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Violent protest ensued through out Haiti this past week.

The protests began on February 7th, with civilians & government officials alike demanding the resignation of President Jovenel Moïse. Some Haitians believe he is responsible for what they consider worsening & deplorable socioeconomic conditions.
Everything is more expensive now, the country is on lockdown, you can’t go uptown or downtown to buy anything,” Frederique Gamaniel, a market vendor, told Al Jazeera.
“There’s nothing more for Jovenel to do in the country except for resigning to avoid a blood bath,” lawyer Nathanael Lerine told VOA Creole.
There is no place for Jovenel in the country anymore. All he does is lie. We need electricity 24/7. We need food on our tables instead of a leader who is lining his own pockets with cash. Inflation is rising— we’ve reached 100 Haitian Gourdes to the American dollar. Jovel has to go!”

The “Lock Down” protests is the latest uprising against President Moïse’s government. It is due to the people’s discontent with the corrupt government & anxieties over the state of the economy. Also, high inflation rates, leading to higher prices & people struggling to afford bare necessities.
On Thursday; February 14th, the U.S Embassy in Port-au-Prince released a security alert expressing the Department of State had ordered the departure of all non-emergency U.S personnel & their family members.

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"Security Alert: U.S. Embassy Port-au-Prince (February 14, 2019): There are currently widespread, violent, and unpredictable demonstrations in Port-au-Prince and elsewhere in Haiti. Due to these demonstrations, on February 14, 2019, the Department of State ordered the departure of all non-emergency U.S. personnel and their family members. The U.S. government has limited ability to provide emergency services to U.S. citizens in Haiti. Protests, tire burning, and road blockages are frequent and unpredictable. Violent crime, such as armed robbery, is common. Local police may lack the resources to respond effectively to serious criminal incidents, and emergency response, including ambulance service, is limited or non-existent. Travelers are sometimes targeted, followed, and violently attacked and robbed shortly after leaving the Port-au-Prince international airport. The U.S. Embassy requires its personnel to use official transportation to and from the airport, and it takes steps to detect surveillance and deter criminal attacks during these transports. The U.S. government has limited ability to provide emergency services to U.S. citizens due to reduced staffing and security concerns. The Embassy discourages its personnel from walking in most neighborhoods. The Embassy prohibits its personnel from: Visiting establishments after dark without secure, on-site parking; Using any kind of public transportation or taxis; Visiting banks and using ATMs; Driving outside of Port-au-Prince at night; Traveling anywhere between 1:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m.; and Visiting certain parts of the city at any time without prior approval and special security measures in place"

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However, considering all the commotion, President Jovenel Moïse didn’t seem too perturbed by any of this.
On the same day; February 14th, he finally saw it fit to address the dissatisfied –to say the least– people of Haiti for the 1st time in 7 days of uproar & protest.
His tone was far from placating.

“I will not leave the country in the hands of armed gangs and drug traffickers,” he said.
The demonstrators are asking for transparency in particular pertaining to the whereabouts of funds from the PetroCaribe agreement.

  • The PetroCaribe agreement is an alliance between Caribbean countries & Venezuela.
  • There is an estimated $3.8bn missing from the provided funds.
  • According to the World Bank; this agreement’s preferential terms for energy purchases were meant to help free up funds to aid development in Haiti, a country hammered by natural disasters.
  • The demonstrators gathered under the slogan: “Kot kob PetroKaribe a?“, direct meaning “where is the Petrocaribe money“.

Some presume the Haitian President’s confidence stems from his support of the U.S on the issue in Venezuela. This would guarantee U.S support from opposition groups.
John Bolton, U.S National Security Advisor tweets below;

President Moïse may also be trying to strong-arm his people.
On saturday; February 16th, Prime Minister Jean-Henry Ceant announced that government officials may lose their perks due to the continued protests.
Futhermore, civilians accused the wealthy & elite of conspiring with the U.S Embassy in administering a collective punishment for the protests, by feigning a “Humanitarian crisis” through withholding the sale of essential goods to the people.

Haitians in diaspora hit the streets of Miami in solidarity with their kinsfolk.

A wave of normalcy seems to have hit Port-au-Prince; the capital, as of yesterday with public transportation back up & running.

