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Pronounced (Kay – lay – chi), watch out for 28 year-old Marietta, Georgia-native & in case it wasn’t obvious; he’s Nigerian.

Born in the US to Nigerian immigrant parents, Kelechi Emeonye raps about the challenges he had finding his niche & place; an experience lots of immigrant families can relate with.

Through song, he shares his experiences living in a constantly dualistic mindset. His household was very much Igbo but outside the walls of his house was America.

You can’t serve two masters but you have two homes”

Hear thoughts mimicking these sentiments on Immigrant Son – Kelechi Ft. Ikey, Phay & Ezi.

With lyrics like; “Strange, growing up I was ashamed House smelling like fufu, kid with the funny name”

Kelechi gives life to new stories that seldom get told, utilizing Rap as a medium. Telling the story of a 1st generation immigrant child trying to assimilate &  find his identity. 



Kelechi 1st popped on the map in 2015. He was the winner of the Green Label Sound contest sponsored by Mountain Dew.

Along with this win came a $50,000 grant from Mountain Dew with the Green Label to produce an album. Before the Quarter.

However, sonically sound immigrant stories aren’t all Kelechi is capable of.

He also hints on the trials of growing up in a dysfunctional African household in his rhymes.

Due to this win, He had the opportunity to find himself  on the legendary Sway in the morning show.  

Trust us, skip to {14:37}

Someone said he sounds like the legendary Tupac.

What are your thoughts? 

Reachin’ – Kelechi Ft. Trinidad James is another banger to give a listen. 

Kelechi is unlike any rapper on the radio & rightfully so… cause he fits right, just here with us as WhoToldYou focuses on raw talent. 

Kelechi continued to focus on his drive & passion, dropping His debut album in 2016.

He found himself on Chicago-native Chance The Rapper‘s radar, opening up a show for him.

Kelechi released his 2nd album in 2017 titled; Quarter Life Crisis.

He purposefully sticks to the “Quarter” theme in his album titles, signifying getting to the paper. Quarters in a coin purse, quarter before the million. The quarter in football –which he played in highschool–  is the warm-up &  his first album was just that; a warm up, get acquainted with fans & connect with them.  

Flowers – Kelechi is the intro song on the album. Kelechi soliloquies about his life experiences as a young black up & coming artist.


He cleverly plays with a classic children’s bed prayer incorporating it into his introspective lyrics.

Now I lay, Now I lay down to sleep
I’m prayin’ to heaven my soul to keep

His music is relevant to the times.

On; I ain’t shit –  Kelechi . He raps about the struggles of being the proverbial fuck boy.  Spitting a Tinder dating profile that fits the requirements too. 


Our all time favorite listen from his catalogue has to be; Play With My Hair – Kelechi. A modern-day rap love song, covering all the topics from love & acceptance from your partner to self-love. Kelechi beautifully expresses intimacy with this song as he asks his melanin queen to play with his locks. 

He said choosing music was difficult for him at first. He was afraid to disappoint his Nigerian mum. Switching majors 3 times in college; from Radiology to English, before summoning the courage to follow his path & happiness; music. 

Kelechi‘s  creative process is “going with the flow”. Asides from writing his own lyrics, Kelechi mixes & produces his music as well. This way, he his able to avoid the pressures a booked & rigged time-sensitive studio session can cause.

Kelechi has released 2 mixtapes too, titled; Woke Up to Winter & Mama.  

He is a supporter of Black women & the culture. & he proves that by constantly removing himself from problematic situations which could read the wrong way in the message he is trying to convey to his fans. 

We stan a king in touch with his base. 

Don’t sleep on Kelechi. Just remember; WhoToldYou

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