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Meet Lady Donli 


Are you ready to fall into a trance?

A pleasant musical one that is.

Okay… let’s be real.

She was slept on; actively.

& you hate to see it.

Sometimes even the best ears fail the listener. One listen to Lady Donli – Cash will put things into correct perspective.

The listener falls into a blissful musical retreat.

If you so allow yourself.

Lady Donli has been up to it for a while. Having made waves in the Nigerian music industry like most #WhoToldYou artist, you could say she’s somewhat of renaissance woman. Signed to her own record label, writing her music for herself & others.

Lady Donli – Kashi Ni She classifies her music as Neo-Soul. However because her sound is so new & fresh, we would like to propose further even highlife vibes.

Some West-African seasoning if you will.

Quick Side Note

  • Highlife is a music genre originating from West Africa, present day Ghana.; in the early 20th century.
  • It spread to Nigeria; here mixed with the Yoruba people’s asymmetrical drum rhythms from traditional drumming practises & displaced-accent guitar melodies, transformed further.
  • The earliest form of highlife was performed by brass bands. In the early 20th century singing was incorporated, western instruments (western imperialism), local music styles & jazz. Highlife is said to be a cool combination of African, African-American & some European musical styles. So basically blackity black!


Lady Donli says she has always been musically inclined; writing poetry since she can remember.


& she also has a Law Degree!

Like most Nigerians –that can afford it-, fulfilling all righteousness to her parents first before chasing her own passions.

Fun fact!

She’s the 6th child out of 6 siblings in her household.

Lady Donli – Games (feat.GJtheCaesar) is another example of her versatility.


Get ready to bop your head to the beat.

Her voice so distinctive, She sings with depth; almost like going under.

Don’t expect her to sing over predictable beats either cause she can flow on Techno/House -esque beats.

Lady Donli‘s instrumentals are never overpowering or over-saturated. You can follow every beat; not sure if this is intentional but however, it does make for an enjoyable listen. Ice Cream – Lady Donli Ft Tomi Thomas is one example.

We love her vibe & are so happy to have caught on.  Lady Donli is very on brand with her message of self acceptance. When you listen, you get the sense that she’s doing it for the thrill of it.

Lady Donli has released 2 EPs thus far; Wallflower (2016) & Letters To Her (2017). Fall into her vibe.

Lady Donli is that girl & she should know it, as she does describes herself as an “all-round creative human being” on her official website.


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P.S: She has an extremely cute bucket hat on there.

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 1.03.13 PM

An artist with a sense of humour?

We love to see it.

Another fun-personal fact; her birthname is Zainab.

Lady Donli‘s official debut album is titled ‘Enjoy Your Life’; cause that’s how she’s feeling.

& we love her vibe, & can’t wait.

just remember;




Sure, you’re mainstream but we want you in the know!

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