Review For You: Fever

Megan Thee Stallion

Real Hot girl shit!!!

Thee Stallion

Quotables! Quotables ! Quotables!

Usually, we listen to the music we write about as we write. However, Megan is too much of a problem! Immediately you play this mixtape, one just starts to throw some ass & throw whatever you were doing away!

Seriously, try it !

We tried it thrice.

Same results; throwing ass & rapping at the top of our lungs!

Megan won 1st place.


Yes, you’ve seen or read other Fever mixtape reviews from bigger publications, but considering the fact that THEE hot girl just released her mixtape on May 17th; we wonder, did those other guys really have the time to digest the art?

Who knows?

One thing we do know is, we know every single lyric by heart. If that ain’t digestion then we couldn’t tell you what is.

The first song on her mixtape; as Megan politely clarified, is


Now. This is how you introduce a body of work!

Immediately Megan introducing us to the Hot Girl, another alter ego of hers, not to be confused with young Tina Snow.

They both go hard on a hoe though!

From the beginning of Realer the listener already knows what energy & vibe the whole mixtape is about to be on. Hard, heavy, bars with an upbeat sound.

I am not signing for less than a mill/ if you don’t like it then fuck how you feel

The aura of the mixtape is a bad bitch that knows who she is & would like to be compensated accordingly for her work. Megan is braggadocious & she takes no prisoners nor does she apologize for it.

Sadly, Megan lost her ride or die & right hand man, her mother; Ms. Holly to brain cancer this year. Ms. Holly was Megan’s manager before passing. May her soul Rest In Peace.

Here is a video below courtesy of The FADER of Ms. Holly coaching Megan on her delivery to the lyric above.

Hood Rat Shit

Before you get the opportunity to gather your edges… cause they’ve probably been burnt up by the Hot Girl’s bars, she blesses us with a group banger! Megan is in touch with the culture. The song begins with a famous video turned meme.

‘I wanna do it cause it’s fun, it’s fun to do bad things’ then you hear the Hot Girl in the background coming with the delivery, chanting;

hood rat shit/ with my hood rat friends

& if you’re not shaking your ass or something at this point??!

You’re probably a corpse. Oh & Megan’s mixtape doubles as a pre-workout for the gym.


Damn I want some head but I choose the dough instead

A sexually liberated queen, who is very clear she is all about her paper.

The Houston Hottie could have been inspired by everyone’s H-Town O.G the queen Bey on this track.

Diva- Beyoncé

What do you think?

Queens inspire queens.

Cash Shit feat. DaBaby

He say he hungry this pussy the kitchen/ Yeah that’s my dwag he gon sit down & listen/Call him a trick & he don’t get offended

Megan is the double entendre mavin! Did you catch all of it?

It’s one of the fan favorites on the mixtape. Sure, having one of the most famous artist out of North Carolina; DaBaby on the the verse don’t hurt. All of Megan’s lyrics scream a woman in charge, she knows she’s sexy & the shit. She wants her love interests to show her why they are worthy of her time.

Hey! She’s in her bag & his too.

Also, let’s talk about the water splash effect on the production. Straight eargasm!

Weak Azz Bitch (W.A.B)

This could be the new age Knuck If You Buck – Crime Mob. Not because of any direct lyrical comparison. Not that we would ever pit two bad bitches against each other, but maybe with energy? It’s crunk.

Do y’all think sonically T.I – 24s ? A reach? We don’t know. We had in house debates about it. You tell us.

We just love to follow the music.

Best You Ever Had

Megan can also hold a note, sort of the way Drake sings on a conventional rap beat, so it’s not exactly RnB but it slaps all the same. It’s a vulnerable side of the Hot Girl. Through the lyrics she depicts a woman who can be a ‘down’ partner if you show her why you are worthy. A queen knows her worth.

Simon Says feat. Juicy J

Probably the most controversial song on the mixtape & this is because of the social media shenanigans about who wrote the hook. Let’s be clear. Megan writes all her raps; it what she takes pride in. Regardless, Simon Says featuring Juicy J was a match made in heaven. Juicy even dubbed Thee Stallion, the verse killer. Both rappers make lyrical raw booty shaking music. It was also a homage to Three3 Six6 Mafia -a group Juicy J was a part of-‘s Slob On My Knob

A$AP Ferg took inspiration from the legendary group on his song Plain Jane:

Shake That

More bangers for the club or the gym! But real ones know these places are basically the same. To be honest, there was some slight body shaming lyrics embedded in this. ‘We teach girls to be in competition with each other’. However, the general vibe of the Hot Girl is positivity & girl power, so we are gonna one-off the questionable lyric on grounds of creativity & making art.

Money Good

Is Megan talking her shit, she’s a hustler, with or without anyone she is financial stable & you can suck it. More of the unapologetic attitude.


We wanna hear this in a strip club that sells fire chicken wings. Someone set that up!! That’s all we have to say. Straight fire.

Running Up Freestyle

If you are real Hottie then you know Megan can go toe-to-toe with anyone free-styling. She does this on a regular inside or out her car with the music blasting. Her lyrics are witty, dominant & sexy. Running up was one of her many iconic freestyles that made its way onto the mixtape. You can literally dedicate your day to listen to Megan’s whole freestyle catalogue & remain fully entertained.

Big Drank

Megan comes in with her sing-song flow, heavy on her southern drawl in her delivery. This isn’t quite about the Cognac, neither is she the one consuming said beverage but the vibe is nearly synonymous.


If you listened to Megan’s last mixtape Tina Snow , then you know, Megan has an affinity for Cognac. You might also realize that she dedicates at least one song on her projects to her love for the brown liquor & the mood it puts her in. This time the cognac puts her in an upbeat vibe.

drinking Henny out the bottle/ let’s get ratchet

Sex Talk

Bitch I got green like I’m Buttercup

This was the single from the mixtape, & all the Hotties were able to call in to get a snippet of the track prior to its release. A glimpse into Megan’s marketing genius. As pledged Hotties we signed up too, only a few people were more hype for the mixtape drop than we were.

Double entendre queen; green for money & the color of the green Powerpuff girl; Buttercup. Her references are on point & super relatable.

Megan is not afraid to talk from a dominant perspective belittling the opposite sex at any chance she gets, lyrically. She is that girl! Thee Hot girl. She also got the inspiration for her mixtape cover from blaxploitation movies.

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