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Ali Gates

Ali Gates is an Afro-American (Black) software developer & co-founder of Claim it. Claim it is an app that allows you to use video, pics & chat to buy, sell & give away anything, anywhere. The app also runs real-time giveaways.

Ali Gates did this by; working at google & developing the platform in his spare time. For the month of June; 2014, Ali & his co-founders spent every Sunday –27 weeks– working at Starbucks bring “Claim it” to life.

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In 2016, Claim it became the first African American-founded company to present & win ! At the innovators lab in the Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas.

Extremely Dope!

Ali Gates can confidently call himself a successful entrepreneur. However, things didn’t start off so smoothly & cheery.

After dropping out of MIT to assist his mother in making ends meet, Gates‘ got a full-time position at the New York City Department of Education. This job, he then left in hopes of greener pastures.

Transitioning timelines didn’t quite work out but the bills kept pulling in. About 6 months later, he was handed an eviction notice.

In a recent Breakfast Club interview, Ali shares how his network kept him afloat during this work intermission.

He places emphasis on the importance of having good mentors & a solid support system.

Gates‘ was able to lean on figures like Al Harrington – former NBA player turned cannabis mogul-, former investment banker; Mike Novogratz. Who currently working with Meek Mill & Jay-Z’s REFORM Alliance & Tech billionaire Michael Rubin.

Hey! Rich friends are just as valuable as cash in the bank.

Are we right?


These mentors were able to advise him when he was in need of a little guidance.

In this interview, Gates‘ shares that he suffers from ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). He is candid about the different personality traits or learning disabilities that come with Autism. He shares his strategy for keeping his mind active & engaged to combat symptoms, all while currently taking classes at MIT.

Ali Gates doesn’t seem motivated by profit. His aim is to leave a legacy of opportunity for others like him.

To really participate in the social revolution software is to create

Gates‘ credits a lot to his to mentors. Hanging around after hours or backstage at consumer technology shows, is one of his career hacks for meeting industry movers & shakers.

He wishes to see is a venture capital fund backed by Hip-hop billionaires & moguls catering to launch African-American dreams.

We are keeping a close eye on this Afro-Entrepreneur, & his already amazing story arch.

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