Afrofuturism pt 2

Just like that!

We are back!

With a part 2,of our series on Afrofuturism.

Quick Recap!


Afrofuturism is the projection of afro-centered themes in popular culture. This can be achieved using cultural aesthetics like Adebayo Oke-Lawal & Orange Culture; the fashion house. In science & technology like; Dr. Dora Nkem Akinyli or in literature & history; Okot p’Bitek.

We spoke on the digital divide & its relationship with people of African descent; Negros.

Why do so few African Americans write science fiction, when in fact their real lives are close encounters with the other? – the stranger in a strange land” was question posed.

Today, in part 2, we will be discussing the promise of the internet’s ability to connect everyone everywhere.


The good old Information Agearguably 1970 to present– is often sold as the new frontier in human thought & development. Old prejudices seemed have dissapated, our kneejerk intial skepticism subdued. This digital paradigm shift insists that the hangups of the physical world, would no longer have an effect on us.

People of the world are now free to innovate from the shared knowledge base that is the internet.


Taking things a step further, if one does not utilize this resource, they deemed archaic or difficult & not trying to keep up the times.

We know that the path to log online is different for everyone, everywhere.

The digital divide oversimplified is simply that; not all wifi connections are created equal. This means an older cell phone that won’t support Apple’s latest software update, becomes troublesome when you need to download the latest security app.

& with most services today;

if you don’t login, then there’s no service.

giphy (1).gif

One could argue that the general negro population of planet earth has an overall bad information connection?
We think so!

Is this a new problem?

We don’t think so!


Throughout history there have been several robust systems designed to throttle the exchange of information in negro communities. This isn’t new information. W.E.B. Dubois theory on Double Consciousness even addresses this duality. The truth is negros have been HYPER aware of this gap in reality for some time. The mental space of the negro has been forced to evolve & support various social identities & social norms. While futhermore constantly pressured to share native Afro-BLACK-culture with the world. “Hospitality” –or being taken advantage of– at its finest.

Where does that leave us?

A group of people constantly expected to upload our dances unto youtube, share our songs on soundcloud & sacrifice our stories for appropriation in film at another date?
How do we balance this exchange?

Watch out for Part 3.

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