Ready, Set, Grow!


It’s No Longer Marketable to be An Asshole in this Society.

You will get shamed.

& you can see this through the recent spewing of –for lack of being bothered to find a better word– dumb shit, followed by an apology series from a plethora of your celebrity faves. Newly added on to the list; Jess Hilarious & Daniel Caesar.

Any person with an iota of influence seems to have the incessant need to get “on live” to express their undeveloped & most times bigoted thoughts. Then eventually, after receiving a well-deserved backlash; run back to the internet –on live–  apologizing for their foolish & reckless rhetoric. On most occasions, said persons of interest barely shows any initial inkling of remorse or care. When the bags start to stop & the pockets start to hurt, they finally string up a few words & conjure up some alligator tears for sacrifice, in form of “an apology”.

One can only wonder if they were ever honestly sorry, or if they’re sorry their career is about to be affected by the dumb sh#%t they willing spewed unprovoked.

However, We Digress.

To say this; being a good person is better. & now, society is actively pushing for that. Millennials –& under– are aggressively pushing to exist in a better world.

We are taking into account the consequences of our words & the effect they have on culture & society. If the recent tensions in the U.S -thanks to the salacious offensive & divisive words of the American President- doesn’t show you the power of terminology in real-time?

Then we don’t know how to help you sis!

Personal Growth is Beautiful.


An individual experiencing growth &/or change in life is experiencing one of the most exhilarating things life has to offer & its free! …for the most part.

Suddenly, it all clicks in your head! You’re the author of your destiny & you’re fully capable of pushing & squeeze at life until you get the results you want.

No settling over here sis! The power of knowing this is second to none.

You no longer feel helpless or like a backseat driver in your reality. With this new-found trust in self, you wholeheartedly express yourself.

Engulf yourself in activities or hobbies you truly care about.


Wonderful right?

Here’s the problem, your new growth, albeit wonderful & fully centered around you, also affects the people surrounding you. Your new spunk could be a catalyst or a point of encouragement for your friends to pursue their own goals & growth. The ideal reaction.

However, this is not always the case. Not everyone will respond to the developing you with positive feedback. Don’t take it personal, even if it hurts.

You see, there are people inherently insecure about the things they think can’t change in their lives;”stuck people”. Since you’re the one growing, you know there is no such thing a truly “stuck person”, the power lies within them. But, they don’t believe that for themselves. Due to these insecurities from within, stuck people feel the need to outwardly challenge their progressing friend.


Negs. Not in the sexual –but just as toxic– “Pick-Up Artist” culture way.

Ohhhh, I didn’t know you’re into that”

You only started liking this because of …(insert whatever reason intended to discredit you “new” preference)”

When I began my journey with self growth & development, I was bombarded with statements starting exactly like that, every time I put new hobbies or my hidden talents in the forefront.

Some people are honestly simply curious; which doesn’t make it less triggering, but it does create understanding.

You have to protect your growth like it’s gold because it is. It’s the key to the path you have always prayed for, on the journey to a better you. You will keep on learning & changing, until you become the exact person you want to be.

Losing stubborn people on the way is fine too. Stuck people from your past seem to have a hard-on for any chance they get to remind you of your old self. Take it as a reflection of how far you have come. Block them out. They don’t matter.

Why Assist Someone else in Holding up a Reality You have Chosen No longer to Live?

When you first free fall into the never-ending journey of self discovery, it could be a scary & unfamiliar feat. A constant battle with imposter syndrome & reinforcing positivity in your mind, reminding yourself that you truly are, who you say you are.

You know this because you are finally allowing yourself to express the things you’ve always been naturally pulled towards. Friends & family who don’t give you the space to achieve this in their reality don’t deserve the space to be in yours.

& yes!

It is that deep.

Self growth doesn’t mean you can’t get mad or sad. Sometimes you’ll slip back into old habits. I find when these negative emotions try to engulf me & I begin to see myself as my worst possible self, redirecting that energy into the new interests that feed my soul quickly quells those mean thoughts.

Like Crissle –from the hit Podcast The Read– therapist’s roughly said;

If your life was a marathon would you rather have cheerleaders at the end of the race cheering you on & encouraging you, reminding you of power in self or would you want someone who constantly calls you a dumbass every time you misstep or trip?

Be patient & kind with yourself. Realise the power in your reactions & knowing you control your reality.

Keep striving for the best developed you & anyone who cannot accept this, is merely reflecting their own self-hate & personal insecurities.

Just remember, WhoToldYou.

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