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Gifty Twum Ampofo the Deputy Minister for Education in charge of Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) has announced that the government would continue to relentlessly strive on its efforts to provide free skill, techincal and vocational training to the cooperative youth.

  • In a speech addressing master craftsmen, apprentices, workers & skilled experts, Mrs Twum Ampofo who is also the Member of Parliament for Abuakwa North says;
    Let us strive to build ourselves and add value to our skills using the Ghana TVET Voucher Project as the springboard”.
  • According to Mrs Twum Amopofo global labour market trends are indicating a high demand for skilled trade workers. She stressed the importance of the Ghanaian youth positioning themselves in an favorable stance for the global labour market by making good use of Ghana TVET Voucher Project.
  • The Ghana TVET Voucher Project was launched to teach & upgrade the skills of the artisans, local master craftmen & those in the grey economy to be on par with the international standards to enable them benefit from the global labour market.
  • The Ghana TVET Project is under the Ghanaian-German Financial Development Cooperation. It was co-financed by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMW) through KfW Development Bank & the Government of Ghana.
  • Since it’s intiation in 2017 September the TVET project is said to have trained over 5,000 people in trade areas such as Beauty and Cosmetic (Cosmetology), Consumer Electronics, Automotive Repair, Building Construction (Welding) & Garment/tailoring/dressmaking.
  • Plumbing, Furniture making, Electric Installation, Block Laying & Tiling, & Catering & Hospitality were also recently added to the project.
  • TVET is estimated to be at a value of 127,162,255.00 GHS ~25M USD.
  • TVET was piloted in 4 regions; Greater Accra, Ashanti, Northern & Volta Regions. Due to its immediate success it was further expanded to cover up 3 other regions including Central, Western & Eastern Regions.
  • TVET is a 5-year development project & it aims to about 16,000 master craftsmen & apprentices during its duration. 
  • Mrs. Twum Amopofo futher commented that the government would review the project after the 5-year time limit & then make the decison to strengthen it inorder to benefit more people. 

The Free Senior High School (Free SHS) policy was another iniative launched in September 2017. This resource promises to ensure free secondary education with emphasis on TVET training for all children in Ghana

  • This was a huge platform President Nana Akufo-Addo ran on in the 2016 Presidential elections.
  • Although the Free SHS policy says it offers absolute free secondary education to Ghanaian citizens, parents are still instructed to pay some fees to the Parent Teacher’s Association with many other hidden fees. What’s new?

The entire board of the Ghana Cylinder Manufacturing Company (GMC) had been charged by the Auditor General for the unlawful & colossal increase in the monthly fees & sitting allowances of the chair & members between; 2016 – 2017.

  • The audit showed in the 1st minutes of a meeting held by the Board of Directors on Thursday 21st September, the directors by-passed seeking the approval of members at a general meeting, increasing their monthly fee & sitting allowances for the chair & members between 2016 & 2017. 

The monthly fee was increased from 650 GHS -126.48usd- for Chairman and 580 GHS -112.86usd- for members to 3,000 GHS -583.77usd- for Chairman and 2,000 GHS -389.18usd- for members. The sitting allowance was also, increased from 600 GHS -116.75usd- for Chairman and 500 GHS -97.30usd- for members to 1000 GHS -194.59usd- ,” the audit report said.

  • Frances Essiam the CEO of the company was also charged with for increasing the salary of the staff on a whim, without following the due process.

“The Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) of the Company, arbitrarily increased the salary and wages of the workers by 30% to 50%. She again increased the number of staff from 36 to 59 without approval from the governing board, or reference to any approved salary structure and scheme of service. This resulted in an increase of the Wage bill astronomically, from  44,531.81 GHS -8665.44usd- in June 2017 to 112,404.78 GHS -21872.85usd-

as December 2017”.

According to Starr News; monthly fees have seen some 400% incremently increase since the new board took over

  • Due to a stalement between the board & the CEO the dissolution of the board was brought about last year. 
  • Officials of the company declined to comment when contacted by Starr News.

Flag NigeriaNigeria

In a country where to attain the real truth the youth has to ask the questions & seek the answers themselves, down below is a thread of a young Nigerian reviewing the Nigerian budget; credible sources included.

