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Meet Steve Lacy 

shot by Tyler Mitchel for i-d

Steve Lacy is definitely a gem & if you’ve been sleeping on him; you’re just in luck! On time to put yourself on because his official debut album is out in 9 days!!!


Next week Friday.

Now, you may already know him for being the youngest member of music band; The Internet but Steve Lacy is a multi-faceted king.

Gabby – The Internet ft. Janelle Monae was a beat made by this young king with his iPhone 7 & GarageBand

Palace/Curse – The Internet ft. Steve Lacy & Tyler The Creator is another one of Steve’s iPhone 7.

Steve Lacy is brillant; & he has a TED Talk on how he used the bare minimum; his iPhone 7 & some simple instruments to get into rooms with equipment he intially couldn’t afford.

Through beats made on Steve‘s iPhone 7 he became a 16-year-old grammy nominated artist. Beats made off of Steve‘s iPhone got him on the likes of J-cole, Kendrick Lamar & Solange‘s radar.

He calls it “the bare maximum”. & although he has access to all the high tech equipment he could ever need, Steve Lacy still produced  some songs on his 2017 Ep titled Steve Lacy’s Demo; on an iPhone, in the studio with his guitar under a candlelight.

Talk about setting the mood!

Looks – Steve Lacy is the first song off his demo. & it gives very Daft Punk-esque vibes mix up with all the Funk. Throw on Ryd – Steve Lacy ; perfect soundtrack for a long drive… & all other riding purposes alike.

Steve Lacy makes music for lovers. Dark Red – Steve Lacy is him professing his love a girl as he is about to be a victim of unrequited love. He voice is a beautiful soulful low register. & you can hear the simplicity in some of Steve Lacy’s beats as you get engulfed in his voice.

Fun fact: Steve Lacy is a Gemini. Not sure what this means for his music but on Haterlovin – Steve Lacy he repeats this lyric “just as much as I love you, I hate you” -on brand- over & over again to the strum of his guitar, making what sounds like a low tempo early 2000’s boy band rock group.
The good stuff.

One listen to Some – Steve Lacy would show the listener this man’s an old soul. So funkadelic; makes you want to go in a picnic date with the love of your life. At very end Steve show’s his vocal ability, belting high pitched note reminiscent of Robin Thicke.

Steve Lacy‘s Demo was a concise, solid body of work & all the songs could be married with one another due to its seamless transitions.

This could be why the California-native only made one visual to depict RYD/Dark Red; which by the way, he also produced using Garage band.

Heavy on the Gemini energy! Steve Lacy categorized his Demo as R&B/Soul.

He recently dropped a single titled; N-Side – Steve Lacy

this song sounds like milk

his melodies can impregnate a man

some feedback chosen at random.

Lyrics like “don’t need no approval girl you valid” assure the listener Steve Lacy would take anyone’s significant other with smooth lines & the perfect strums of his guitar.

Think we’re kidding?

Put it on replay. We dare you.

Steve Lacy has been slept on since his 2015 single; C U Girl – Steve Lacy. He proved his range & vocal ability; giving the listener 90s R&B & longing lyrics that would have the listener reminscing about their nonexistent belle or beau.

You’ll love to hear it.

Stream his debut album; Apollo XXI next week!

Support the artist.

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