Robert Nesta Marley (1945 – 1981)


Bob Marley- 10.jpg

  • His parents were Cedella Booker -singer & writer– ,& Norval Marley.
  • It is a fact that you’re an alien if you haven’t listened to at least 1 Bob Marley song.
  • He was born in Nine Mile, Jamaica.
  • You can find a plethora of in depth articles on Bob Marley via Google’s search engine; to the very end of the results provided. Yeah he’s that famous. We aren’t including infographics…like this one.
  • If you love his music, inform yourself about his culture & people. You aren’t allowed to listen to his music if you don’t respect his people.
  • Although he was open about his cannabis consumption, that shouldn’t be your go to talking point when discussing the legend. It’s uncouth.
  • He was a Pan-Africanist who had posters of Che Guevara & the Black Panther pinned in his -wailers soul shack-record store. With anti-imperialist themes in some of his songs like; Zimbabwe.
  • Yesterday was his birthday.
  • We will probably remember Bob Marley till the world ends.

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