The future is woman; & we are banding to together. One search of the hashtag #AbujaPoliceRaidOnWomen would get you up to speed on one example of how the world hates women. It would also make you realize you never thought you had to obviously say out loud that “Sex for bail is rape”.

Unfortunately this was the faith of some sex workers in Abuja. We would love to archive this as an usual occurrence. Sadly, we cannot be naive to the fact that sex workers experience one of the highest rate of sexual assault. Yes, their line of work makes them more likely to be in harms way, however because of their line of work society generally tends to think they are worth less; deserving of less or no protection.

This is simply; wrong.

  • Between April 24th- 26th members of a Joint Task Force led by law enforcement carried out illegal raids in several parts of Abuja. Particularly focusing on nightclubs in Aminu Kano cresent, Gwarimpa & Katampe extensions.
  • Mostly women were targeted; with the police rounding anyone they presumed were sex workers.

It gets even more despicable.

  • The Nigerian police were alleged to solicit sex from the presumed sexworkers incarcerated. Offering this as a means of bail to those who could not afford to pay. …so rape?

  • This, -& rightfully so- spun an outrage to the Nigerian public when word got out.

Nigerian women immediately took matters into their own hands organizing a moment that started on line, to the streets of Nigeria.

The hashtag #SayHerNameNigeria became so big Nigerian women protested for 2 weeks.

Even after the attempt of the Nigerian government to prevent the peaceful prostest by refusing to offer protection for the demonstrators.

One hiccup never stopped the show & the women did not back down . Taking to the streets of Nigeria with or without the approval of the commissioner of police.

Not long after, their impact was felt & the protests became somewhat of a global movement. African women stood in solidarity & did women in the diapora.


According to Sahara Reporters the Federal Captial Development Authority was ordered to demolish Caramelo Club. The infamous club located in Abuja where most of the raids took place.

Your voice matters, so use it.

Now this maybe a small win, in the grand scheme of thing, but it was definitely an eye-opener for the governement & the Nigerian people.

Your protests work. & it is hard to silence a lot of people. The word would eventually get out.

Meanwhile, would Africa’s largest city ever secure a proper drainage system?

FlagUnitedStatesThe US

Diaspora link-up! This time on less than favorable circumstances.

Prank gone wrong!!!

Popular Ghanaian internet comedian/host Kelvin Asiedu “Mr. Cocoyam” was arrested on May 5th; Sunday after going too far with a foolish prank.

Asiedu; 25, walked into the Culinary Institute of America on Sunday while an event; Marist College’s Harmony on the Hudson, was being held with a backpack.

  • Kelvin Asiedu walked to the front of the venue. Sat down, remained seated, then he got up & left the bag on the seat, left his row & stood in the aisle starting at the stage.
  • Asiedu told officers that his “actions were intended to cause alarm,”.
  • He was arrested, & two other people were detained although they weren’t charged.
  • The backpack was later only found to contain paper.
  • Kelvin Asiedu has been released on bail with his court date set for May 30th.

Meanwhile, negros in Washington, D.C are protecting their space & protesting the infringement on their self expression.

Under the hashtags #DontMuteDC #Moechella you can do your own futher research.

D.C  was been experiencing the wave of gentrification, & like most gentrifiers do; complaints to law enforcement by the newcomers about the culture of the environment they moved into.

D.C previously had such a high negro population it was once dubbed “The Chocolate City”, although the capital’s negro population isn’t what it used to be, the culture still remainsn very present & intact. D.C is known for some stores blasting go-go music to the streets as music is also part of the heart on D.C.

Well the gentrifiers were having none of that; reporting the “loud” music to law officials, insisiting it be shut down.

So D.C locals decided to welcome the newcomers on to the block; protest-style.

One today’s episode on “If you needed more proof that racism against negros in the U.S was a thing

Support Black bussinesses!!!


Guinea-Bissau held their legislative election on March 10 & all seemed to be well in the land.

This is was the 1st election in the country with the capital; Bissau since then President Jose Mario Vaz came to power in 2015.

  • That year Jose Mario Vaz dissolved the government of Prime Minister Domingos Simões Pereira whose party had won majority of the votes in the 2014 elections.
  • Since then Guinea-Bissau had be experiencing a level of unpredictability in governement with 7 different heads of government popping up.

