Free TV: 7 Talk Shows Rabbitholes To Dive Into On YouTube

Society has programmed all of us to believe learning –at least the majority– only takes place in a classroom.

We beg to differ.

We propose consumption of most knowledge applicable to our lifestyle takes place outside the classroom. Through interacting with other human beings. Stepping out of your echo chamber to possibly learn about someone else’s.

So here are;

7 Talk Show Rabbitholes to Dive Into

& they’re on youtube; hello access!

Learn a thing or 2in context– of your diaspora family & vice versa.

1. Taking Up Space

Produced by Netflix, Taking Up Space is a youtube web series highlighting the importance of representation.

Shot documentary-style, it explains the plight of black people occupying spaces that lack enough black bodies. From describing the experiences of black college students in Ivy schools like Yale University, to black animators explaining their various diverse journeys to success. Trials & tribulations, & specifically what keeps them motivated.

2. King Woman

A show that makes you proud to be called a woman. A black woman. A Nigerian woman. King Woman is simply great programming. It feeds the soul for the everyday woman go-getter, willing to continue to fight & strive to achieve great success against all odds.

The brainchild of Kemi Adetiba & produced by Accelerate TV, King Woman is an interview-based series. Stories like that of Taiwo Ajayi-Lycett; a renowned Nigerian actress, who appears in Nigerian & British screenplays, is one of the reason we are tuned into this soul-filling programming.

3. Battabox 

Just a hoot! Ever wanted to watch everyday Nigerians give their thoughts & opinions on random, funny. & sometimes even controversial questions?

Well then Battabox  has got you covered.

& it’s hilarious!…for the most part.

A BattaBox reporter goes around the streets of Lagos asking Nigerians for their hot takes on world hot topics. The personality of the people definitely shines through. However, Battabox isn’t restricted to only street interviews. They shoot some cool documentaries too. Like visiting the “Twin Capital” of the world. A town called Igbo Ora.

Igbo Ora has the highest birth rate of twins in the entire world ! Battabox gets into the everyday lifestyle of the people in order to investigate this wonderful occurrence. Documenting their lifestyle & dietary choices as a huge possible influence on their multi-fetus outcome.

4. The Grapevine TV 

Young & knowledgeable millennials give input on hot topics affecting our everyday lives as it pertains to us millennials.

It is shot panel-style but don’t stress it. There’s a mediator; everyone is given an opportunity to fully give their input. The young professionals, artists & cultural innovators are switched out every episode. So this way, the opinions & thought processes are kept fresh.

5. BK chat LDN

Based in the UK, BK chat is a panel of people in the diaspora & different walks of life, giving their personal opinions on various life situations. The panel or cast members are seldom interchanged. The audience is able to grow with certain cast members they favor & there are definitely fan favorites. The cast is extremely unapologetic & vibrant.

Expect random & passion-filled episodes.

6. Breakfast Club Interviews

Everyone knows the world’s most dangerous morning talk show. The Breakfast Club is known for their iconic interviews with legends in the music industry. Put some respect on their name the next time you say it. However, we are highlighting the hidden gems in their interviews. The Breakfast Club has been doing their fair share of giving black people a platform to share their brilliant ideas, while also sharing extremely valuable knowledge with the negro population.

Above is an interview is Angel Rich an entrepreneur who launched an app called “Credit Stacker”; a game designed to provide information to the people, by teaching them how to build or repair their credit as they play with the game. Angel Rich is also a published author.

& there’s their interview with Ali Gates; a math savant, explaining his path to success & building an app called “Claim it”. Ali Gates explains dealing with his social awkwardness while trying to pitch his ideas & why it is important for more black people to learn how to code.

7. Hustle

A new  TV show on Viceland. John Henry; a successful entrepreneur, earned through selling his successful dry cleaner business to an even bigger competitor at the young age of 21, goes around helping young & wiling entrepreneurs achieve even more success in the products they are selling.

John Henry looks into diverse entrepreneurs from various walks of life & gives them advice on how to build their business from scratch. On this latest episode he visits a determined jam maker & connoisseur in New York city.

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