Color Theory For Dummies

All the creative credit goes to Aerin Creer. Thank you for inspiring us.

A model-activist-badass. If you don’t know Aerin, then you need to get to know!

A confident conscious black girl. Who utilizes her platform, drawing attention to different social issues & discrimination in society –& the modeling industry– while simultaneously serving looks!

Aerin Creer is in touch with her blackness. She is also aware that there is no one  singular way to be “black”; a reference for the Negros in the diaspora, from an interview with Spicy. We are all black! because of this we stan.

& as an original bad bitch, Aerin was kind enough to share on her social media –twitter– @aerincreer how we can also strive & thrive to afford the look, while looking fabulous!

Color theory is the practical guidance of mixing colors & visual effects produced from a specific color combination.

Today is a class on how to pull looks with lessons from Aerin Creer.

Aerin Creer on;

Complementary Colors


Aerin Creer on;

Monochrome/Split Complementary Colors 


Aerin Creer schooling us on

Earth Tones


Aerin Creer;

Stepping On Necks! 


Now thank your fashion godmother.

Aerin creer. Who is also an advocate for arteriovenous malformation (AVM). Born with it; unbeknownst to her at first. Aerin had to go through a 13 hour brain surgery & speech therapy during recovery. She’s of the baddest & most authentic girl you’d ever meet from the Bay Area, San Francisco.


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