially, under the guise of helping or ‘mediating’.

If a man feminist really wanted to help. He’d spend more of his time advocating to his gender. But that would then just make him simply a feminist.

There is no wrong or right way to be woman. Women aren’t monolithic & therefore we should be able to safely choose how we wish to express ourselves. Every expression of woman is valid –except they are comitting crimes or physically harming anyone– you get the drift.

The idea that a certain type of expression of woman is more valid than another is the antithesis of the feminist movement.


Because the ‘lesser’ valid expression could & will always be weaponized against women. Then used as a tool to control them.

Look around. This is already the society we live in.

The future, is woman.

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