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Preview Some Artist Who Rap Their A**ses Of On “Unconventional” Beats.




Sure, you’re mainstream but we want you in the know.

Meet CupcakKe

img_5685But don’t get it confused because CupcakKe isn’t Elizabeth Eden Harris; who is more demure in nature & started her musical journey at the tender age of 13 by writing poetry in church. 

Side bar: Almost all the greats seemed to have started at church. 

At age 17 CupcakKe drew some inspiration from listening to raw rappers like Khia – Lick my Neck, my Back

this gave her the confidence to spit more sexually raw lyrics. In 2015  Vagina – CupcakKe was recorded & went viral overnight! with over 450k hits on Facebook & more on Youtube…it has since been taken down due to censorship

CupcakKe describes her music as sex education, lyrics like; “Head of the dick, duck duck duck goose Get that dick up and runnin’ when he fuck this cooch“. Duck Duck Gooose –  CupcakKe explicitly explains  how she likes to have sex in funny, witty rap.

CupcakKe also speaks on body positivity incorporating lyrics that embrace the female bush. 

Biggie Smalls – CupcakKe is an anthem for any fat girl comfortable in her skin. Fat is not bad.

CupcakKe skillfully addresses issues like eating disorders & body dysmorphia. 

Although CupcakKe started of rapping to drill beats, now most of her bars are delivered over dance music. She stays booked & busy at the music festivals. Recently performing at Lollapalooza; a music festival in her Hometown, Chicago.

& the crowd is reciting the lyrics to CPR – CupcakKe.

CupcakKe acquired her stage name from a friend, who thought she was so sweet; like a cupcake. & if you listen to a few song from CupcakKe‘s catalogue, you will hear why. 

Crayons – CupcakKe is a dance love song to the members of the LGBTQ. CupcakKe describes her music as freeing. We agree. We stan a multifaceted queen.

On Scraps -CupcakKe her flow is reminiscent of Da Brat.


CupcakKe is funny and conscious. She doesn’t really support big name brands. You will hear this if you pay attention to her lyrics. Her dream collaborations include fellow Chicago native; Chance The Rapper because he puts out his music independently, something they both have in common. & Rihanna because of her natural sex appeal like CupcakKe. 4 albums & 2 mix-tapes later, this 21-year-old is just getting started.

Just remember; we told you.

Fun Fact: CupcakKe fans call themselves the sluppers

Meet Rico Nasty   

Whenever you hear a woman with a distinctive raspy voice yell; Kenny!!!! –on the beatknow it is about to slap! img_5681Rico Nasty is a rapper from the DMV. Maryland to be specific. & she’s the next best new thing that only keeps getting better. You may know her as “Marie” –her real name– from Vine. The artist had created a little buzz for herself on the once existing social media platform. However, Rico Nasty got inspired to take music seriously again by Lil Yatchy. Yes, Lil Yatchy; they had became acquainted through social media. One day, Rico Nasty got off her day job, as a front desk receptionist at a hospital. Shooting the shits with her friend in the car while listening to the radio, a song comes on that they both like; & surprise!!! It was Lil Yatchy. She was so stunned she reached out to him & he brought her out to perform on stage in her city. img_5682 From then on she was encouraged to chase her dreams &iCarly – Rico Nastywas born. Two songs released later & Yatchy agreed to hop on her track Hey Arnold (Remix) – Rico Nasty ft. Lil Yatchy. Rico got her first XXL feature from this collaboration; she predicted it before it actually happened. She has been Rico Nasty since the 10th grade spinning & owning what a bully tried to make as a moment to bring her down. Rico has been rapping from birth as her dad writes raps too. Rico Nasty also serves visuals & energy in her music videos. Her flow is comparable to no one else out. Countin Up – Rico Nasty
is better remake of a legend’s song Superthug – Noreaga
Rico Nasty describes her sound as unapologetic, loud & brash. She’s a creative & she doesn’t feed into the negativity because “Negative people like Negativity”. In the Air – Rico Nasty ft BlocBoy JB would rock anyone’s gym work out session. Rico Nasty says she makes positive happy music to make people confident & happy with being themselves. “she likes bad bitches who be raging” ; Rage – Rico Nasty. Rico Nasty is so down to earth she connects with her supporters backstage after her concerts. She differentiates between them & “fans” who don’t necessarily have to support you. Fun Fact: She is a mom! Here’s to women doing both. & her son’s favorite song by her is Key Lime OG – Rico Nasty.

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