However, protestors promised to return to the streets to continue to pressure President Moïse for his letter of resignation. There were reports that a protester set fire to a U.S. flag on Friday, in an expression of anger toward American policies seen as propping up the president & keeping him from resigning.

  • The “Operation Lock Down” protest lasted 10 days.
  • A lot of property was destroyed with a recorded death toll of 7 people.




8 people have been recused from the initial 24 feared dead from 2 water flooded idle shafts in a mining town just 145km south-west of the capital, Harare this past Thursday.
District administrator Fortunate Muzulu was quoted saying the chances of rescuing any survivors are very slim“.
The illegal miners entered the shafts at night to evade the owners,” Muzulu said.
The mine shaft was flooded by water from a dam with bursted walls due to heavy rain fall.
Dozens of miners still remain missing or feared dead. On saturday, recuse workers retrieved 24 more bodies out from the shafts.
The government released a statement on Friday saying about 60 to 70 artisanal miners were stuck in the flooded shafts.


They are at it again. Recent headlines on bigger news platforms have been crediting wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas as the 1st person to capture a black leopard on camera, in Africa, in 100 years.This is in fact a lie.
Letoluai Ambose a young Samburu warrior & research assistant with Sandiego Zoo Global, previously captured images of the black leopard as far back as January 2018.
Will Burrard captured quality images but the media should not state that he found the leopard. He was only here for three days,” Letoluai mused.
A curious case of Mungo Park syndrome?
It’s a good thing 24-year-old Letoluai doesn’t sweat the small stuff; he didn’t seem as keen as Will Burrard was to get all the recognition.
Were it not for that elder, the local rangers, the landowner and the involvement of scientists from Sandiego Zoo Global, we would not have made this discovery. Everyone had a role and no one person can claim credit,” said Letoluai.

Flag NigeriaNigeria

Nigeria postpones her elections a night before it was scheduled to take place.
As mentioned in Color 11 Nigeria was set to carry out elections on Saturday; February 16th.
Some Nigerians already expressed their concerns with the current adminstration & their lack of capability to honestly conduct a free & fair election.

The Presidential & parliamentary elections were postponed by a week, 5 hours before the scheduled time.


  • The election is now set for February 23 due to “logistical” problems, according to the electoral commission.
  • The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has had 4 years to plan & set up this election.
  • Nigerian youth corpers previously appointed to work on election day, -prior to the postponement- spent the previous night outside in extremely unfavorable & inhumane conditions.

Nigerians are outraged with some demanding the resignation of Mahmoud Yakubu; the INEC chairman.
Many feel taken advantage of, fearing this postponement would lead to a lower turnout for the next scheduled date then in turn favoring the President’s party; APC.


They could have a point.
Considering Okezie Victor Ikpeazu; the current Governor of Abia State’s aid was seen with already filled in Presidential election results sheets.
Here’s the underlining issue; the Presidential elections were postponed. It is yet to take place.

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Breaking: Governor Ikpeazu’s Aid Caught With Already Prepared Presidential and National Assembly Election Result In favour of PDP… A man who identified himself as Gaius was on Friday caught with INEC sensitive documents and result sheets that gave PDP victory ahead of Saturdays presidential and national assembly polls. Mr. Gaius who was apprehended in Umuahia by the police, during interrogation identified his boss as Mr. Chinenye Nwaogu Special Assistant to Governor Okezie Ikpeazu on youth and the focal person on N-Power in Abia state. The middle aged man who was caught with various INEC sensitive materials including already prepared result sheets and Governor Ikpeazu’s letter heads admitted that the documents belongs to his boss Mr. Chinenye Nwaogu and that he is only on an errand for his boss and the PDP, he further admitted that the governor was in the know of his mission, asked if he knew the implication of what he has done, he affirmed, but said if he does not carry out the assignment of delivering the documents especially the result sheets to the INEC that his boss will be mad at him and will stop him from further enjoying the federal government N-Power grants that he has been getting, he is at the moment being interrogated at the DSS office Umuahia where he is helping the DSS with more information on those behind the move to manipulate and rig Saturdays election in Abia state. Follow Link To Watch Video: https://web.facebook.com/abiafactsnews/videos/547704665714493/

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Governor Ikpeazu is a member of People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

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