Things seemed to be looking up for the West African country located on the Atlantic coast.

David McLachlan-Karr the Deputy Special Representative of the secretary-general in Guinea-Bissau said the March 10 election was “a very positive result for the people”. “A new chapter” for Guinea -Bissau.

However, it seems the inverse has been the reaction.

Guinea-Bissau has been entangled in a political crisis since the legislative elections.

  • This is due to a power struggle in the legislature; between the ruling party & its oppostion.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari; the Chairperson of ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) sent a group of representatives lead by Geoffrey Onyeama who is the Nigerian Foreign Affairs Minister Guinea-Bissau in hopes to curb the political unrest.

  • The ECOWAS Chairperson directed that the issues be solved by the sub regional body.
  • Geoffrey Oyeama is also the Chairman, ECOWAS Council of Ministers & he led the ECOWAS peace delegation. He seemed quite optimistic.

We are very happy with the way it went, and commitments that were made and we believe that if those commitments are respected and kept, this problem will be over in a matter of a week or two.”

In a video broadcasted to the public on May 1; Wednesday, Onyeama expressed that all the parties involved in Guinea -Bissau’s legislative crisis have pledged their commitment to peace.

  • The representatives met with President of Guinea Bissau, Jose Mario Vaz; the Prime Minister Aristides Gomez; President of the National Assembly, Mr Cipriano Cassama & various parliamentary groups in the Guinea-Bissau’s National Assembly.


In this week’s edition of policing black bodies:

Kenyan two-time Olympic champion Caster Semenya, recently lost her appeal to an IAAF (International Association of Athletcs Federations) regulation for female classification, making May 4, the last 800m race Semenya is eligible to run in, unless she decides to take hormone suppressing drugs. 

Caster Semenya, as well as any other female athlete with higher testosterone levels than average, will be foreced to take hormone suppressants or be barred from competing at the Olympics & other major international competitions. The Kenyan team has since dropped Maximila Imali(2017 world athletics competitor) & Evangeline Makena due to this regulation. 

The new IAAF regulation, which went into effect May 8, 2019, states:

(a) she must be recognised at law either as female or as intersex (or equivalent);

(b) she must reduce her blood testosterone level to below five (5) nmol/L for a continuous period of at least six months (e.g., by use of hormonal contraceptives); and

(c) thereafter she must maintain her blood testosterone level below five (5) nmol/L continuously (ie: whether she is in competition or out of competition) for so long as she wishes to remain eligible.

In a world where athletes like Lance Armstong, Alexandr Zubkov, & Tyson Gay –to name a few– have been stripped of Olympic medals for the use of performance enhancing drugs. The most powerful sports regulatng organization is now requring that women alter their naturally occuring hormone leves to be allowed to compete is quite odd to say the least. This brings questions like “what exactly makes a woman” into the mix.

We think Olympic silver medallist Francine Niyonsaba’s answer is all that is needed: 

How isn’t this bully?

How isn’t this eugenics?


Athletes participate in sports to support themselves & their families. #Blacklivesmatters

togo .pngTogo 

On this month’s episode of African leaders having way too much power & literally changing the constition to remain so;

Togo’s parliament has approved a constitutional change allowing President Faure Gnassingbe to potentially remain in seat until 2030.

  • Long-standing President-Dictator Faure Gnassingbe has been on office since 2005.
  • President-Dictator Faure Gnassingbe took over from his father who seized power in 1967 by way of a coup. What’s new?

The change caps the presidential mandate to 2 5-year terms.

Here’s the catch

It doesn’t not apply retropectively, President-Dictator Faure Gnassingbe would be able to run in the 2020 & 2030 elections despite already ruling for 3 terms prior.

The change also includes life immunity for ex-presidents, who under the new constitution cannot be prosecuted for any illegal activity they may have carried out as sitting president.

  • The law was passed overnight with 90 out of 91 members of parliament voting for it.

As a form of protest against the 63 year reign of the Gnassingbe family the oppostion refused to participate in the December 2018 Legislative elections, boycotting it. The turnout for Togolese people are the voting polls were extremely low.

This, however also ensured the opposition had no seats in parliament thereby no real power to effect the laws.

On today’s epsiode on the West continues to purposefully spread mis-information;

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