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Meet Koffee


Mikayla Simpson “Koffee” a conscious Reggae artist with a uniquely positive disposition. Already on everyone’s radar without even putting out a body of work, Koffee is truly a shining star & many say; the future of Reggae music.

One listen to this captivating artist with what she calls “an Island flow”  & you‘ll get it.

Koffee got her first wave of exposure when fellow Jamaican star Usain Bolt –& the nine-time Olympic gold medalist– reposted on his social media platform, a song she dedicated to him, for all his hard work that also inspires the youth

Koffee recorded her first time ever in the studio last year. There she laid a freestyle on the track. This session birth Raggamuffin – Koffee;a song she wrote & co-produced.

The rest has been observing history in the making.

Koffee says she believes in conscious music. Growing up & listening to conscious artists like Chronixx, Protoje & Sizzla –to name a few of her faves – inspired her to feel like she too could accomplish anything.

Not long after Koffee was singing right next to the people who inspired her.

Koffee, 17, seldom does interviews, most of what you’ll find of her she has said in her rhymes. She’s 5ft tall & decided to pursue music immediately out of highschool once she realized her skill. This is a decision her mum fully supports.
Koffee says she has a positive heart to accompany & project positive lyrics & pushing out positivity all throughout her music.

Koffee released her single Burning-Koffee last year on the ouji riddim, inspired by a life setback, which she then channelled into positive lyrics. Telling her listeners to keep pushing & burning with passion no matter what happens in life.

Dancehall & Reggae artists usually lay their own versions & lyrics on the same instrumental track or “riddim”.


Koffee makes sure to always shout out Cocoa Tea;fellow Reggae artist. He introduced Koffee to her first platform. On a stage, at the 25th Anniversary of Rebel Salute. Cocoa Tea mentions the compelling Spanish Town, Jamaican artist was actually brought to his attention in Florida by Washly fire of the group; Major Lazer.

Washly fire had expressed his idea of possibly collaborating with Koffee & wanted Cocoa Tea‘s opinion. One listen to Koffee & he was sold.

At this point, Koffee had only been writing music for 4 months.

Koffee performs with a live band. Laying live vocals on the riddim in real-time. & she never disappoints.

When she’s not feeling the cohesion between herself & her band members, she simply yells “Pull Up!” their que to take it all the way back from the top, engulfing the audience in a trance.

It’s important to Koffee that her listeners stay inspired, thankful & grateful while trying to stay positive. She is an artist that is simply passionate about making people happy through her music, the rest is vanity. After all, she does consider herself a Rasta.

Koffee released her second single; Toast- Koffee. & took us by a storm yet again.

She will be releasing her first full body of work in September. An E.P titled Throne & it is set to 5 songs. Although Koffee definitely already left a lasting impression in our heart, we can’t wait to be blessed with even more.

Koffee now currently resides in Kingston, so as to be around all the cool vibes & music.

Meet Shenseea   


Chinsea Lea –birth name– the Kingston, Jamaican deejay who is quickly letting the world know why she’s far from just a mere pretty face. Although, she  is quiet gorgeous. Shenseea starting singing at a young age  –like most black people–  in a church choir. There Shenseea knew she was on to something special but lacked the confidence in her abilities she says.


She narrates a story of singing a legendary Whitney Houston song in church however running off immediately from the pulpit & out of the church after. Not waiting for any critiques on her performance because she was so shy. Now, she’s gotten over her fears.

Shenseea says she began to take music seriously in 2016. After debuting her first & hit single Jiggle Jiggle- Shenseea.

She was discovered on Instagram, constantly uploading snippets of herself making music unto her social media. She was then found & signed by Romeich entertainment. 

Shenseea, 21, is a Dancehall artist/singer-for now-, who rides the riddim like a snake. Her raw & raunchy lyrics are liberating. In her song Tie Me Up – Shenseea explicitly sings about choosing to give up control to her partner. 


Shenyeng Anthem – Shenseea is basically a girl gang chune reminding women that fighting for the attention of men would never be worth it.

Don’t worry  Shenseea is of Korean descent. 

Shenseea is not only a superstar on the rise but she is a mum. & the role is just as important to her. She says her son keeps her focused & patient, teaching her  to be positively creative in ways to achieve her dreams. Although widely known for dancehall, Shenseea does not wish to be boxed-in (expressing her interest in Reggae too.) She says only she started off with dancehall & has a lot more in store for us.

Watch her TIMWESTWOOD freestyle down below.

Pon mi – Shenseea is arguably one of the artist biggest bangers, even earning her a Genius interview.

We cannot wait for what more this young fireball has in store for us. But for now just remember, we told you. 

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