Tech Talk: What is Afropolitan?

So What is it?

We are going to dig into that on today’s Tech Talk.

Afropolitanism is a young concept aimed at labeling a growing group of urban African professionals with strong ties to various cultures throughout the african continent & also share experiences with those of other international walks of life.

The term Afropolitanism was first popularized in 2005 by Taiye Selasi, in an essay titled “Bye-Bye, Babar

The modern day diaspora, beginning in the 1960’s, is said to be responsible for the exodus of Africa’s young, gifted & broke. Laying the foundation for this international community; the newest generation of African immigrants.

Taiye highlights the acceptance of complexity in most African cultures. She breaks them down into three categories:

  • National: what part or parts of a national identity do they select to identify with? example: Ghanaian-American, British-Nigerian.
  • Racical: How do we perceive our race; often political within countries with diverse racial populations.
  • Cultural: what is the true essence of their cultural connection to Africa? What parts of their native culture is “passed on”?

Taiye suggest that true Afropolitanism comes with intrinsic multi-dimensional thinking. Often Africans far from their place of cultural birth have adapted & evolved to identify nationally with “foreign lands” & alternate racial identities. The latter adapting from nation to nation.

Today, social media, The internet, & satellite tv allows young Africans a bigger global reach & outlook. More Africans are exposed to much of the same pop culture happening on a global scale.

“An Afropolitan is someone who has roots in Africa, raised by the world, but still has an interest in the continent & is actively making an impact.”

Brendah Nyakudya, editor of Afropolitan magazine, South Africa

“Any African person in an urban environment, with the outlook and mindset that comes with urbanization is Afropolitan. “

Tolu Ogunlesi, Nigerian Journalist

“Afropolitans are a group of people who are either of African origin or influenced by African Culture, who are emerging internationally using African Cultures in creative ways to change perceptions about Africa.”

Minna Salami, Blogger

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