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This 24-year old Southeast London bombshell has paid her dues in the game so give her some flowers! She’s even featured on a motion picture soundtrack.
Ms. Banks has been dropping singles on Soundcloud for years now.

However, if the recent drop of this undeniable banger ! Snack – Ms. Banks Ft. Kida Kudz doesn’t earn her her shine?

Electric chair!

We are gonna go ahead & say colorism is in play here


when is it never?

But we disgress.
Ms. Banks said she wrote her first bar at age 11; her South East London up-bringing made her “a tough cookie” , even when she’s expressing vunerability on a track the message is always delivered with a little edge. Possibly due to her learnt defense mechanisms growing up.
Day Ones – Ms. Banks was when she felt the audience started to take her seriously & recognize her as an artist.

You can see & hear Ms. Banks‘ growth in her music & visuals.

She seems more comfortable in her skin & with her talent. She does have interviews expressing these views also.

Below is Clap – Ms Banks, from her latest 2018 mixtape; The Coldest Winter Ever. Ms. Banks can belt a melody & bust some bars. Don’t get her confused.

She’s versatile! & just how we like our artists; talented.

With lyrics like; “Ride in rotation, I’m never waiting, I be percolating. I’m talking money to these bitches I’m the conversation” she is always on brand for her message to young girls to; “know they can be whoever they want to be. Oh & also be rich – Ms. Banks”.
Chat 2 Mi Gyal – Ms. Banks may be our personal favorite. Ms. Banks rocks the mic to an unorthodox beat fit for the ballroom scene. Her word play on this song –in particular– produces a pleasing eargasm for the lucky listener.

& did we mention Ms. Banks is of Nigerian & Ugandan descent? A disapora baby !

All my haters catching feelings/wanna get rid of me/Give you a E *pause* for effort
/you ain’t stopping me G” Bars.
Ms. Banks said for her mixtape; The Coldest Winter Ever she had to really dig deep, getting raw with her fans about growing through heartbreak & still overcoming.

From what we’ve heard, Ms. Banks is here to stay.

However, if you’re still not convinced listen to her bust this quick freestyle on BBC Radio’s 1Xtra down below;

Now, just remember; WhoToldYou.
Ms. Banks is currently on tour with the long reigning queen of rap.

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