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Meet Marjory Jewitt 


According to Marjory, she has always had a knack for creativity. An Arts & Psychology major in college, she fell full on into the arts by simply; doodling in her spare time.

I have always been creative, or rather always had an eye for textures, color. During my degree I just started doodling & the doodles turned into these pieces I now do!”

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YEKO 2017

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Marjory stands out to us because although, this “afrocentric” style of drawing has become increasingly mainstream, she stays authentic & true to herself by studying directly from the sources of her inspiration.

Marjory is from Uganda –but based in London– she’s heavily influenced by her culture & it is expressed in her art. She also uses her culture as fuel to continue to learn & evolve in her creative style.

Yeko. Creative was born from Marjory’s bravery to explore her passion.

A lot of her pieces are in black & white;

Although she does add minimal color to projects.

The real awe & beauty is in the intricacy in each stroke of her lines.

Yeko Art is uplifting to the soul through the eyes. Any observer can see it’s intention of celebrating black women & black art.

I create as a form of self care, it is hugely carthartic to me. I don’t really plan when I draw, just sit and create.. what ever comes, comes.

& she pretty much utilizes any material as a canvas, panels, including the human body;

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Cowries. YEKO 2017.

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Yeko Art was invited to do just that; use the human body for a canvas, at the provocatively named Nyegenyege Fest.

Hosted by MTN, Nyegenyege Fest is considered the biggest international  music festival in Eastern Africa. The 4-day long camping festival located in Junga, Uganda is a one of a kind curation known for its unique afropolitan party vibe.

To support Yeko Art & Marjory Jewitt, you can purchase some cool merch.

What’s even better?

If there’s a specific piece of art you want on an item she could possibly make it happen.

She can also commission your tattoo art;

How cool is that?

Marjory Jewitt documents her journey in art on @yeko.creative ‘s instagram account.

In the highlights you can watch her verstility as an artist & have a peek into her creative process.

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