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Meet Adebayo Oke-Lawal 


The “Orange Nerd” featured in Forbes 30 under 30 –2018– & C.E.O of Orange Culture Nigeria. It seems like there’s nothing this look-god can’t accomplish & it all started with a passion for fashion.

Lawal says he was always in a love affair with fashion. Creative from a young age, He became enamoured with this passion at age 10 after a small fashion boutique in Nigeria took him seriously; they actually made his sketches for display.

At the age of 17 Lawal began to brand himself as the “Orange Boy”. Creating a space & community of non-conforming people tired of the boxed-in, binary traditional, stereotypical fashion tied in Nigeria’s rigid & hyper-masculine societal culture.

Thanks Colonizers !

In 2011 the Orange Culture Fashion house was born!

img_5591Established to be a genderless fashion house, showcasing universal African aesthetics. Adebayo Oke-Lawal  draws from his traditional culture by incorporating bright colors & bold patterns in his designs, all while simultaneously creating daring –to the Nigerian culturestatement pieces.


& he’s serious about his art; meticulous with his craft.

The majority of his fabrics are locally sourced, made by local artisan fabric makers. Lawal‘s  designs with intent, when approching designs he thinks;

How does it feel against your skin, does it make you feel creative, beautiful & sensual?” -Adebayo Oke-Lawal

Orange Culture -the androgynous fashion house- has already broken out of the mold and continues to trailblaze as one of Africa’s most adventurous & daring fashion houses. Displaying pieces in London, Paris & Lagos fashion week. With glowing write-ups & worldwide acknowledgement from media houses like; TheNewYorkTimes, CNN, Elle & Vogue… just to name a few.

So know a bad bitch when you see one!

Be inspired & dare to dream. Adebayo Oke-Lawal is an example that with hardwork, passion & consistency, you’ll light up the world.


Because of this we stan.

Meet Selly Raby Kane


Considered Senegal’s most famous fashion designer Selly Raby Kane has quickly developed a solid name for herself in the fashion industry. But it’s wasn’t a straight & direct path. Like most African kids pressured to be great, Kane was cajoled into a career in law by her parents, agreeing to attend Law School in France. This however, became a blessing in disguise for Kane, as most of her initial work pulled deep influences from the country.

img_5588Kane describes her experience Paris as a “social immersion”. She studied at Mod’spe, where she earned her Masters degree & began making clothes in her spare time. Kane was also inspired by urban designers, in particular “Invader” a graffiti artist who draws inspiration from arcade games. Selly Raby Kane graduated in 2011 & brought the knowledge back home with her to Senegal. Penetrating the new Senegalese fusion fashion scene was the mission. 

 She debuted her first collection in 2012. Showcasing her avantgarde creative style. She featured rich batik patterns with PVC cutouts on shoulders & quilted, textured fabric. Kane’s design style embraces the “fusion” in the Senegalese wave of fashion by deconstructing traditional Senegalese garments, to reassemble them into a new & extremely  unique aesthetic. Kane uses traditional Senegalese tailoring techniques while unapologetically incorporating the foreign influences from her world travels. “Alien Cartoon” her next collection was released in 2014. The idea was spun when Kane saw some macro photographs of insects & sea fauna. It was later featured in Dakar’s old train station which was converted into an alien city for the occasion.

Selly Raby Kane got even more exposure when the queenBeyoncé– was spotted donning one of her custom designs in 2016.


She was able to access an even bigger audience, and now provides services to a huge influx of more high-profile regulars. The 31-year-old considers herself a recluse, always creating in her studio in Dakar, Senegal.

Her recent designs utilize a lot of traditional Senegalese tailoring techniques. She taught herself how to make jackets & shirts using the Njakhas -patchwork of baye-, obtained from the Sufi sect in Senegal known for their Technicolor vibrant robes.


Kane is so out of the box, anything! Can be used as a piece for her designs, even hair!

Kane considers her own personal style Senegalese punk rock. When asked about her jacket designs she’s quoted saying; “when I work on jackets, I don’t think about gender at all. Most of the (non-seasonal) products of the brand are unisex“. Check her out pieces out on


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