Free Tv: The Hunt For The Diaspora

For The Culture

We’ve been on the hunt to bring you content presented by Africa & The Diaspora.

Sadly, the more you divide into the internet, the bigger you realize the giant technological divide with a huge under-representation of minority groups.

Go figure!

Today, we have 2 YouTube rabbit holes to dive into; focusing mainly on the diaspora! First generation Africans living in european countries.

  1. Talk Habesha

First generation East Africans have nuanced discussions on popular topics circulating black living room spaces.

Talk Habesha centers Ethiopian & Eriterean immigrants, watch the cast as they debate topics from moving back to their homeland, dating outside their culture to being fluent in your native mother tongue.

2. Chattabox 

Basically a Caribbean diaspora Buzzfeed but since it’s black it has more flavor!

Chattabox is a Caribbean platform with different individuals from all around the West Indies diaspora.

Expect talk shows were Caribbean people give their hot takes on topics pertaining to their culture or how their culture influences their perspectives; also check out Rice & Peas: a blind dating show & The Bajan Bunch: a Caribbean Brady Bunch Parody.

Learn a little something about the culture today! As you know we are all about unorthodox ways of learning as long as you always remember #WhoToldYou

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